The Iceland Adventure of summer 2016

East on the M62 we motored, first stop was the services just off the m-way at Howdon, it so happens that my mate Barry and Tina were also heading out too and so we met up and say hello, they were h…

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Return to Morocco..Part 6..

So here we were settled in our room at the huge dunes at Erg Chebbi near the town of Merzouga, the veranda leads straight out on to the red dunes, the change from 4 days in the Sahara under canvas …

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Return to Morocco Part 5

I awoke around 06.00 hrs to see the dawn breaking, now I know its dawn everyday wherever you are but I wanted to see it from the desert after our first nights wild camping in the Sahara. Unzipping …

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Return to Morocco… Part 4

As the last strap was tightened beads of sweat started to trickle from my forehead, yes it was getting warm! 26 28 had been the midday temperatures over the past few days, we were going further sou…

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Return to Morocco….Part 3

OK here we go then, slowing down indicating right to turn off the road slowly onto the rocky edge to drop down onto the rough gravel to head off between those two small outcrops, the sun is getting…

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Return to Morocco..2016..Part 2

The temp repair was effected on the old Troopi and now we were ready to go, having bought Moroccan cash at the booth, you can’t really get the currency back home in the UK. Purchased also was…

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Return to Morocco…2016…Part 1

The land of Morocco had worked its magic lured me back for a second visit and this time I would be taking Julie. I went with some friends in 2014 and was so blown away by the land that I quite fanc…

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Hey up!

February it is now and a year since my old dad, my indestructible dad passed away. Christmas was filled with sad memories of him fading in the madhouse that was Pinderfields Hospital (nr Wakefield) The one highpoint was when I took the hip flask of Glavia for him, I positioned my chair so’s I could keep an eye on the nurses station from the room. He was smiling and happy this afternoon as the warm stuff was consumed by the pair of us, if it all could have ended there and then it would have been perfect, as perfect as death could be. Instead he suffered on until Mid February passing finally at the Price of Wales Hospice.

Dad would always make me smile with his comments and observations on life, he spoke with a “black is black and white is white” mentality, sometimes he could be so brutal he made even me wince, he had no time for Political Correctness! Brutal and honest he could be but it was straight from the heart, in later yrs he did get things mixed up but to keep the flow going Id not correct him instead Id stifle my grin..I knew what he meant!.. He was in for a knee replacement one time and when the Anaesthetist came onto the ward Dad chirped up loudly “Tha see’s that bloke over there wi’ white coit on? Well he’s my atheist… He’d alreight he is. the guy in the bed nearly choked! Im smiling now as I remember. Mum would mutter “Silly old bugger”… in fact she’d mutter that a lot. Years ago I got him a visit to my workplace.. HMP Wormwood Scrubs.. He was impressed but had better ideas on how we should treat prisoners! and how bloody southerners ought to bloody buck up! I took him on the back of my motorbike and toured of the city of London the bike started wobbling as we went round the massive and busy Hammersmith Roundabout, I glanced in the mirror and saw he was warding off the Black cabs with his walking stick! “Buggers getting too bloody close” he said. He came down to London a few times and really enjoyed it except for the faster and busier pace of life. He loved the bike too, as a kid I used to ride on the back of him on the Honda 90 when we went visiting relatives, now here was I taking him around on my motorbike. we used to go all over London city, he loved being on the back of the bike. Once on one of the motorways on a quiet morning we did the magic ton!

047 Dad Box Hill Honda Shadow 1100cc ACE 1996

Dad on the Honda Shadow 1100cc at Boxhill Dorking around 1990


14a                                                   Dad and “his” bike  back in 2000

Mum loved her visits to London too Id like to add! Taking her to shows in the West End and the posh Sunday markets like Greenwich and Notting Hill. Mum loved her stuff and Dad loved his. Motorbike..Duxford air museum History and seeing different things to Mum

028 Thames barrier 92

Mum & Dad at the Thames Barrier London 1991

The older he got the more predictable he got whilst at the same time he often went off at tangents especially when mum passed away, I think her passing showed how much an influence mum was in keeping Dad in check! One of the days he drove over to have a serious chat with me, he wanted to write brother Mick out of his will! Dad said Mick hadn’t been in touch for a long time and he’d upset him over something else, he didnt say what (he was now living in Australia) Mum wasn’t around for him to bring him round, Dad was very agitated and upset but by the end of the day he’d calmed down and the issue was forgotten, from that point on I popped over weekly, though Im not sure “popping over” is the right word for a 60 mile round trip! Next doors and old Ted kept me informed on Dad, they caught him attempting to repair the garage roof,up the ladders with an electric drill and hammer! He’d already had a go at the plastic extension roof. Lucky for me it took nearly an hour to make the journey so I was calm again when I turned up. He’s fallen more times than he’d let on! I convinced him to buy a new conservatory and get the yard resurfaced, he always argued he would’nt spend any more for someone else to get the benefit, he was frustrating at time. Fukc me I could have throttled him myself!! Once he asked me how the internet worked after I showed him how easy it was, there was a push from the council to help old people with easy and simple to use basic computors and my intention was to get him “on-line” But he couldnt get his head around the internet and we ended up talking about rockets and the ether! He became so “kack handed” too that he would break it, Id already re-framed several pictures and threw away lots of broken ornaments after his attempts at dusting and  more than once he “buggered up” his telephone during a dusting spree, Id phone Ted and ask him to check Dad. No, the computer idea wasn’t going to work unless it involved a hammer, so Angela Rippon an Judith Chalmers had failed with my old dad Im afraid! I bought him a simple mobile phone for when he took himself off up the lane, you can guess how this idea turned out….

