A misty morning in March

I looked out of the window this morning at 08.00hrs to see Kath and Julie “schooling” their horses. It was quite misty and not very bright. I had some breakfast then went and joined them in the field for a short while. I put the long lens on the camera and zoomed in from a short distance away so’s not to disturb them too much. Here are a few photo’s….

Looking a bit c-c-cold. Kath on RIO.


At the other end of the schooling area Julie sends LIGHTNING through his paces on the long reign…..

Kath described Rio has having a habit of “Cameling” ..RIO with his head up in the air instead of down and tucked in, practice will make this right.


LIGHTNING on the long reign and having a breather, Julie gives him plenty of encouragement…and has forgiven him for throwing her on her ass last week!

This is the image I had in my mind of what it reminded me of this morning, the mist drifted about and the field faded in and out all morning. It’s Kath on RIO in case you didnt know.

In contrast to RIO’s long sedate galloping around the outside of the school area Julie and LIGHTNING in contrast trotted around the inside..with Julie practicing finite lead control.



Talking to RIO all the time Kath works RIO and gets the important neck muscles to develop, LIGHTNING  went through a similar phase last year to change his neck profile.


This is me showing off with a new photo toy on the PC..Its Julie and LIGHTNING.

I like black and white photo’s. They often show a different side to the day!


BLUE watches from the sidelines today wrapped up in his his winter coat.

 BARNEY sits out the mornings exercise to and muches his breakfast, he spent ten minutes tugging at my right arm, he thought I had something interesting in my pocket and just wouldn’t leave me alone. He got nothing, I on the other hand got a soggy coat sleave!


Yes it was this cold earlier this morning!




One Response to A misty morning in March

  1. Angie Causer says:

    oooh look at that orb on the last pic


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