My retirement affair

Tuesday 2nd October 2012 was the day we marked my leaving “The Zoo” I was in company of some very special people, work and family commitments meant the full 10,00 couldn’t attend unfortunately! The weather of course turned ugly, very ugly, the rain came down in buckets!

We began to gather just after 13.00hrs in The Goose in Doncaster. It started nice and pleasant, the path to the bar got busy and well trodden! Before long you couldn’t see the table for glasses..dozens of them! Steve Walker sent a gift along as he couldn’t make it. It’s great that he took the effort however I’m a bit suspicious because It’s a Honda Goldwing 1500cc, whereas my Honda Goldwing is the newer sleeker Honda Goldwing 1800cc

For you non bikers out there the 1500 came out years and years ago and is an old banger! Those that own them love em to bits, I had one for a summer but couldn’t get on with it at all. The 1800 is a totally different beast and is loved to bits. In fact when I used ride with the APPY WANDERERS lot I used to Josh the 1500 fraternity about their boxy old bikes and they became known as “Breadvans” in my writeups, So Steve thanks very much …I think!

Following now are a group of photo’s from The Goose. There are a lot of photo’s with me which is unusual, it’s normally me taking pictures of you But then it was my party and I was dead set on enjoying my work friends for the last time.

The last time I was photographed with “Gayboy Jones” he was dressed as a slut and I was handcuffed to him on a pub crawl in York celebrating impending marriage to Michelle, that’s Michelle in the black wooly jumper…that’s her sister  on my other arm, you just wouldn’t recognize Slim in her work attire. I’m always knocked over when I see the little beut! I even walked past her on one occasion, blanking her totally, I am still embarrassed by that! 

 Say “Hello” to Nikki, she is a great girl and has a unique style about her. I don’t care what anyone else thinks but I have been most impressed by her, right from the day she took the company vehicle to Bridlington. she was a bit shy and unsure at first but not anymore, she has confidence by the bucket load and she puts the spineless shysters at “The Zoo” to shame… Wood you credit that?

Some folk like “Angry man” Kenny would prefer not to be photographed at times  but I was intent on capturing a special day. That man Dave Page with the glasses is the culprit that started THE BAR IS OPEN on FB….Thank you for that Page your costing me hundreds of £££ now!

We moved to a different pub and “The German” suggested putting the camera on the floor and we all look down at it, a brilliant idea but I hadn’t quite the hang of it!

The was Gazza keeps troutpouting is it any wonder he is “Gayboy” Jones?? The Aussies have Kylie and Danni, we have Michelle and Slim…… much more fun! 

I bet you wouldn’t say no to these characters either would you?

The more we drank the more cuddly everyone got…and then “Splash” and Wayne turned up. Greetings ….ur late boys!

The PC thief arrives and gets the mosh pit crew together, nice move Glover, we wont mention that you stole our PC again. Meanwhile Dennis makes a point but nobody is really interested.

It looks like Sir Alex up there on the telly isn’t impressed at the shenanigans!

OMG! The party revs up as the Jaegerbombs are consumed rather quickly, what a fab drink that is. Just glad we are not in celebrating Germany oooerr!

 I admit the order of things where a little hazy as the night cracked on, in fact the next thing I remember is waking up this morning at 07.00hrs. I really enjoyed the night with the “keepers” Hopefully I will see you guys sometime in the future. This last year working on Kinky wing has been hard..funny..memorable..awful..unbelievable..pointless at times…hilarous and mostly satisfying especially at the end of the day, hopefully my turettes will now go away and I can be normal again! As for you lot, keep your chins up chest out and ass cheeks clenched, and just remember it pays for the next holiday. I love you all! x


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