A September runaround at Sims Hill

Hello everyone.

Whata nice day it was today in between the rains again! I was at Simms Hill this afternoon with the new camera.

Sam was in charge this afternoon and put the guys through their paces over the jumps. the girls knew no fear as usual and leapt into the unknown with mucho enthusiasm, I was impressed again. I couldn’t do it! Id be gritting my teeth so much they would be stumps by the end of the day..Id want to be wearing full motorbike leathers including crash hat!

I have cut and cropped from 250 photos down to…well,  a lot less and then re-sized them all to get them on here…..Then had to stop to cook an eat dinner! So yes a bit of work before you guys see them, if any of you ladies want one in LARGE format let me know and Ill send it on to you!

Meanwhile remember to double left click to make the photographs LARGE

This is going to be soooo funny!


Whata great day it was, I managed to stay out of the way of the thundering hoofs, stayed out of the damned rabbit holes and managed to get some nice pictures I think.


2 Responses to A September runaround at Sims Hill

  1. Jo Birkett says:

    Please could you email any /all photos of me? I had a blue hat & turquoise shirt under a blue body protector with shoulder pads on it. Ponio has an upside down v at the bottom of the white blaze on her face. I left a note on the EDRC Facebook post but I’ve had trouble saving the photos & am hoping you may have more?
    I’d be very grateful!



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