Epworth & District Riding club.. fun in the mist.

A morning ride to Sherburn Cafe on the motorbike was thwarted on Saturday by a thick cold mist that descended and stayed practically the whole day. Instead I went with Julie, Kath and the boys RIO and LIGHTENING to the Epworth & District Riding Club over at nearby Sandtoft, they were going to have a “neb” and be introduced to a lot of new activity with lots of horses. The poor light made me opt for a black and white theme again. I am beginning to recognize some of the pony‘s from last year, I just need to pick up on their names this year, and of course the riders  too! I took dozens of photos, have a look at some of them here….

Everyone stood on the sidelines and watched each other have a go over the course. They clapped and cheered on each other, willing a clear round for everyone!

I remember this pony from the pairs event last year, she was paired up with the pony in the first picture if I remember rightly.

Just waiting patiently for “No 6…your up next please” to be called out, horse and rider sat and watched the younger pony’s make light work of the fences.

A husband and wife team watch the jumps, the men are very much in the minority today, in fact I recall just two men and a young lad in a red tunic riding today.

 This is that young lad in the red tunic!

       The ladies had a lot of fun in the games arena ..sorry I mean Gymkhana!

Look at the eyes on this oss, Its called “Wall eye” usually a blue eye with white, some think its a little spooky looking. I think it’s just different and I would be more than happy to give a carrot!

Placing cups on the sticks and dashing back up the line was one game, it’s all about FUN!

Mum and daughter really enjoyed themselves as did the osses, the ground thundered when they galloped past, no milk floats on these two!!

A complete contrast to the previous two bustling characters came this elegant beauty, “floating by with style” It’s amazing how two four-legged osses can be so different!

“Aww Mum! I don’t want to go home yet!….Rio just didn’t want to get in the van, He wasn’t the only one today as others firmly planted feet and refused to “walk on” Kath tried several times, eventually planting herself on the ramp and showed a bucket of feed just out of reach, this did the trick, five minutes later RIO ambled up the ramp as if nothing was wrong!


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