Osberton Hall Sponsored Ride.

It was touch and go today, all eyes were on the weather. On hearing the latest weather forecast at 07.15 early on Saturday morning Julie decided it was a go. Lightening is not a fan of the rain and hates it on his nose and Julie is not too keen neither, unlike our friend Tania who rides lots of horse and in the rain….several times a day!

I made up a  flask of coffee and food whilst she loaded the Landi with oss related equipment. The final job was to get hooked up to the trailer and get Lightening aboard…This is were things can deviate from Plan A…never work with animals or children they say and with good cause too! He came out of the field no problem then stood staring at the trailer refusing to budge, so round he went to be led up the ramp again by Julie with the lead rope, “Nah, don’t want to go in there today” he says.

I’m beginning to get used to this horse obstinacy and reached for the bribery dish, in it was a handful of smelly oss treats, well to me it looks just like rabbit pooh and pellets!  I take the rope and “walk on” with dish in hand, Lightening comes so far then stands with front feet firmly planted on the ramp. Julie lightly flicks is ass and after a couple of goes he comes in..or more accurately he come to the bribery dish. It can take one go or several, today it took several attempts I guess its just practice and this is only his ninth time I think.

That done we climbed into the landi and set off towards the A1 heading south. We were heading for Osberton Hall near Worksop where The Wentworth and District branch of the Pony Club had arranged a Sponsored Ride around the grounds. It’s good to do these events because one is not normally able to ride around such lovely but private grounds, we did the same a few weeks ago around Castle Howard with “Ride Yorkshire” for example.


                                      A light lunch before the ride


                                             ….This bit goes through here




                                    Just arrived and having a good “neb”


                      Is this a bright and fun looking coat or what?

IMG_8390       Looking happy and is as warm as toast in her winter riding kit


                                                   One each for the album


    Rosh happy with 73..drinks last night? ..in debt by..? I dont know!

The parking here was on concrete, which I think everyone was thankful for, it had been quite wet these past few days and heavy showers was due again sometime today, we have the RAF to thank for the concrete, the government constructed an RAF bomber base on part of Osberton estate in 1943, it closed after the war before opening again to be used for training jet pilots in the 1950’s. The government finally returned the land to Osberton Estates in 1960.

Julie got herself booked in and waited for some friends to arrive before deciding which route, red (12 miles) yellow (6 miles) or red (2 miles) Or a mixture of all of them or even go round a couple of times, it was quite relaxed. I chose to walk the yellow route and set of with the camera.


                             The sun came out as this happy gang set off


Thought Id meet wifey along the route and take some photos but it seems they got lost and went a different way, there goes Plan B this time..(never work with animals or children) I saw plenty of others along the way and snapped away regardless!


         I was glad to see that I wasnt the only one NOT on a horse!


                                                       Smile please!


                                                    Smile.. pretty please!


                                              Now thats a proper smile!

I completed the course in time walking through some lovely quiet woodland and across rolling fields, I thought maybe Id get a rosette upon completion but no not even a well done! Oh well it was a nice six-mile walk.


     Autumn means golden browns coppers gold and rusty red colours


                                                 Not quite an horse are you?


                  If all cows looked as beautiful as this Id go veggie!


                                         No noise..nobody..timeless scenery.


       The serenity broken only by the clippity clop of  lovely grey.


             Another group came by with big smiles enjoying their day


       I finally bump into Julie my wife..she’s there just behind Rosh.


                                                      Curves and lines


        A pony called Ruben would have loved to stroll along here

I returned to a full park of vehicles as riders came and went throughout the day, the three girls came and went again before arriving back done and finished then got busy taking off all their  kit ( the osses NOT their own) then washed down the horses, everone had coffee and cake from respective carrier Seeing the grey sky turn darker and the wind get stronger as the rain approached we quickley packed bags and horses away, Lightening paused for a minute or two on the ramp I shook the dish and urged him forward Julie growled and and came on, Good lad! I lied.  The rain began to spit a little on the way home and eventually the clouds burst open upon our arrival at home so we did get soaked just as Julie put Lightening away and I put the oss box to bed then emptied the Landi of saddle.. bridle..bribery dish..etc etc, the rain really hammered down on us for about half an hour.  The weather for the day was a bit gloomy and grey with spots of sunshine but most important the rain came late and I for one was thankful for that! 

IMG_3597                                     Julie and a muddy Lightening


               Rosh dismounts before I can capture the moment


Slightly overdressed in yellow stuff for a ride in the fields wouldnt you agree??


 There are several ways to get you obstinate oss back in the box, here is one of them.


Wet and muddy after a six miler…so where is my rub down them huh?

For you guys that are looking at these photos for the first time can I say that if you put your cursor over the photo and double left click it will go LARGE! 


2 Responses to Osberton Hall Sponsored Ride.

  1. Tania O'Connell says:

    Brilliant tale and pics Dave..x


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