A Simms Hill extraordinary Saturday…Part 1

The ladies of EDRC..thats the Epworth and District Riding Club to you and me…made today, the last event of 2012 a bit special First there was a parade of Halloween characters on horses complete with mizzle drizzle and a grey overcast curtain. Second came some X country jumping complete with drying wind. Third came some pole jumping in the arena with white clouds and some blue sky. Third came Gymkana games with blue sky and sunshine. HOW did you arrange the weather like that Clare?

There was so much going off today that I’m splitting it up into three parts..So here goes with you characters and my interpretation of who you where portraying.

Remember guys before you start……Put your cursor over any picture and double left click, this will make it LARGE LARGE LARGE!!








Naturally we start with a horse, a horse called Rio with his silver Halloween spiders. Next comes a dirty black apprentice pirate with dirty eyes and a belting little white pony who was born to be fast and naughty 











lOOK! Its the Countessa Witch on her dazzling witching oss…but I don’t know which witch she is if you get my drift? Perhaps she meddled with todays weather? Julie my wife decided to become Dr DEATH for the day, Lightning joined in with bandaged ears and blood soaked bed sheets to keep him warm.








 This is the first time I have seen a two-faced silhouette with a scarf of spiders and miniature human skello’s draped on the oss like trophies..Ooeer! Kath came as an armour plated Siren with shiny red devil horns and her red underwear hanging out! More miniature human remains.. this time draped over Rio’s straps.








This little black munchkin flew around the field with his black cape flowing in the wind, If I had to choose between Batman and “The Black Munchkin” it would be “The Black Munchkin” he is just sooo fast! AND he had a better bat-belt! He was followed mostly by the little black apprentice pirate, brother and sister perhaps? The next photo shows the first of the seven horses of the Apocalypse. Dig those turned down horns!









 Oooh look look  Its Miss Cruella De Vill with her toygirl…the lovely Darcy Doll. where’s my autograph book?










It’s those two again!…”The Black Munchkin” and his side kick the special little black apprentice pirate, they were riding pony’s that flew fast like the wind. Following those two came a new female heroine  “Wondergirl” her piecing heart stopping eyes are covered to protect us mere mortals! I wonder who this mysterious girl really is?


Two heart stealing fem gazelles with their red underwear hanging out riding with DR DEATH in attendance

 The Weather Witch makes an announcement…or she really does love pumpkins? I don’t know Im just a man!



 Now you can see a very happy Little Red Riding Hood followed toooo closely by the Mad BarbiQMan from Finningly.









 I can’t believe she really is a scheming little devil, look at that smile she is so sweet butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth…or would it? A close up of the famously fast caped crusader”The Black Munchkin” Would you trust him with your sweets?










Dr DEATH drifts into the area and catches the eye of todays judge who suddenly gets a chill down her spine and remembers she has to be somewhere else!








Ok so Its raining…so what I’m snug as a bug warm dry and beautiful so take my picture!! Next to her stands Lady Bumble Bee who thought summat was funny, perhaps she knew she would be brilliant at the Gymkana.


The White weather Witch is just sooo amused at the drizzle she has arranged for us!


Hush now oss! Let me concentrate on magicking the sunshine and blue sky… Humm Humm…”Oil coil bubble and currant bun bring out the sun bring out the sun Humm



LOL! If you manage that Mrs White Witch I’ll trot over to you and eat your hat!


Oh No you wont Lightening I’m protected by the First Horse of the Apocalypse!








Darcy Doll is happy the drizzle has been magicked away.  Lady Bumble Bees shows her stripes and gets ready to walk the X country course









Poor little Pale girl on a Pony, witchy spiders have sucked all the blood out of her. Next photo shows Mad BarbiQMan going for a walk with Little Miss Riding Hood and Lady Bumble Bee around the X country course in preparation for Part II


2 Responses to A Simms Hill extraordinary Saturday…Part 1

  1. Steven L says:

    Wot no Lady Godiva!!!!!


  2. Emma Marsden says:

    This is Brilliant can’t wait to see part 2 ! Top day & you captured it so well thank u


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