A wedding celebration

Last night we drove over to a wedding reception at the Hotel Van Dyk near Clowne, Chesterfield. It was the big day for Gareth and Michelle and a great opportunity to meet up with everyone since being put out to grass five months ago. IT was going to be a fun night and full of smiles and happiness and the crew and other halves got together again

We checked in and dumped the overnight bag in the room and had dinner, which was plentiful and very very nice, we had arrived early to eat before the evening celebrations began. The night was really good as the photos will show

The overnight stay was expensive and I expected better for our money. Here is what disappointed me. Staff brought dinner on a huge silver tray which they carried on their shoulder as they do, but the girl had shoulder length hair and it flowed around. Ooops 1. They lit candles and turned down the lights making it quite dark and near impossible to read the bill, then tried to charge for something we didn’t have..Ooops 2. I thought the room small one had to negotiate around the bed crab fashion..like you do in a cheap and cheerful bed sit! So small the room was that the full length mirror was behind a door and to get in front of it one had to crab walk between the bedside furniture to stand just six inches away! Ooops 3! In the evening a guy at the bar received change for a £10 when he actually gave £20 lucky for him another guy at the end of the short bar witnessed it. The bar-boy relented and paid up saying he was lucky, he went on to explain it was company policy to only check in the morning, I asked what if we lived miles away, he said they would send a cheque?????…Ooops 4!   Whilst our room was nice and warm,  friends up on the top floor however found their room freezing, so cold in fact that staff put a heater in then left it on all night….Ooops 5! I just felt that for the price I was allowed to moan and these small points made me frown somewhat and yes I’m going to send a letter to them presently, I’ll keep you informed.


Michelle made the most attractive sight in her wedding dress, Brides always do though don’t they? It had so much material that she found it difficult to sit down properly.

IMGP6809 Gareth Jones..Groom and man of the moment, doesn’t he look handsome? He is so pretty and has such an unfortunate dress sense that he has several labels, such as “The boy Jones” “Gay-boy Jones” and a couple of Anglo-Saxon ones that are reserved for the days he is in charge of “Moves” at the Zoo.




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