Robin Hood country

Its was Sunday and we didn’t really know what we were going to do today, I hadn’t heard from my camera loving girl and her pony Ruben, we had arranged to have fun with the camera over the weekend but not a peek came from the phone so Julie suggested a walk around Clumber Park. No matter how loose a plan we have for the day it always turns out to be a good day for us so with the general direction sorted we got ready. It’s about an hours run from our house. Clumber Park is a large area of woodland run by The National Trust it’s where Robin Hood lived according to English folklore, it was way back when women had long hair braided up and fixed on either side of ye head like a pair of muffins, wore long dresses of many layers and wore flat shoes! Men wore cod pieces with green tights and felt Winkle pickers. Odds bodkins and all that! We set of around 10 in grey overcast but dry conditions.



As we drove along a small road off the A1 towards Clumber Park we saw signs for a museum it had a picture of an army tank on it too, it was at Thorseby Hall, we also saw signs for an Autumn food fair there too. Hey perhaps we could do Clumber Park another day eh? We drove past Clumber Park and headed for a day at this little known hall, it’s just a couple of miles from Ollerton in Nottinghamshire.



                              THORESBY HALL…from the front lawn!

Thoresby Hall is a grade I listed 19th-century country house in Budby, Nottinghamshire, some 4 km (2 miles) north of Ollerton. It is one four neighbouring country houses and estates in the Dukeries in north Nottinghamshire all occupied by dukes at one time in their history. It is now a hotel. The 8,400-square-metre (90,000 sq ft) Salvin house had a new bedroom wing added before opening as a 200-room country house hotel with spa facilities…Warners I think. The bulk of the Thoresby Estate is still owned by the Pierrepont family and only a few acres of immediately adjacent grounds and gardens are owned by the hotel; the family permits access along some footpaths close to the house, there are other paths through the grounds which are rights of way and so lawfully belong to the general public.



                                   The view from the main gates of the hall



                                        My winter beard is coming along nicely?





                                                             Julie fooling around









                                               Hey..You looking at me?



 I find Autumn can be just as colourful as summer with different shades of brown bronze gold yellows and green.



                                  ..nice purples too and 50 shades of grey!



When you stepped off the track and into the woods it was very quite. No people cars dogs or anything except the occasional bird song could be heard



If you were a bug in Bug World then this fungi could possibly be your own Stairway to Heaven!



We passed over a couple of old stone bridges in the grounds, I’m not sure how old they are because the original house built-in 1670 was torn down nearly 200 years later and replaced in 1868 by todays building, I’m guessing the two stone bridges in the grounds are from the 1800’s Old stone does last a long time and weathers well, leaving interesting patterns sometimes.



The Autumn food fair was a small affair compared to the likes of Chatsworth House its held in the old courtyard adjacent to the house.



                                                   Hey..You looking at me?



Last week I took a photo of three girls with their back to me sitting on a rock at Brimham Rocks, looking at these three reminded me of them.



         Robin Hood looking quite festive in his Santa Clause hat



                                         Julie catches me unaware again!

The market was getting busy with long lines of people waiting for hot food. We had beaten them to it today, the courtyard was quickly filling up, special areas had been roped off for the large number of cars, this areas was full as folk began to park along the narrow road, we decided we had seen enough and made our way back to the Landi and negotiated through the vehicles back onto the main road and went home through Ranby up to Bawtry then onto Lindholme and home. It was still only early afternoon, so I decided Id get the electic bench saw out and cut some wood, the weather people say snow and colder conditions are just around the corner.



The mighty MDF wood stands no chance with me and the buzzin electric bench saw!



                                                                All my own work!!









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