I opened the curtains early this morning to see the most beautiful start to the day so far this year…I know we are only 17 days i to it but it still counts!

For you guys who has read or seen the films “The Chronicles of Narnia” by C.S Lewis, the early morning winter wonderland that greeted me looked just looked like Narnia… minus Aslan the lion and the white witch of course!  I got my wellies on, grabbed the camera and went out to capture the magic before the sun got higher and brighter. The best times to take such photos are early or late in the day, the air is so much clearer. The skyline here in the Yorkshire countryside is a far cry from my previous home in West London where the skyline from my top floor flat looked like far off lego bricks some laid flat whilst others stood on their end, above them a constant stream of air traffic cruising from left to right lining up on finals to Heathrow airport just ten miles away. Aye it’s certainly different here!

Let me share with you what I saw this morning…..



              The woods in the background are at the edge of the Hatfield Moors.


         That grey box in the distance on the right is a huge IKEA distribution centre.


I was on my knees taking this one would you believe, dressed for the occasion I wasnt!…Thin tracki bottoms on green wellies, Norwegian army jumper and my furryat…There’s no time to “faf about” when a shot is in the offering you’ve just got to get out there and capture it before its gone.


                 From Gatewood Lane looking towards the hamlet of West End


These nobbley old fella’s remind me of the walking trees in “Prince Caspian” the second of the Narnia films…Wow such imagination so early in the day! Either that or its the wood burner last from night, we are burning old cherry tree logs at the moment and they give off the nicest aroma, combined with a couple of shots of home-brewed Whisky and blackcurrant.    

4    Slowly the sun hauls itself skywards burning through the thin veil of dawn to burn of the mist and bring light to the day


If you’re wondering where the osses are? All three of them are behind me in the field shelter stuffing their faces with hay is where they are!


Its 08.30 now and Gatewood Lane slowly comes to life as another couple of osses are led out to their field opposite LIGHTENING RIO and BARNEY. The owners wind their necks firmly in against Jack Frost!



One Response to Narnia!

  1. Esther Dawson says:

    Wow. Fab photos Dave! I know what you mean about the’walking trees’.


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