A day at Escrick with friends

Wednesday 19th was going to be a dry day according to the weatherman and dry day is a rare thing here in the UK at the moment! We planned to go to Escrick Estate for the day, its known for its huge great outdoor space and is specifically horse orientated. We went with RUBEN Rhianne and her mum Elaine, RUBEN is great hacking / jumping companion for LIGHTENING who came from a trotting background so is unsure about jumping and stuff and so benefits from being led on now and again, and was hopefully going to go paddling! Rhianne was well up for the outing, she loves anything that includes horse, luckily it’s still the school holidays and one of the rules of the estate was not to go hacking on your own so everything was falling into place and to cap it all I would take the camera, RUBEN and Rhianne have been great subjects to photograph and have great fun and energy doing the same thing over and over until I’m happy. So our little convoy of red landi with both osses in our ossbox followed by Elaine and Rhianne in their car drove down to Escrick which lies between Selby and York on the A614.



An addition to today was Bruno Ince the puppy dog, Mr Ince (senior) was busy today so couldn’t look after him so he came with us to explore the great outdoors. He turned out to be quite the little poser!


BRUNO wasnt too happy at being made to sit still for a photograph when there was so much to explore!



We tried to compose a “running towards me” shot with Elaine stood behind me calling him but he kept setting off before I was ready! Even so I think this out of focus photo is OK as it shows the little “Pocket Rocket” was really shifting!


BRUNO at speed. His ears acting as speed brakes slow him down!!


RUBEN and LIGHTENING had gone ahead following the signs as best they could  through woods and across stubble fields. The map wasnt brilliant to be honest, there were two routes, a 20 miles and a 6 miles. Elaine BRUNO and myself shaved it and completed about 2-3 miles. The jumps had numbers on so I tried to follow the map and the black arrows. Some workmen were working on the track in the woods and a fence was marked No 6 so I checked the map but it didn’t have it on! We skirted this one wood before heading back the way we came. I guess they are clearing the tracks after the winter and altering some stuff? They host a number of X Country events during the summer, so they were probably getting things ready for Springtime.




BRUNO got up close and personal with LIGHTENING both looked cool in each others company, another hurdle crossed it seems!



       BRUNO decides to have a go at hacking with RUBEN



             LIGHTENING stands staring at the pond

LIGHTENING does not like water very much, he doesn’t like having his face washed and he dances around a bit when Julies washes his muddy feet. He doesn’t like snowflakes either especially when they land on his nose! He and the rest of the guys in the field just do what osses do when its raining…turn their ass into the wind and get their head down, when it really bad the shelter behind the high hedgeline or come into the field shelter. So today was a oppertunity to cross another metaphorical hurdle. RUBEN would lead the way!


109                                                                      TALLY HO!

RUBEN walked ahead of LIGHTENING to the water, but he kept stopping at the edge. Rhianne and Julie coaxed him in. He stepped in and stood staring at it, stepped up and out on the other side and turned to go back in! Then he rubbed his nose on both wet front feet, Well done boy! Rhianne and RUBEN then started to run through the water like a little child in her first pair of wellies. Splish splosh splish splosh! It was great, I took lots of photos on rapid fire increasing the shutter speed to freeze the puddles






Rhianne has a similar artistic minds eye to me when it comes to photos of horses  and so we planned some fast running shots towards me on the angle, a bonus was the clods of mud flying through the air!


133                                                     And there she was…gone!



Family portrait Elaine.. BRUNO.. RUBEN.. Rhianne

It had been a fab day I have just counted up the photos taken on the day and the tally comes to 140….I deleated a lot of the others!! My thought of the day is…Thank God I don’t do the old Kodak film any more. a roll of 24 used to cost about £6 to develop I think so that’s about £50..twenty years ago!! Photoshopping didnt exist then either so I would have thrown hundreds away



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