A breezy day at Simms Hill with EDRC

The weather has taken a turn this weekend after a warm and mild few days, a chilly wind has returned and with it came grey clouds and some light showers. Yah Booo! is all I can say to that.


                            Cold but raring to go, the jacket soon came off.


Simms Hill was busy today with a mixed bag of horses and ponies. It was nice to see some familiar faces again, its been a while since the Halloween afternoon when everyone dressed up, remember?



                                     Emma was a buzzy bee last November!

It wasnt that warm today so the instructors quickly got ready after splitting the guys into groups then went to stand in the middle of their respective arena’s and kicked of the day with instructions and encouragement. “Audrey” has a nice loud clear voice I started to  “get my leg up” No I’m joking, what I was doing was listening to what they were doing then I could get myself in front of them for a good picture and not just the chunky bum shots (of the oss) “Audrey” was quite shy in divulging here name for the pictures. 






                                    Sharon before her dive for the camera.


Sharon went out of the side door after a jump at the wall but got her foot caught in the stirrup as she slid down and off as the oss gathered speed getting excited. After a minute or two sat on the floor she he got her breath back but when helped up she felt something moving in her foot it was too painful, something was clearly not right so Sharon rested in Sams car and an  ambulance was called, it was in fact an estate car with two paramedics, her left foot was now swelling like a balloon so they took her away to hospital. to get an x-ray and probably a plaster cast. Don’t worry Sharon I wont tell anyone you were more concerned about showing off your Bridget Jones look!











Remember guys just double left click to enlarge the photo’s and I really don’t mind if you want to copy and paste any photo’s that you fancy.




      No No NO! Im not going to jump any poles today and that’s THAT!




              Any which way round and in no particular order Rhiannee!





Way Hey this is just so much fun, and my pony tail is longer than yours!




                                  Gather round girls, I’ll say this only once!










                                          This is my favorite photo of today



At least some of us looked to be warm and cosy, it’s all about layers!!





A beautiful mane blows in the breeze and compliments Mr Morris’ with his rosy cheeks. nose forehead and lips, I hope its warmer in Hungary for you!



                    Happy to be having a little break, now time for part II







By noon the wind was whistling through everyone’s clothes, and faces began to glow red, some found shelter in the pay booth, others put more clothes on, some did a bit of work fetching and carrying, they little orange pony got dad to put a bet on behind the blue shed..shhhh!.




      Jumping fences and kicking up some dust is the best way to keep warm today though, at least the rain stayed away for the most part.




It was an enjoyable Saturday morning at Simms field with the EDRC crew. Sharon will probably still be at Scunthorpe hospital as I write this and probably showing all and sundry the height in underwear fashion for the coming year. Get well soon girl, hope it’s just a swollen ankle and not a broken one.








2 Responses to A breezy day at Simms Hill with EDRC

  1. Mark lovell says:

    Nice pics mate


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