A winter week in T’Egypt

T’other January Julie and I had a free week in Egypt, we stayed in Sharm El Sheik to be exact and it cost 7000 air miles, I had a shed load left over from my time in London and decided to use them up, I have to confess that when the girl on the telephone offered this holiday in Egypt I’d never heard of the place! It wasn’t our fave place to go and probably wont ever return to the shit hole!!

The airport was an experience which I don’t care to repeat and the taxi drivers drove like friggin Olympians..first spot or nothing!

I picked up the wrong case from the carousel and had to go back when I realised this….about midnight. I returned to the airport in a £2 taxi with about £20 of lager in my belly! I got the case no problem BUT forgot which hotel I was staying at, couldn’t even stab a guess at it and didn’t have my phone, suddenly I became sober! The arab taxi man drove me around, he had green tea on the dash-board, kept cool by the wind blasting in from the big hole in front…we had no windshield!! he invented the third lane and played some shyte arab music, it was like a Francis Ford movie, after about an hour I finally picked out a landmark and eventually we found the hotel. I was in Abdul debt and paid him £10 instead of the usual £2!

In spite of all what I have said, the camel ride in the Sinai Desert and the snorkel trip off shore was fantastic and worth the rest of the problems. It not the safest places to go. They have guards everywhere to protect their valuable  assets..thats us the tourists! Guards at the money cash points, guards on the day trips and stiff check points that had truck loads of troops neatly out site just behind the buildings.

Maybe some of you have been here too? It’s  The Rock Cafe, just down the road in Shark Bay.

Double left click on photo’s to enlarge.

A great day out at sea! Julie stays firmly top side as I explore the deep blue sea, it was January and quite warm walking around or sunbathing…but ffekkin cold the water!

This view just a couple of metres down on the reef made the cold worth it.

Double left click on the pikkis to see them LARGE

It was a fantastic experience and not dangerous or hard to do and was worth every penny. Our next trip was a ride in the Sinai desert in a 4×4 jeep to our guide with the camels behind the third sand dune on the left..ten miles after the last bush. This place is not a safe place either, especially after the latest terrorist attacks in Egypt in July 2012. we had a gun guard with the driver, I will say this, he wasnt obvious, his automatic weapon wa tucked under his arm under his leather coat, he was quiet but smiled a lot, I thought at first that he was the relief driver.

The sand wasn’t sandy, it was more gritty in texture. it wasnt just all dunes or flat either as you can see. 

Thats me having a go at making bread with our driver, It baking on an upturned wok type pan, I can’t remember his name but  he seemed genuine and was good at English, he was very informative about most things Egypt 

I could have spent longer here it was quite serene and very peaceful. I think the bush is a Joshua Tree, the same as on a U2 album sleeve

Me and my ride for the day, it’s really was fun, at one point my guide offered me a short race…and I came second!

Julie perfectly at home on oss or camel! She made it look so easy.

The following night at the hotel we attended a theme dinner. As you can see it wasn’t a hot night except for the ladies hips! I was invited for a dance but couldn’t take my eyes of her jiggling hips!

A nice photo even if I do say so!! Taken on one of the nights we ventured out of the complex, I spent most of the time telling the taxi boys “NO THANKS” it was so hard just to have a peaceful walk!

Pain of the week went to the £2 taxi’s everytime one took a step out of the hotel they were upon us smiling and shouting “TAXI?” They were all the same kind, eight seater heaps some with windows some not, we even rode in one in stealth mode, he had no dashboard electrics so speed.. direction..speed..height or time was unknown! It’s funny as fukc now but wasn’t at the time!!


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