East Coast in Autumn

In October we had a day on the East Coast of Yorkshire on the motorbikes, the weather was unseaonally mild and sunny..nobody told us about the wind though! Hell it was so windy that George Seagull kept his feet on Terra Firma and just leaned into the wind, it still made his eyes water so to him it was the same as flying!

The only idiots over the sea were these giddy lunatics and they don’t have wings if things get a bit hairy, £3 round the bay? I don’t flippin well think so!

 As for these “Barm-Potts” don’t they know that boat is only made from plastic!! I don’t see any lifeboats of life jackets do you? Maybe thats why it’s only £3 a head to go puke in the bay!

Wearing full winter gear as its Autumn and fairly warm?? With leapord print snoogs on hairless heads We had fun poked at us by several daytrippers, one guy thought it was a Bet Lynch lookalike competition…Man he should have gone to Specksavers!

Julie and Jeanette went to the funfair and a ride on the dodgems taking refuge from the fresh winds outside. The waltzer is only going at 3mph at the moment they didnt smile so much when it reached 100mph!

After cups of steaming tea we rode the bikes around the bay to Flamborough Head. The clear sky blue made the stone white lighthouse stand out. If you zoom in and look at the stone rings underneath the glass house at the top you might spot the Kestral, he was taking a break from the wind.

I wanted to go down onto the shingle beach for a closer look, the girls declined going instead to the nearby pub for sunday dinner, Mark and I went of exploring on our own down on the beach.

This photograph taken of the base of the cliff face seems to draw one’s eyes to the bottom let of the picture, does it do the same to you?

I tried for an interesting angle and put the camera on the rocks…keeping my eyes on the lapping waters….The light was beginning to fail and we were in the shadow of the cliffs, I didn’t use the camera flash for this one.

I got down amongst some different rocks and did the same again only this time I used the flash. The rocks shape and colours remind me of pitta bread


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