A Simms Hill extraordinary Saturday….part 3

The maddest part of the day came next….the Gymkana! You’d expect it to be dominated by little squat pony’s and agile young pups (children)  astride the little whippersnappers wouldn’t you?  Well I would and was proved wrong…Lady Bumble Bee you excelled as did both Kath and Nikki with such big horses too!

The games have begun and the White witch has pulled out all the stops..or in her case..all the magic spells out of her book..Must remember to invite her along on our next motorbike tour to Northern Germany taking in Potsdam..Berlin.. Dresden.. Colditz ect.

The first lady of the Apocalypse gets the games under way..God help anyone who gets in her way!






Cruella De Vill really got her teeth into this event. The urge to crush the opposition was evident!









The sickly bloodless child and the Mad Barb-Q-Man zipped in and out of the poles swiftly as The White Witch cackled from the side lines and eliminated the slowest!


Doktor DEATH and her young apprentice dropped into the games looking for trade and a quick easy win…NOT! 


Doktor DEATH and her young apprentice want it to be known that they are very glad everyone was safe all the same (Boooo!)









Lady Bumble Bee and Rhiannee buzz through the yellow poles!








Oh its so easy ..You just trot halfway down the line take the cup trot to the end turn round and trot back to the same spot……. EASY  PEAZY LEMONSQUEEZY!!! 


Then you have to get off and run and lead the oss back up to the start line, confused? you will be .com. LOL!








Rhiannee sits and observes then gives it a go herself..go girl! Or is it go-go oss?


Hoops had to be passed over the body which looked fun..except that they mad a rattling noise, beads where inside them, this made some osses stand back and look because it was obviously dangerous!







I noted that some of the riders ran faster than the osses who seemed to be getting a bit confused ride run stop start?









This was the part of the day when the riders seemed to be more energetic than the ones who should be!


It didn’t matter if you were 10 or a 100 which nobody was today, everyone had tons of fun..in spite of the variations in the flipping weather.






It began to get warm as the sun stayed out for more than ten minutes…Even Sam took her coat off for a few minutes.








Doktor DEATH seems OK with coming second, Nikki on the other hand drag Barney over the line in first place.


Coming through in first place Cruella De Vill wins by a bloodied knifes edge!


Lady Bumble Bee trots home with the same distinctive pace as the black beauty who seems more interested in the camera!


Everyone hasn’t gone home! They are all stood with me clapping and cheering them on, there’s just not much room down the other end, honest!


And to prove it, here is the pit lane area, complete with Mums trainers Dads and little puppy dogs









Lady Bumble Bee has now decided that her oss is  going to be a pony and a champion Gymkana pony at that! But then proper pony’s might have summat to say about that me thinks!









The last game was played and won, prizes  were handed out again. At the end of the day EVERONE got a badge…a rosette for taking part.








The sun began to fade as it does quite quickly at this time of year the temperature soon plummets too! The end of the days events was perfectly timed, I would expect no less from our White Witch of the day …Thank you Clare!


The sun dropped behind thick fluffy clouds and what little heat we had disappeared rapidly. I had saddle and blood soaked gowns in the car! I turned round to say bye to everyone and saw the burst of sunlight that begged to be photographed. The rules say ALWAYS keep the sun behind you when taking photographs..it was just another excuse to break the rules… and its made a nice shot! This was the last event of the year. So now I have to wait until Spring to see you all again (Booo) ….before I go would you like to see some close-ups, coz you do look funny you know!

I know I didn’t get a mad close up of all nineteen riders today but I can’t be everywhere at once! Give me a nod if you want a photo taking specifically the next time OK? Until next Spring then! Bye all its been fun x



























2 Responses to A Simms Hill extraordinary Saturday….part 3

  1. Emma Marsden says:

    Thank you David after looking at part 1 I have been looking forward to seeing more pics in part 2 &3 and they are brilliant – I have been sat here chuckling to myself for past half hour . im already looking forward to next years horsey outings 🙂


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