December and Christmas Day 2011

A gloomy December start got me thinking about some black and white photographs so here we go!…..

Normally I only see these in summer photographs. This is along the Epworth Road.

This little man is guarding his property and keeping a keen eye on me! This shot could have come from the last century. All thats missing is Baldrick. I think this little Shetland Pony would be my kind of guard dog!

Shetland Ponies have no fear and a tendancy to be the naughtiest in the field.Im told they have a habit of nipping one in the ass too! Time to move on me thinks….

Pigs are another favorite of mine, they are so funny and nosey I just love them.. I made friends with two on a farm in La Rochelle France a couple of years ago. I took fruit every morning from the breakfast table to both of them out in the field, they both just LOVED me scratching their shoulders…every morning for the whole two weeks of my stay on the farm.

 One of several converted windmills around Epworth. Hoovering the carpets in these places must be soooo easy. No awkward corners to deal with eh girls?

Christmas Day at ours starts with the usual rideout for the girls and the osses. Us men folk are left to get the kitchen ready and generally bugger checking the drinks cabinet about until their return

Lightening the oss joins me and dad in the lane for some photographs. I’m just telling him to “Woah boy” because he was getting impatient for his breakfast!

Pooka stares and says.. “Oi, get OUT of my personal space big boy!” Lightening is only interested in the grass and the treats hidden in Julie’s pocket.

Pooka gets her claws honed on the scratching post just in case the oss comes close again!

Dadio shows off his new Christmas  jumper. He is ready to ward of the winter blues now

Ba bloody humbug!!…Actually I have them on right now and my toes are toast, thanks Julie x

Getting worked up in the kitchen on Scrumpy Jack cider before the mass carve up..The cider was a Christmas gift from Julie…it lasted about an hour!

Feeling as fat as pigs after a fine Christmas dinner! We opted for a “Three Bird Roast” this year, this is chicken turkey and duck, layered around a large chunk of stuffing, rolled into a log shaped joint. I prefer it over the pornographic pinki brown offering that normally graces the table showing off ample breasts and barely concealed private bits squished together with old string and dripping with gooey fat juice yuck!…I could go on but I won’t….

it wasn’t really cold until the early evening, I lit the log burner as we settled down for a good chinwag after dinner along with a bit of this and thast…mainly…Port…Southern Comfort…Sloe Gin…Sambuka…Southern Belle…French lager…coffee and cheese and a splodge of home made trifle. Lovely!

Christmas Day comes to a traditional conclusion, Julie succumbs to “Port Meltdown” Dad on the otherside of me has also unpugged himself for an hour, meanwhile I kept the fire going and checked out the drinks cabinet for something different to try…it’s Christmas after all!


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