Around Emley Moor

We took the THUG out exploring during the week, I was looking forward to taking the bike out but widspread and heavy showers but a block on that idea and I wasn’t going to spend my day off indoors. We had unexpected traffic congestion early on in our journey…in fact it was just outside in the lane. This lot chose to do a bit of exploring themselves this morning.

We waited and waited..and waited some more until it got boring. I shouted OI FELLA’S, SHIFT!!

Can you imagine explaining to Pete Rowley in the detail office why I was late to work….Well gov, there was this flock of birds….

We saw that they all got back to their place OK then we turned the other way and drove through Doncaster and then to Barnsley and beyond. We investigated the back lanes between here and the Peak District.

This is the view from Emley village looking east, to the left is part of Wakefield, my hometown. Far away to the right on the horizon you can see Ferrybridge power station. You can see a couple of heavy rain patches out there. The weather was like this all day.

I turned around to see the Emley Moor Transmitting Station. The tower is now a Grade II listed building and at 1084 feet it is the tallest freestanding structure in the United Kingdom, 4th tallest tower in the European Union and 25th tallest tower in the world. In 1969 the old tower fell down due to ice and high winds, I remember not being able to see the TV for a couple of days, that was a BIG thing because in those days we only had three to choose from BBC1..ITV..and the sibling BBC2!

Looking at the base of the mast through a local wood in black and white.

Julie spent a lot of her early years with the camera taking pictures of me with branches…telegraph poles…power cables… flowers etc etc sticking out of the top of my head! Today she surpassed herself and had the Emley Moor mast sticking out of my head….bless!

Look Julie its a “Muckle Coo” I love these guys! In January we spent a week in Aberdeen and saw only a couple and they were either too far away or just showed their backsides, so I heaved the car into the ditch. I left it and Julie there whilst I walked back to take some photo’s.

Oooh look its a lady “Muckle Coo” She has curves in all the right places and a trout pout!!

Also with curves in all the right places and a lovely pout!….Thats naughty of me I know and couldn’t resist it, sorry Victoria, but you have to admit it your hair looks similar…and I love you both x

Still trout pouting she poses with hubbi and baby…..Hey they really could be the original Barnsley Bekhams!

 We popped along to the nearby Kirklees Light Railway and took a return trip from Clayton West, through Cuckoo’s Nest and onto to Shelly.

It was midweek so we got a carriage all to ouselves, all the kids were up the front end taking in the steam! Its a little train so its NOT for BIG people, as if I needed to say that? The trip is about an hour in total, I think the kids would love it for an afternoon, we planned it right had our bout of heavy rain on the return trip!

After afternoon tea and cake we made our way home via the back roads. Huge puddles waitedfor us down our lane telling us the car was a good choice today.


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