November walk

November is with us already and Mother Nature is slowly turning golden brown. Come with me for a walk in the fine drizzle down the lanes of Hatfield to look at the changing colours.

Right here to our right is the first of many shades of brown, I just keep thinking of the old song “Autumn Brown” Isn’t it annoying when you can’t think who sang it. No doubt I’ll wake up tonight and remember!

The ferns are slowly curling up to die. I remember when I worked on the coal face in my days of a Coal Miner, I’d often find fossil fern in the slate. I wish I had set my mind to bringing some home..It’s not like I can go back and get some now is it?

Its still very mild so there are still berries here and there on the bushes.

This is the sloe berry. I have just been given a bag full of sloe’s (thanks Angie) It’s now in a jar with some sugar and a litre of gin. I’m going to wait until Christmas until I bottle it, then we will have drunk it by January no doubt!

I think these have seen better days, it’s still amazing that they are still around.

I think these are wild rose hips. The same name as those little red curved sweets in a quarter paper bag, can you recall them?

Very alien looking stuff! Maybe the kind of thing they based the pods on in the film ALIEN?

This is one of the many drainage ditches that criss cross the land around these parts, they also take the run off water from the M18 and M180  motorways taking it eventualy to the river Don or Trent Im not sure.

Can you tell me why I suddenly thought about work when I saw this?

Come over and say hello to HARRY. Excuse him a moment he’s just having a roll!

OK, HARRY has finished rolling around on the ground..You can’t really tell can you?

Finally back home to find POOKA waiting for me..guess its feeding time again?


3 Responses to November walk

  1. I love this Dave ~ is that song you ‘Golden Brown’ if it is its by The Stanglers……………..Golden Brown, texture like sun, ………I love it!


  2. I love this Dave ~ is that song you ‘Golden Brown’ if it is its by The Stanglers……………..Golden Brown, texture like sun, ………I love it!

    The strange looking ‘Alien’ things are ‘teasles’ x


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