Fish and Chips at Withernsea

Well what can I say about the Bank holiday weekend? It been ever so strange through my eyes ( isnt most things?) NO rain….NO traffic jams….No cold wind…NO drama’s…!

On Saturday I had a day at Newark showground in company my pal Paul in the Landi with a Land Rover club doing some off-roading on their hilly course then “chillaxing” on flatter ground. The weather was clear blue skies with bright sunshine and dry and as for the travelling, the A1 going to and coming back from Newark was not busy at all. It was like those splendid bank holidays of my distant yoof.


                                                Newark County Showground

Sunday was a day in the garden cutting the grass, fronts and side, then took to clipping back the hedges. I ended by treating myself to one of my bonfires in the lane. Julie had a morning on the oss then cleaned the car, I peeled half the off-road course from underside of the Landi then washed it. The sun was still with us so we spent the late afternoon drinking French lager whilst gently swinging on the garden bench, annoying the cat coz she doesn’t like the swinging motion! 


Monday morning I drew back the curtains and there it was again..the sun! it brought clear blue sky along for the third day on the trot. We took a ride out today on MISTRESS MABLE II. We head into East Yorkshire, the East Ridings to be exact stopping at a John Deere garage just the other side of Hull, and just happened across a 2nd hand horse-box that had just come in…Hmmm was it my idea to come out this way or was it Julie’s???? Well we secured a good price for it and signed the paperwork we will pick it up next week probably.

We took the back road to Withernsea, in fact they all seem to be back roads around here.  Yellow B roads and in good condition too, they made excellent biking roads. The road surface was nice and grippy and not a sign of a patch repair in site, no council bomb holes or road works all day OH bliss! let’s get a lick on shall we?  Withernsea has a great beach,  the sea front is small and very quiet.

English: Pier Towers, Withernsea, East Riding ...


All the shops and arcades are on one road that runs behind the sea front the same road that takes the traffic through the town.


                   You can’t go to the sea side and not have fhish and chips!..

IMG_3248                                              …and a Sprite to wash it all down!


                      Don’t let the lack of shops put you off visiting Withernsea


  Dogs love the beach…even though they are banned in summer. OFF u go! 

After lunch we set of to explore the patchwork quilt of yellow B roads that criss crossed the East Riding of Yorkshire, we passed odd named villages like, Burton Pidsea…Roos…Fitling…Goxhill before finding Hornsea and turning riding to Beverley, We crested the ridge that was spine of The Wolds and the whole of East Yorshire spread out before us as we dropped down into North and South Cave. Soon we joined a major road at Howden and slowed to join the cars on the run over Boothferry Bridge, through Goole..Rawcliffe..Thorn and home. Its 18.00hrs and and the sun is still out there!



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