Into the Valley

A weekend in May on the Dalton Estate in East Yorkshire saw the gathering of the first MAG bike rally of 2012. M.A.G to be exact is the Motorcycle Action Group and the party is one of dozens of  biker camping weekends held every year in sunny England…if it is or not….sunny…. I mean! The idea is to boost the funds required for MAG to continue the fight for bikers rights in Government both here and in Europe, that’s those unelected cretins who appear to do as the Germans wish..the same people who want us all to have two pin plugs…one currency… and straight banana’s remember? Regional MAG groups are busy raising money all the time for the fighting funds of MAG and so what better way to collect money than  this, to party with a purpose with hundreds of like minded people?

I took the Yamaha 650 with tent, cooking stuff and much beer in fact that Julie came on the back of Jeanette on the trike. Mark was to join us later on Friday evening, he caught the train from a meeting darn sarf oop to Wakefield then nipped the forty miles to the camp site, we all met up that night in the beer tent. We put the tent’s up quite easy even after a twelve month r more lay of we still remembered which pole went in which hole! It was still early Friday afternoon  so we could ride around the field and around the tufty bits to look for that perfect spot to pitch the tents. Julie and Jeanette celebrated with some high jinks with waterproof legging, either creating a plastic VW or seeing how many tits she could cover!…I didnt know and I dare not ask!

 I took the top box off the back of my bike and bolted on a temporary kitchen table, it also doubled as the bar, Join us in a drink as the BAR IS OPEN!

It wasn’t that warm over the weekend, Julie and I soon got into our warm ex military kit and furry hats as did most other seasoned bikers, we began to look like the special tribe again. It was that cold that the sides of the tent turned to white cardboard and the green grass turned hard white and hard around 5 the next morning as a frost descended!

I bumped into a long lost friend and fellow adventurer, this is Malc from Oldham. we first met in a petrol garage forecourt in Spain on road to Faro in Portugal back in 1998…ish. Over the next couple of years along with triker Dave from Northants we had some brilliant weekends in numerous fields up and down the country, then like most things in life we moved on. A great shame that.

We drank a bit and talked a lot all through the evening remembering the great times, we drank a bit more and talked some more…at some point we just drank a lot and stopped talking!

After the frost melted we began to emerge out of tents  like hundreds of daffodils on a beautiful spring morning! We cooked breakfast, I just love cooking bacon in the open the crispy bacon seems all the more tasty out in the open. We took a stroll around the site and looked at the unusual bikes taking a few pictures and chatting to other early risers.

 If this picture had been reproduced in black and white it would probably not look out-of-place somewhere in old America!

 Modern day motorbike and sidecar combinations have a small place in my heart. My dad had one years ago when I was a nipper, apparently I kicked the front window out and sort a pasting off dad for it!

A pristine red Ducati with tent and the stately old Dalton Hall makes a nice combination if you like motorbikes and stately homes eh?

 There is always a healthy gathering of Jocks at the “Into the valley” rally and they always like you to know exactly where they are from!

 Some bikes are built from up from old heaps, they don’t cost a fortune and are often very personable and artistic.

Saturday afternoons are varied at shows some gather with old friends to have a “barbi” and shoot the breeze or get hammered early! Some go explore the nearby town, my pal Malc and wife went off into the town of Beverly, we stayed on site at the afternoon bike show, had a brunch in the open then soaked up the five minutes sunshine that came our way!

There is always an interesting array of stalls selling all kinds of biker stuff, a couple from the local village came and set up a stall selling cupcakes and sweeties, they sold EVERYTHING by tea time!

You can’t help but be impressed by the engineering that goes into some of the show entrants and daunted at the same time at the scant regard for comfort. I don’t think I could ride this beauty for long!

This very old PUCH scooter had been dormant in a garage for over thirty years and the ride to the show was its first outing, I saw him leave on Sunday and it was ages before he disappeared out of sight down the long straight road!

I do like the look of these kind of bikes but it always comes down to comfort for me, so I guess I won’t be owning one any day soon.

Neither will I ever own one decorated like this one! This is an old Yamaha Virago 535cc. A great bike in its day…but not in pink!

People gathered in the late afternoon to chat and get in the groove for Saturday nights bands! Its amazing who you bump into! Jeanette made friends with “Tigger” He had a nice stash of Southern Comfort in a catheter bag and fit neatly into his pouch!!

The best band so far in 2012 was “The Erics” Everyone got extremely revved up and joined in their electric performance, as last band on Saturday and the show was a fitting finale to a great weekend.

I don’t really know what to say about this photograph really!



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