Julie and leaping LIGHTENING

We hitched up the horse trailer to the Landi, Julie led LIGHTENING straight into it and we trundled off to Simms Hill over there at Sandtoft to spend the afternoon with the folk from Epworth and District Riding Club or EDRC for short. It’s the first time I have driven with a trailer and him on board, its slow, its new, its different. My new driving skills know no bounds!


                                                                    Simms Hill

Simms Hill is a large area used by EDRC it had large open fields and a large area of shrub-land. There are dozens of jumps of all sorts of shapes and sizes. Today was a practice day for jumping, Julie had booked in for the afternoon lesson and would be under the tuition of Sam, James would be taking the other group.

I swung our rig into line with the others and let Julie get herself and LIGHTENING sorted out, I was chatting to a chap next to us who had brought the two girls and their ponies, he helped to remove the protective wraps from feet and legs and was tugging the tail wrap off when suddenly the grey pony kicked back and hit Mark. Grey Witch booted him right in the kisser sending him sprawling. I dashed over to help, Sam called an ambulance as Mark was spitting blood from a split inner cheek and a swelling face, he was badly shook up. It later came to light this evening from his daughter Jade that he has suffered a fractured cheek bone and jaw with stitches on the inside of his mouth. He was moaning a bit about being at the event I know but this was a bit of a drastic way to leave. Dont let folk tell you horse riding is tame because it’s not, I was told that a couple had fallen off in the morning event and at the last event here a lady fell of and got her foot stuck inthe stirrup for a couple of yards, and so she suffered from a broken leg.

                                            The second group wait for James



                                            Dad runs alongside his daughter




Remember to place cursor over thumbnail photos then double left click to make them LARGE.


                                                  Holly and Grey Witch



                                      Riding…. chatting….. watching


…and like Rhiannee, everyone was loving every minute of the day!


                                      Holly and Grey Witch waits for Blackjack


      I think perhaps LIGHTENING was a Gazelle in his previous life!


                                       Deciding how high we should jump


                                                       Look mum Im on two feet!


   Rhiannee on REUBIN lends a hand and shows LIGHTENING the way


                                                                  A happy girl!


                                                             A VERY happy girl!


                                                     Sam gets close to the action


                                                       Jade and Blackjack


Blackjack had ten refusals at this fence Sam suggested he had a close look at it. He cam up had a neb, then backed up for another go at it but he ran around the side just like the previous six attempts, for some reason he didn’t like it.


                    ……and just to make his point he threw another little strop!


                                              Is it a phone or is it a camera? 


                        LIGHTENING clears the log by a Scarborough mile


                                 Rubi Rubi Rubi! He just kept on jumping…



…..In fact Rhiannee and Rubi Rubi Rubi were last seen jumping off into the next county far far away!

I enjoyed another day with fearless girls and naughty ponies. The weather was kind for us. Today here was a warm breeze some blue sky and lots of cotton fluff clouds, skirting around us squelched some dirty dark blue rain clouds, thankfully they kept away. The sun kept pointing its head through the broken clouds which made interesting work for the camera…light then dark then shadow then light again!

We were one of the last to leave as LIGHTENING just wouldn’t get in the box, he planted his front feet on the ramp then just stood there refusing point-blank to get a wiggle on, we tried a carrot or two but to no avail, Julie wouldn’t be beaten she stood and waited he is known to have a rather large a objectionable streak …Hmm or perhaps my driving wasnt that good after all? Sam came over and showed me a tip…don’t just stand an watch, tap his bum a few times and tell him to get in which he did! Thank you Sam your ace!  


2 Responses to Julie and leaping LIGHTENING

  1. mark says:

    just like to say a very big thank you to david for all his help when the grey witch kicked me , and im glad that everyone had a great day . mark


    • David Sharp says:

      Hey Mark, Im just glad to be of help to you. I hope your on the mend. Me? Ive not even been trodden on…yet! I hope I get such support when that day comes Mark


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