A pleasure ride with the guys from EMDG

It was an early start this morning for Julie and Kath as they got RIO and LIGHTENING looking respectable for the day’s pleasure ride in company with the folk of East Midlands Dressage Group  (EMDG)  over there at Everton.I dragged my ass out of bed cooked some bacon sarnies and did a hot flask of coffee, its said I’m not generally at my best for the first hour (huge understatement) and it kinda shows that with the first photo doesn’t it?


                                          Not quite awake..Grrrrr!

I managed to get a photo of Julie in her alternative hat..she was worried the wind might blow the hat away so switched to summat more suitable.


                 Julie tries to read her phone without her glasses


It took about 40 minutes to get to the farm over at Everton near Bawtry, thankfully the howling gale had blown itself out the previous evening leaving us with a ridiculously mild December morning. We were the first to arrive Adrian had the mulled wine bubbling away in the barn and welcomed us with a glass each, little mince pies followed just as the old dog came along and made friends! Jodie and Adrian explained the route and what markers to look out for, Fortified with the wine and directions we returned to the horse-box, and the girls began to pimp their rides.


     Jodie records the “bling”and the glitz on LIGHTENING and RIO 

6_edited-4                              A few adjustments and they were ready


             In spite of the negative vibes emanating from their costumes the girls entered into the spirit of things right from the word go!



                                                              Blinged up RIO



                                        Jodie cruises by for a photo or two



             To some the priority was east first go walkies second!



                                 Waiting patiently for todays companions


                                   Well hello and whats your name?



This beauty was such a calm and gentle horse, even when she met her companion for the day she just nuzzled and said hello ever so calmly!

The pleasure ride today wasnt a huge distance and would take a leisurely ninety minutes or more to complete. All the money raised today would go towards the Lincolnshire and Notts Air Ambulance. As you know, my vast expertise of osses and pony’s stretches as far as.. they all have four legs and can pooh for England!!! I just love them all, the little brown lady had the smallest face and was a bit Irish. The little ribbon was just right and kinda suited her mood


           Riding companions got together often for the first time today, some got closer than others.

39_edited-2                    Some has glitz and tinsel, other just had big smiles!


                                                                   Lady Santa


                                          Looking at me looking at you!



                                   Smiling nicely for the camera…..



                                   …Still smiling nicely for the camera..



                    ….And still smiling for the camera..camera mad!!





                                               Nearly time to mount up…



                               Deffo time to mount up now..



               The Morris funbus arrives..let the shenanigans start!


                                        Sexy Santa and Smirking Snowman


                                     Son snuggled up to Mum for a cuddle



                      Mike and Zeus complete part of the course.



               Emma gets warmed up and waits for the snowman



                               Carol gets her poor aching body moving.



                              Team Morris pose for their group shot.



                                                   A nice picture…..



                                  A husband and wife team set off quietly



                   The lady with the Land Rover strides out.




If you didn’t know the exact location of Team Buzzard and relied on Sally Sat Nav then one was in for a bit of a mystery tour.the post code for example was centred on the church….way way over there and so you would be going down every lane in the region, not really much fun when towing a oss box!



Team Buzzard take a break happy that everyone has got away OK, the excellent mulled wine is gently bubbling away. Cake..spice and all things nice await the riders return!

It has been an enjoyable day even if I didn’t have anything to ride! Meeting and chatting with different folk from all walks of life and their lovely four-legged friends is always a nice experience. We had recently done the ride over at Osberton, I walked the 6 mile route with the camera and came home before some of the osses but I didn’t get a rosette! We have been along to a couple of “Ride Yorkshire” http://www.rideyorkshire.org/     events too.


                                                            Kath on RIO



                                                  Julie on LIGHTENING

For you folk who are maybe visiting here for the first time, if you place your cursor over the photo and double left click this will make them HUGE. Go onto my home page and click on OSS WORLD along the black bar under the cats eyes, this opens a drop down box then click on any of the titles you can see some photo’s of those events.


4 Responses to A pleasure ride with the guys from EMDG

  1. Emma marsden says:

    Brilliant photos as always David – thank you for being so lovely & taking photos for us all, as you know us horsey folk love our neddys and get excited looking at the pics afterwards 🙂


  2. val C says:

    great pictures. lovely to have reminders of days out with friends. thanks. Val carpenter


  3. Rachael Messom says:

    These pictures are fab, can I buy some from you? Dont think ive got one of me and my son together looking so happy, great! Please get in touch via Facebook?


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