Frickley Park Horse trials 2014

Today we took the truck to nearby Frickley Hall for the day. The hall is in private hands but this weekend hosted a British eventing affiliated event. There was a X-Country course… a show jumping arena and a Dressage event. A friend was taking her daughter and her first event ( Dressage ) was scheduled for 08.00hrs. I havent got up at “pit time” for a long long time and wasnt going to start with those games again! We would arrive at a more civilized time of around 10.00hrs!

It turns out that Joannes daughter did extremely well after having a difficult time recently with here horse and got placed 5th, hoorah!


                                 This was the best I could do in the circumstance!


IMG_3798This is Joanne (Mum) celebrating with a fat slice of naughty cake…its called naughty cake coz it makes you naughty….I know this photo will probably get me a royal kick up the ass! But it’s just great don’t you think?

Theres not a lot to say to today really it was all about the horses and riders we just walked the X Country course in the opposite direction pausing to take photos here and there, and meandered between the tea stalls and the show jumping.





IMG_3627This was the “water splash” I thought I was OK stood where I was until the oss above decided to come left and exit the water right next to me!


IMG_3634                                                   Isnt that a great wall?


IMG_3646                                                                     Tally Ho!


IMG_3651                                                           Best I move now….


IMG_3654Every jump was overseen by judges, I suspect these four were battle hardened eventer riders themselves in their day. and knew what they were looking for…


IMG_3656       Dodging through the trees to storm up the hill and swift right turn!


IMG_3662          Always at horse events you will find dogs, dogs by the dozen!



The next one through the woods looked a lot like Julie’s LIGHTENING



                                                                 Which made her smile!



                                                 Up and out of the woods they go!


IMG_3679                                                    I got looked at a lot today by the “Neddy’s!”



IMG_3681                                                                    Flying!


IMG_3709                                          Dropping off the end of the world!!


IMG_3712                            Note… the Land Rover Discovery is just in shot!


IMG_3721Blowing her whistle at me is not a new form of court-ship unfortunately! No it means “Be aware there is a horse approaching” They do the same at some auto rally events 


IMG_3728                                                              Getting set to launch


IMG_3730Its not very often I see a Mr riding the oss….or am I just not looking hard enough?


IMG_3733                                                  Sporting the best colours of the day!


IMG_3748This grey was striking especially from a distance, looking like it was sporting long black socks in fact!


IMG_3749          A pair of young fence judges with a very content “woofer” by their feet


IMG_3751With a face of determination and a striking pair of ears they come fast towards me


IMG_3776This rider hauls hard on the reigns spinning round to retake the jump,  come ROUND!!



They are now fully composed and the horse  gallops to the end of the course as though nothing had just happened..thats horses for you. Thank god there were no scary black bags around!



Now having a cuppa in front of the tea tent and watching a few of the show jumpers.



                      Frickley House is the backdrop to the show jumping arena



                                               Don’t you just love these colours?



I thought there was more furniture in the ring than in an IKEA store….



                                                        Reaching for the sky!…



                                   Hopefully this will go some way to my redemption?




                          No not a “selfie”…This was taken by my wife Julie!




5 Responses to Frickley Park Horse trials 2014

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  2. mud4fun says:

    Great pictures.


  3. YASMIN EAGLE says:

    Love the pictures especially the Tally Ho picture… As that’s me! Thankyou


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