Practice morning at Epworth Equestrian

After a week of feeling like pooh, today was a huge improvement so I decided to go out. I took myself off to meet some pony‘s at Epworth Equestrian Centre for the morning and take a few photos. Julie was also up and about, so well did she feel that she rode off into the sun with her friend Kath and their fellas LIGHTENING and BARNEY…or did she take RIO today??

I put an open invite infrequently on our horse page on FaceBook asking if anyone is doing anything with their osses and would like me to come along with camera, just in case some of you are wondering.

The centre is out there in the wilds along the most bumpiest “road” It certainly shakes the old bones a bit though next week they are coming to fill the big holes in. Its very flat and open around these parts and the nearest pub is miles away, the shops are even further away. The bracing winds race across the fields at great speed at about knee height so naturally there is no sign of any rubbish and there isn’t a soul in sight just dozens of sheep pony’s a few cows and lots of osses. To my right huge flock of Fieldfare flew up from the field as I drove past. It’s a place I could happily live.

Todays blog is more a photo album that a story so it wont take you as long to read!


Bekki and Rhiannee


Rhiannee and her loving Cob RUBEN going very fast over the barrels.


3 this is why hes going like Billy Wizz!!  Three admirers in the next field cast admiring looks..and he just goes faster and higher!



RUBEN just can’t stop leaping like there is no tomorrow in front of the growing crowd of spectators…


…..Even the sheep from next door have come over for a neb!



Elaine takes a snapshot of sheep instead of pony’s


5 That RUBEN bloke is just showing off now the sheep have turned up!



                          I hope everyone is watching my Olympic round!!




RUBEN pauses from jumping to have a neb over the fence with the guys



One of the jumps consists of a small jump at either end of a leafy tunnel. RUBEN take a romantic stroll through it with Rhiannee



            Bekki meanwhile take ROXY past the exotic looking Pampas grass at the far end of the centre



Then ROXY spot the beer barrels and goes charging over them with Bekki as the sunshine comes out strongly, warming the day by a mere fraction of a fraction!


12 RUBEN practices a steep descent…You best look out if you have a privet hedge in RUBENS street from now on!!



Mums daughters and pony’s walk back to the horse-box having had a good mornings fun..I on the other hand (or foot) got soaked below the knee..Me thinks someone should buy me some manly non pink wellies for Christmas!! 



Roxy takes his saddle off and tucks into some lush grass, RUBEN is still strapped in and has to wait, we went to the shop and got a bag or two of treats for the boys, if they were dogs their tails would have been wagging I swear!



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