A Simms Hill extraordinary Saturday….Part 2

The fancy dress parade has finished, the prizes were handed out for the best dressed, Julie got some chokkies but fortunatly for me Julie can only eat white chockkies so I got to eat them! I knew painting her face was a good move by me!Now it was back to the boxes for a change of clothes hay carrots and coffee…and chokkies for me!

Fully rested from the fancy dress everyone made their way to the X Country arena. The White Witch mumbled some dark words from her potion book and brought wind to dry everyone off…Oh well done that witch… Clare!

Rhiannee changed out of her Halloween outfit to start the next round.

For us folk that know not a lot about oss jumping. These are X-country jumps, they vary in size shapes and structure its not just about poles in a flat open field!

Its a fun day and folk didnt take it too seriously…..however….it’s still prone to accidents or in this case “A whoops nearly moment” So concentration is still needed.

One minute you trotting along nicely to the next little fence and suddenly without any apparent warning neddy plants front feet firmly saying “I DON’T think so!” Why do they leave it so late to change their minds is what Id like to know? Above is one of those “Whoops nearly” moments. I think I’ll stick to my motorbike its much safer!

When you and neddy get it right its just so sweet isnt it? So actually its not that far removed from motorbiking after all. I get the same feeling when me and bike zoom round a lovely tight corner just right. From jumping clean over fence No 6 At Simms Hill to swooping round a nice piece of road in Espania  its nearly the same eh?…. Above is me on my “oss” and was taken by Julie on a tour of The Pyrenees. The bike is our old black Honda Goldwing 1800cc.

Dainty Doll took her lovely grey for a run but the red wood fence looked very dangerous and a good stare was needed before deciding all was safe then the jump was jumped!

Some went around in pairs to bring the not so confidant or first time jumpers on.

The Mad Barbi-Q-man had a great time, didnt dash into the shrubbery or miss a jump and gave me a wide berth in spite of my camo coat thank u! 

If you have joined us Steve, you can see all the photos in LARGE if you place your cursor over any of the photos and left double click on them.

Quite a few went round as pairs….I think they are secretly preparing for the Hunter Trial pairs competition in the summer!

We have three pictures of Sarah Breen having her first try and having a great time. Dad asked me to take a few for them, I have about a dozen on file if you’d like to email me? Dad says he has started riding too. Eeee must be mad, has he seen how fast they can go??

Hopefully I might bump into Dadio in the summer to see how the new cowboy job is going and to see how bandy his legs might be!

Lady Bumble Bee on a black beauty buzzed round in no time, that darned little red fence proved to be a bit of a puzzle to more than one….and finally the sun came out thanks to “you know who”!

Now without her silver wig, Miss Cruella De Vill still looked spooky even though she had those lovely “Dusty Springfield” eyes!

Rhiannee started and ended the session on the X-Country jumps, then it was back to the hay carrots and coffee. and a bit of a rest.

Most though went to the next field to have a go at the pole jumping in an open field. I was in need of a rest by now too so I didnt take too many pictures. I was on just two feet, the rest of you were on four in case you forgot! 

Both Barney and Rio made light work of these fences, they could probably do this all day!

Horse and pony’s alike dashed around the field and made short work of it. Though the little white pony found fence 6 to extremely dangerous and would not jump in spite of the insistance of the little apprenctice pirate, round and round they went and every time it was a point blank refusal the pirate even shouted “Your a very naughty boy!” Round again she came when mum appeared and gave a helping hint so she tried one last time, she came round again and….sailed right over! Bless.

Next came our very own Lightening, Julie sat this one out as Nikki decided to have a try. Ive seen Lightening jump before on the odd time he’s tried it. Let me tell you he is NOT orthodox, he has a style unique to Lightening and is sure to make you grin laugh or squeel (if your on board) He aproaches with shoulders thrusting forward mane and mulit coloured tail thrashing wildly in the wind, he bounds close to the poles then BOING! He rockets towards the heavens clearing the poles by a yorkshire mile! He is sooo funny and the reason why the last couple of photos are large, Im smirking now as I remember Nikki squeel and laugh as she has a ride on Lightening the Hatfield Gazelle!!

                   Yep, front legs clear by a Yorkshire mile!

   Aha Now both back legs also clear by a Yorkshire mile!

Ok Nikki, mission completed….clear round…bring on the Germans and you stop laughing and open your eyes now!

Even the infamous fence six is no promlemo for the boy Lightening, both back feet tucked up between his cheeks almost as his tail reaches for the the sky. AMAZING skills!

That closes the jumping now its a short break before the finale…..the Gymkana…..in part three!



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