Field antics!

With the new year firmly here the horses are eager for drier weather (as we all are) Their feet will be evolving into ducks feet at this rate and my motorbike will be traded in for a bloody speedboat! Slowly though the water table is receding, the sea in the field has gone, it’s just soggy and muddy now, we need some wind and sun now Mother Nature if you please!


Lightening is modeling his nice red coat. It’s a rather poncy over the shoulder shot I know but its his field so he can do what he wants. Why do they wear rugs or coats you may ask? Well, horses have hair cuts ranging from short back and sides, skinhead Bowie and name it they have it. When they go out and about with their owners they get quite warm with all that trotting and galloping, they get especially hot and sweaty under the saddle, so they get clipped (hair cut) this helps keep them cool, comfy and free from ailments and of course fit looking! consequently they feel the cold in the winter months, especially the guys that stay outside overnight. Thais why you see lots of horses with rugs / coats on.



Julie gets LIGHTENING to play “chase me chase me” in the field. Clenched in her hand are horse treats, (sweeties) it’s the next best thing to hacking out and of course it keeps him and Julie fit.


He’s just had a couple of treats and licks his lips with his Anteater like tongue and dashes off in pursuit of Julie and hopefully more of the same!



“You can take a horse to water but you can’t make him drink it” as the proverb says…However its more like ABBA‘s “Gimmi Gimmi Gimmi”  if theres horsey treats in the offering!



LIGHTENING begins to look for a short cut and looks to me for treats, He is not inclined to doing much in the way of work and is always objecting in the schooling field.



Julie is also gettingout of puff by now its not easy jogging in wellies! She stops to give him whats left out of her pocket…I can just guess whats going to happen the next time I’m in the field!!










RIO and BARNEY look on at LIGHTENING and Julie, thankfully they are far enough away not to notice all the treats he is getting or it would be a bit of a free for all, and it wouldn’t be long before it gets out of hand! It gets a bit like “MURDERBALL”!



Just making sure they are hooves and not duck feet!  With all that mud there’s no way he’s coming into the house….One day though I did look out the window to see two of them on my piggin lawn, bloody great hoof prints all over the place! 



I think that’s enough running about for today, besides, Julie has no treats left lovely boy…HONEST! 



RIO and BARNEY are content to linger around near the hay nets watching the game though they can now sniff the remains of  horsey treats and nuzzle about Julies clothes








2 Responses to Field antics!

  1. Esther Dawson says:

    Fab photos! Now I know what I need to make me run faster…a pocketful of treats and a bloody great big horse on the warpath! You would not see me for dust! Best wishes to you both xx


    • David Sharp says:

      Hi Esther, Year nice photos eh? I remember a couple of years ago I invited Parki round when he was ill, I took him to see the osses, only then it was two LARGE heavy English Cobs in the field JAFFA and HARDY, I made the mistake of giving Parki my jkt that has the treats in them!!! His face was a picture as the bounded over to us!!


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