In the Yorkshire Dales

It was another good day out on the bike, the weather was dry(ish) my pal Barry was feeling a bit fed up with things and needed an injection of positives so we decided to have one of our “play days” on our bikes. We set off from the bike shop after having my new rear tyre fitted, a raping £200 all together!  The price of rubber has gone up over 30% this year and is going up AGAIN in 2012!


After a cooked breakfast in Keighley we head off towards Gargrave before turning up to Malham. The above photo shows the lingering mizzle was with us most of the day. This shot is above Malham with the moo cows.







We came across a little visitors centre on a little back road above Malham, it wasn’t really open but they let us park all the same.  I’ve seen moss on stone walls before but this was deeper than the deepest axminster pile. It must have been nearly two inches thick. I would have been quite happy to lean your bike up against the wall with no fear of scratching it!



We walked half a mile down the lane to this little nature walk, it was on a raised planked walkway and was extrememly slippy. The ground was very boggy with oily black water. Not a place to take a short cut so we stuck to the wood path. 


Barry points “It flew in that direction”  We saw very litle today we did see the back end of a bird as it flew away startled, we also saw a big hungry black crow bobbing about amongst the tufted grass, at least we saw something! It was cold enough for us to have our winter biking kit on. the jacket and trousers we both use have a mind boggling 21 pockets! I forget which pocket I put stuff in anyway so this kit always proves a challenge for me! One year I nearly turned an Irish ferry boat on its head looking for my bike keys! I was convinced I,d lost them on the boat, I searched everywhere before returning to the vehicle deck where everyone was laughing, Julie found the keys in (secret) backbone pocket? They all found it so funny, you would too if you knew what I do for a living!


This photo I have turned grey through a photoshop application. I think it looks so dark and moody. The low cloud blew in and changed the outlook before heading back to Blackburrrn in Lancashieere where it belongs…probably! Sorry!


The shifting cloud changed the view over Malham Tarn. Withing minutes it had gone and some blue sky poked through and brightened up the scene for a minute or two before low cloud No2 came along. I prefer the moody shot to be honest.


Here is a shot of the sun trying to burn its way through but it never quite did today. Would you believe it’s only about 11.00hrs.


Barry feeling back to his normal self looks pleased at todays discovery. We often find all kinds of things when just the two of us are out and about. The bikes are waiting for us about half a mile away.


Here we are back at the bikes. Thats “SNOWFLAKE” to the right and my “MISTRESS MABLE” just behind me.


We came this way in Barry’s military Land Rover for some fun (and wet arses) last January when this river was in full fury after the snows. It roared and rushed through the village, boulders were moved along it was so powerful and long streches of the road lay under a couple of feet of water. This is the sleepy hamlet of Hubberholme. The white building is “The George” public house.


The old Norman church is the resting place of the ashes of the famous writer and playwright J.B. Priestley. The old inn “The George” is opposite the Church. This is notable for the lit candle that sits on the bar to indicate the pub is open and serving. The tradition dates from distinctive auctions for agricultural land or grazing that were held in The George. The last order to be received before the candle extinguished was the winner. I don’t know what the prize was. Perhaps we will return one day and find out!


MISTRESS MABLE sits patiently on her own as I wander around Hubberhome taking photos and generally having a good “neb” at the place.


We crossed the valley heading up the hillside on the tiny thread of tarmac up through the cloud and strong winds. We stopped at our usual tea stop in Hawes for a cuppa. Its frequented by bikers mostly. Today it was full of mature bikers. Where are all the whoosie young studs on their pocket rockets today then? Barry bought more tobac and I purchased supplies for Julie from  “Ye Olde Sweet Shop” We rode onto Aysgarth and another shortbreak to capture the falls on film. This is where we were introduced to the character of Little John and the fat monk Mr Tuck in the U.S film “Robin Hood Prince of Theives” featuring Kevin Kostner. 

The old mill at Aysgarth had a tuck shop so we had another cuppa, Barry bought a house brick sized chunk of fruit cake for Tina. The water gushing out at the bottom of the mill is still harnessed for its power, just behind the mill you can viewthe long stone trough that carries the water from further up the river by the force of gravity. These days, turbines lend a hand I’m informed.


A minor miracle at Hawes as yours truly walks on water!! We contemplated riding the bikes through the river. Not an unusual thing for us two idiots to do. I walked it first to try it out, the sunken road was just a couple of inches under the water but it was very slippy, if I moved quickley I started to slither along with the current! We decided against this venture today and opted for the bridge.


I shouted and pointed..”The water is going THAT away”! We do the strangest things. Did I ever tell you about the day we rode up a dry riverbed?






5 Responses to In the Yorkshire Dales

  1. Cracking article Dave, really enjoyed reading it. Good photos too.


  2. salesman says:

    feel like me old self today mate, cracking day out as always, hope julie liked the sweets, tina loves her tea-cake, carnt wait for next time,
    now, I know this little road, but it can wait for another adventure filled day.
    cheers bud,


  3. David Sharp says:

    Good, its always an adventure when you and I hit the road. Tina’s prophsey will come true about us and that block of ice…but not yet..Until then next time my friend!


  4. Ian says:

    Really enjoyed reading that Dave, almost felt like I was there, but I wasnt I was here, well actually I wasnt here I was there but not your there another there, somewhere else.


  5. Keith Dobson says:

    Thats a good article Dave, Photos are good as well


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