Pole and Gridwork with EDRC girls

The weather was good to us today for the pole and grid work sessions held by Sam over at in Epworth at the EDRC field. Julie was booked in for the 11.30 session with Rhiannee, Caroline and Charlie.


                     LIGHTENING and myself wait for Julie to mount up


                               Mike Sue and Elaine get some dog time in.

4                                                       Rhiannee and REUBIN


      LIGHTENING brakes hard as he spots a rogue pole on the floor


                                Julie hangs on as LIGHTENING leaps clear


                                            Rhiannee looking thoughtful


                                               Caroline and PURDY show style


                                Charlie and PRIDE make short work of it


                                        Rhiannee and REUBIN looking good..


                                                               Julie on a mission!


Easy Peazy lemon squeezy Sam says and ups it another hole or three!


            Caroline waits with camera for daughter Charlie to come on


        Charlie performs an extra special jump for mum and camera


                                                       Caroline concentrates

It has been another worthwhile lesson with Sam, at least Julie thought so and says LIGHTENING was getting better, although his style strikes me as a tad “Hollywood-ish” It was a short visit today but very social and pleasant. Everything seemed to run on rails today with no drama except for Audrey’s Land Rover Disco which was drinking water at an alarming rate for some unknown reason. I’m not a mechanic in any shape or form… I can put water and oil in…. feed it with fuel…wash it… pump up or change the tyres… I could even photograph it and be sociable… but I’m not really able to diagnose a fault or fix one.  Hopefully that very nice man from the AA came along pretty soon and fixed it for her.


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