Nov 21th 2011. At the N.E.C for the bike show.

We had a foggy November morning drive to Birmingham with Mark and Jeanette for the huge English motorbike show, this is held every year at the N.E.C. Its a great day out looking at the new bikes for 2012 and of course a bit of bike shopping for new It best to miss out Saturday and Sunday because its brimming with folk, of course NOBODY walks in a straight line at shows do they? Neither do they give any thought to the faster person behind (me) who wants to overtake..How do you girls do it every bloody Saturday?? The first photo shows Monday and was a quieter day and brilliant for the likes of me who just wants to amble around looking at the bikes at my pace and not get blocked or swept along on a human tide!

We found my mate Barry on the Honda Goldwing stand. As you can see I was pleased to see him..Barry on the other hand….Photographs can totally tell the wrong story can’t they!! We caught up on the recent wars within the Goldwing clubs and of the forming of new Yorkshire splinter groups, talked about David the human dartboard who just resigned his post, and of “Billy The Fish” who should have resigned along time ago! Good luck to them all, variety has got to be good eh?

The green bike is something from my childhood days. of watching the competitions on Grandstand on wintery Saturday afternoons in black and white on TV . It’s always nice to see such minted and cared for old bikes!

This is Englishman Chris Walker with the mike. He has been racing motorbikes a lot of years. He was talking about whats happening in 2012 with the new Kawasaki team. The girls behind looked smashing but a trifle bored don’t you think?

We strolled away from Chris to have a look at the HONDA stand, they had a large selection of moped and scooters. These small town runabouts were in abundance this year on several of the big namer stands like SUZUKI…KAWASAKI and of course HONDA.

This example from TRIUMPH was in honour of Steve Mc Queen and the film “THE GREAT ESCAPE”. I’d like to see someone try to leap the barbed wire fence on this lump, me thinks it will go through it rather than over!

I wish I could have done this when I was a nipper! He is so lucky to be sitting on such a beautiful motorbike without somebody shouting at him to get off in case he scratches the paintwork! He looks well chuffed doesn’t he?

From one lucky blighter to another! The promo girls are more than happy to pose with anyone for a photo and Julie quite happily took the photos! Most of the promo girls have to wear Lyra one piece cat suits to show off their curves in order to lure the men folk close enough to thrust promo bags at. So it was a nice change to see these two in wrap around summery red dresses….Do you believe I’m a dedicated follower of fashion or I just waffling because I’m just soooo happy to get between  these two young wimmin?

Julie says the ROYAL ENFIELD was the very first bike that she got her leg over. She has progressed these days to the Honda Goldwing,  after getting her leg-over lots of times over the years! Erm…I’m not sure I should have said that….Hey, see how her lovely top matches the lovely bike!

A motherfooka of a tourer is the VICTORY! Not my kind of tourer but deffo a head turner up the high street. I’m not sure I like to drag this beast up the Stelvio Pass in Europe though. My god it’s even bigger than a 1500cc breadvan!

The Carole Nash Insurance group ALWAYS put together an excellent stand and quite often it’s the best of the show in my opinion. The bikes are out of this world, sometimes they are concept bikes, sometimes they are “up and running” road legal bikes. This Harley chopper for example has THE most beautiful artwork on its tank

You deserve to have another and a much closer look. If I had this it would live in our bedroom until the arrival of those rare blistering hot sunny dry days.

Say hello to Charlie, he is a hotelier and biker from the Tyrol, he and half a dozen hotels of the group “LETS RIDE TOGETHER” are dotted in the Tyrol… Germany Austria Switzerland and Italy.. They give a very special welcome to bikers. The bikes themselves live in the underground parking under the hotels, at Charlie’s the bar takes up the whole of one floor, they offer tea/coffee and cakes there every afternoon free. The food in the sit down area in the evening is fulfilling!. There is a heated pool downstairs and sauna and a gym for the freaks! The last time we were there we were lounging in the pool looking through the wall to ceiling glass frontage looking up the long valley at the Kauntertal far off in the distance.  We have stayed with Charlie several times and will stay again in the future. its a very friendly place. He looks a little flushed on the photo doesn’t he? Within  half an hour both Julie and I began to look the same from the effects of his “special” schnapps…the bottle is just out of sight under the counter. We weren’t driving today so we filled our boots! Have a look at what Charlie has to offer….as well as the wicked schnapps….Prost Charlie!!

   If I won the lottery I would have one of these for going down to Sainsbury’s Wouldn’t you? Perhaps get my mates G.A.M.E.R.S anti motorhome weapon system fitted!

Julie sist on a copy of her last bike..a YAMAHA MTo3 650cc. we had two of these, now just have one to use in the winter (known as a rat bike)  we use the Goldwing in the summer months.