Hoping Julie doesn’t read this coz its probably how Im going to turn out! Thanks too for the memories Dad and for passing most of your traits onto me!




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Christmas shyte

Hello all, hows life treating you?

Christmas is here again and the more it comes around the more I hate it and see through all the bull-shit we are fed by the media. Did you know that those two great Christmas songs that we are fed year in and year out by that Ex skinhead shouting bunch of twats from fekkin Birmingham..Slade and that fuckin Wizzard wierdo spliff smoking long haired sops not from Yorkshire were both penned 62 fuckin years ago?? Wham came in a lot fresher at 31 years ago, so many years ago when half of you fukc-wits were even born. They consisted of a Greek boy and his pal and called themselves Wham. I actually met George in Nice (not in a toilet) years ago and he really is a nice chap and has written  great music. What narks me even more is that pillock Simon Cowell who has invented himself as some kind of God even though he cant dress himself properly has kinda taken over what we like. Every year he and the BBC manipulate the charts to favour his show and give his winner the No 1 slot at Christmas..somehow I dont think I will be hearing any of his wank songs over christmas or even after fooking christmas. Is it any wonder I shall be joining the osses in the field on christmas day, its wank just fekkin wank! Either way Merry Christmas to all my friends! xxx

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Christmas Week

Hello all,

Its that time of year again when dad gets a new pair of socks from Gran and mum gets another new implement for the kitchen and the kids get an absurd amount of toys..Even the boy Jesus only got three pressies and none of them were toys!

Ive never been really into Christmas, I don’t have the faith I don’t believe in “Him on High” or his boy Jesus I don’t feel the need of that, I take his name in vain often that’s true enough, but other than that, its not for me. On the flip side its the highlight for many folk and makes them happy and feel great. So for that its worth it and it can carry on! I’ve never had a really close family, my eldest bro passed away ages ago, Mum a year or so after and Dad passed on just after Christmas last year  Im just left with 1 brother who only cares about himself, he never even turned of for Dads funeral just after last Christmas…He just came weeks later to check up on “stuff” I don’t have any kids or Grand-kids of my own. I’m not complaining or anything, my life is mostly my choice, I DO have a good life  I’m just saying that’s all! Christmas day will be spent here around Walnut Cottage wifey will be out with her boy LIGHTENING for a ride and I will be hereabouts with POOKA.


                                                                     POOKA CAT



                                          Julie and her boy LIGHTENING

Christmas parties are on full swing in fact Im out today with some old mates from work, we have all retired now and will be having a laugh up town in a couple of hours, there are some extraordinary characters amongst us who dont act our age….Lock up yer daughters Doncaster!


   A gathering in Weymouth old staff2015 ..last worked together in the 1990’s

My life has got busier with the camera, I have started to follow a couple of hunts since Autumn and its opened my eyes and changed ill informed opinions,Its a new world for me and allows me to see our countryside from a different perspective, Im allowed to follow with camera in my truck onto private lands and estates. The social side to these things is quite a huge affair and not at all like I used to imagine and the friendship has been a wonderful bonus too.


On the beautiful private estate of NEWSTEAD ABBEY with the READYFIELD BLOODHOUNDS



    There’s many a thumbs up and smiles for me from the READYFIELD BLOODHOUNDS  gang 



 On a Pleasure Ride with the guys from RIDE YORKSHIRE..East Yorkshire



EPWORTH & DISTRICT RIDING CLUB ..where it all started..


                                The friendly folk from the Historic G&R Hunt



                       Team GB at the EUROPEAN 3 day event at Blair Atholl


                                                      With the G&R Hunt at Osburton..





                                                                Enjoying myself!

As you know..or don’t..I run a private FACEBOOK page for all the horse and pony folk, It started off a couple of years ago just putting a few photos on FB with the club Julie is in.  Now its 620 strong with guys from different groups. I even sent some photos onto a Dutch international rider in September from a trip to Blair Atholl up there in Scotland. Its a busy thing I do but I really enjoy it.


Somewhere in Sweden…..Our jaunts in 2016 are MOROCCO and ICELAND



Right then guys, its time to go get ready for this afternoons drinking session with some mature hooligans! Here’s wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and see you in 2016!




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