Simms Hill horse rally. 12th May 2012

White clouds sunshine and a nice breeze visited us today and began to evaporate the fields of standing water. We were informed on Friday that South Yorkshire had achieved its normal water table level…Ha, no sh*t Sherlock!!..Does that mean its going to stop raining now?

Julie had an early start this morning because LIGHTENING had thrown a shoe yesterday, the farrier made us his first call at 07.30 this morning. BLUE had been away on holiday a few weeks and we are going through the “Outsider Syndrome” at the moment. LIGHTENING (not very streamlined) is doing his damnedest to keep BLUE (very streamlined) away from BARNEY and RIO. He is spending a good deal of energy charging after the outsider and throwing a punch whenever he gets near..which isnt that often. Mind you he’s got himself a decent looking hoofmark on his chest in retaliation and he’d pretty knackered so its not all one sided!

The rally was organised by the EDRC…Epworth and District Riding Club… and held at Simms Hill near Sandtoft Airfield only about twenty minutes away from here.

Everyone arrived promptly for 09.30 hrs paid their few shillings entry fee, they were put into three groups going off into their respective arena’s.


For the first twenty minutes or so everyone just jogged about to loosen muscles and get used to each other.

I was spoilt for choice who to photograph first, I had to keep getting the sun behind or at least to the side of me. whilst making sure I don’t get in their way and most importantly making sure I don’t get run down!


 This was the only bloke on a horse today, he was studious all morning keenly listening to what was being said and picking up tips and hints. His horse just enjoyed the day!

                Bums on seats! The ladies wait for more instructions from James

Mum and daughter take a break then Mum goes off on her own to have fun.

I don’t think many got into top gear today, it was all about control and poise and posture and starting off on the right foot..which wasnt always the right foot!

I think this was Christine, she had just fallen at a previous fence, declaring she hadn’t fallen off in SIX years. She was up for it though, she got back on and galloped to the next fence where he said NO again, this time she managed to keep in the saddle! She was laughing all through the ordeal bless!

          Christine..battered but not bruised..that will come out tommorow!

                      Why can’t they BOTH look at me? Its always the oss!!

MUm had plenty to look at, her daughter was in one arena, and her grand daughter was in another..”Oh Im just ground crew at these events” she declared.

                                                              Ladies like pink

      Another mum and daughter team, Kath and Nikki riding BARNEY and RIO.

This is Nikki on BARNEY again.

  Periodically James the instructor would gather Julie and the other pupils for a chat

              A lady without an horse? It must be an instructor then? Yes its Sam!

LIGHTENING takes Julie over the sticks, He must have been showing orf, the sticks are so small yet he thinks he’s jumping at Hickstead!

                                   Christine looking for another fence to jump

This was obviously quite hard work and so important practice for both rider and horse there didnt seem much time for laughing and joking. So I was pleased to get at least one smile today!

                  All that missing is a suit of armour and a long lance!

 James drills the girls…”Sit up..short reigns…stomach in…. chest out….best hoof forward..or something like that!

One of the EDRC organisers finds the sunny conditions something to smile at!  Thank you very much for sorting out a great day! x


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  1. Px says:

    Thanks – that made a brill read


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