March tulips

Never mind the money problem we are all having to cope with these days, even Mother Nature can’t seem to get it right. I’ve been out in the garden this morning, its early March and I’m confronted by tulips…snowdrops and crocus.. Hardly a daffodil in sight WTF is going on out there?  C’mon Mr Cameron explain this latest bollix then?


Do you remember the photo below from last weekend? It was off a plant pot full of tulips pushing through


Look what happened in 7 days of nice mild weather and a  day or three of sunshine!

ABRACAFOOKINDABRA!! We have a pot full of shortassed little lady tulips standing to attention wearing their best red lipstick, its such a joy to open the front door now!

All leaning towards the morning sun…what bit there is! In the afternoon these yellow tulips will have followed it from east to west and will soon be facing the other way.

Primula in the forground…white crocus and red tulip in the middle…and yes in the background finally we see a clump of lazy assed late rising miniature yellow daffodil.

In another month or so we should see green buds on the Hawthorn and Blackthorn in the background behind the tulips.


I made the wall a bit darker to bring out the orange red colour of these tulip. Nice eh?







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