Valantino Rossi thrilled the world as he won countless MotoGP championships with this YAMAHA team. FIAT was the main sponser for many years hence the logo onthe bodywork. After Barry Sheene I think Rossi is the best at his craft and a fantastic showman..All hail King Vali may you continue to entertain us!

American racer Kenny Roberts was another huge bike icon and often duelled with our Barry Sheene. I used to follow the Trans-Am races in the 1980’s. The Trans Am was a series of races held in England between two teams of riders, onefrom the USA and the other from Great Britain.  I watched a famous Sheene and Roberts battle with my Mum one Saturday on the TV. Our Bazza was leading Roberts by a mere yard or two when all of a sudden Bazza put his left hand behind his back and waved two fingers at Kenny, we both howled at the nerve of the guy….He was such fun to watch!

I used to go scrambling on my own as a teenager on the nearbye “muck stacks” (huge coal spoil heaps) in the old coal yards in Normanton and Altofts my hometown. I learnt to do jumps…I also found out how to fall off too! I’m not a young man anymore so should perhaps put my hands back on the bloody grips!

Speaking of hands!! Here we are at the Carole Nash stand with one of their promo girls. They were all tall leggy and blonde, not my type at all! She still managed to give me TWO  bags of goodies….how did that happen? I had neck ache come the end of the day!

Chris Walker in the middle being interviewed by Jamie Whittham on the left. Jamie is another Yorkshireman and brilliant rider of his day. He is now one of the familiar voices on Eurosport especially during the British Superbike season. A witty man and very knowlegable about the whole racing game.  The Bike show At the NEC hosts these chat sessions and host question and answer sessions with us,the followers. You can see the guys throughout the week, often World Superbike stars and MotoGp riders both present do these sessions too…I didn’t see anyone today who I recognizes. mostly they are just ordinary guys and are happy to say hello and look around like the rest of us.

Both Julie and Jeanette dived in here to get themselves a pair of leather jeans each, Mark also joined in and bought himself a pair of boots. I managed to buy a new belt!

At lunchtime we found a table and chairs and had our sarni’s coffee and chokki before heading out for part II of the show. Jeanette tells another funny lavender story from her work.

There is this nut case called Nick Saunders who keeps on going around the world! Not once but several times, he is a different kind of biker than the rest of us, and goes around the globe on bikes like this one above. These are real ball busters after just an hour and I definatly don’t have big balls, so its not that. Most people I know feel the same so Nick Saunders is either somebody really special of a fekkin Eunock??

I kow what your thinking…”He’s with some bloody scooters again” I have to admit love looking at them but thats as far as it goes and yes I know my first bike was one. But thats only until I realised that I loved bikes……just not these kind!

These are not really cars are they because they only have three wheels and have an engine on the oustide?!

The Back Street Heroes Stand is always a fantastic specatacle of custom bikes of all colour and creed. Like em or lump em they are fantastic pieces of engineering!

Now thats a PROPER back tyre!

The snakeskin paintjob makes the smooth metal tank look so real. This kind of artwork costs an arm and a leg but is so very worth it in the end don’t you think?

Remember the big fat tyre a couple of photos ago? Well this is it from the front.

There is always plenty of savings to be had when buying new bike kit at the NEC bike show. The trouble is…WHICH pair of gloves does one actually like?

Mark tries out a motorbike for a change. Mark and Jeanette own a Honda Goldwing Panther 1500cc trike. Currently its away having a mega paint job applied. Its due to return in four days time…excited or what Mark?

This is the new look for the Honda Goldwing 1800cc tourer in 2012. There is a debate about its new look from goldwing owners….”awful”..springs to mind when describing her arse! But I’m sure she will grow on folk, including your truly. The present model has been around a couple of years and is a fine bike so I guess nobody likes change!

A very arty farty stand with  modern day scooters….or as the “died in the wood” purist scooterboys would call them….  “TwistandTwats”!! Oooer missus!

This is definatly not a scooter and still hold a special place in my heart! My old HONDA SHADOW was a bright yellow 1100cc with straight thru howlers! She took my all the way to FARO and back with 90 other bikers on the Back Street Heroes adventure back in 1999.


5 Responses to Nov 21th 2011. At the N.E.C for the bike show.

  1. mark lovell says:

    nice one dave we met up with charlie too and yes out came the shnapps lovely stuff


  2. Ade says:

    Some great pictures, the snake skin paint job was out of this world. I know why the Promo girls and Julie did not mind they all knew they were safe!


  3. Lynne and John says:

    You look like you had a good day – dead jealous (especially about the under counter ‘stuff’) I love it. Lynne and John


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