Sunny morning around Doncaster and Escrick

Saturday morning it was lovely so I took myself off around a part of Doncaster not explored before, These are shots of the church on Thorne Rd just as you drive into Doncaster centre.


The next photo has been transformed to black and white



I walked around the back of the old houses on Thorne Rd to the high ground overlooking Town Moor park. it was a beautiful crispy clear morning with plenty of dog walkers and a couple of joggers.





A similar photo to the one above but Ive left it in colour



Sunday started of equally sunny and crispy, I drove over to Escrick Estate near York to check it out for a forthcoming horse day with Julie and Rhiannee.



Escrick Estate near York

There are lots of jumps (not too large) for the guys who what to practice some X Country stuff. For £20 you can just hack round the 6 mile circuit in open field and some small woods all day long, have a picnic and take in the local beauty9





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