Bradford Autobar competition 13.1.13..trial bike riding!

Hey what a great day we had on Sunday 13th over in Keighley watching the Bradford autobar competition. People riding seat less motorbikes over boulders, ravines, riverbeds, mud, all with the utmost skill and fun. I’ve seen it on TV but never actually seen it for real.

We met with my pal Barry in the car park…I say car was a sloping grassy field at the end of a long long goat track that left civilisation to end at a private bar in a crease in them yonder hills surrounded by woods occupied by a couple of goats. This was our first outing in our Landi and careful I was being. Barry was a car park attendant this morning and wanted me to move further up the hill-side,  I was turning round at the top but my turn was taking me towards a van so I stopped to reverse and turn a bit more…only the wheels stopped unfortunately and we slid down towards the vehicle in front, we stopped just a couple of feet from it. suddenly Barry jumped into the tight space between the two vehicles! shouting “Back get back!” OK so its my second day driving a Landi..on a slope…on wet grass..with road tyres… and my mate acting like fookin Moses!!

No pressure then, a couple of bods appeared and helped my mate Barry to hold me firm whilst I selected reverse and nudged back, skidded a bit at first throwing mud over the human buffers. Under Barry’s expert if slightly strained verbal tuition. (have you tried shouting whilst getting squished?) I applied full lock left and right and we inched back up the hill. Not the ideal way to start my first ever off-road lesson. It left me with a bit of a smirk and Barry with a HUGE mud splatter stain from his foot to his ass! I laughed, he called me a twat and that was that! A bit of a drama I guess but to be honest It was just another escapade in the life of Barry and Dave and another story to tell round the camp fire. I’ve heard there is about an opportunity missed! There are one or two folk I would dearly like to squish but Barry is NOT one of them.

So today was a clear but cold day, with blue skies above and a hint of frost in the air the ground was soggy, mud would be heavy on the agenda today. several sections had been prepared with various levels of skill required, little marker flags pointed the way for easy medium or hard and judges marked folk accordingly. It was all very relaxed, the only folk driving hard were some dads they urged their youngsters on, two of them were hardly visible amongst the tussock grass as they tore about on electric bikes. The girls were here in numbers too and bravely “skitted” up the rock strewn river bed dabbing with feet now and again pushing as hard as the boys to get to the top of the steep hill. It wasnt all youngsters either. Some older lads men and the odd old git mixed it with them too, all very impressive!

It was my first event and so I took hundreds of photo’s ( 301 to be exact ) I kept many on disc, discarded some as imperfect and blurred. So am showing a hard chosen selection on here. 

1Barry was invited to “go away” coz every time he pointed his camera matey boy above always messed up!




                                WHERE does one strap the tent and beers??

The next set of three photos follow the attempt of a combo outfit to get through this difficult section. It looked hard enough on a solo!! The “do and daring” of these two as they gave it their all was most impressive, especially as they got up EVERY time and carried on.

If this is your first time at looking on my blog, may I remind you that if you double left click on the photo’s with your mouse you can make them really large!










Look hard you non bikers out there, this is a young lady and that’s NOT a little pony!..








Just about the best place to show your wheelie skills is on nice soft grass!




Done the river bit now gun it up through the boulder ravine then shoot straight up the leafy hill.  Eazy Peazy Lemon Squeez as the old saying goes!!


                                                        Yeah I can do that!



The Marshall marks his skill as he negotiates the route down the hill, to the wonderful backdrop of Bronte Country on the outskirts of Keighley, West Yorkshire


            The “Milk Tray Man” enjoying his day in the mud on his motorbike








Three more young ladies having fun…and yes her pink fleece DOES say “STROPPY MARE”!



                      Now then son…concentrate and remember just take that line.

Two little lads were here with their proud Dads and were riding little electric bikes, for their size the bikes had a lot of oomph but were very quiet unlike the snarly 125’s


 Concentrating and doing great after struggling up the muddy section. Can you see the battery that powers his electric bike? Its enclosed in that black wrapping by his feet.

















I stood there and took LOADS of photos they were amazing and very skillful riders, Dancing with Motorbikes Ive not seen before!


These two guys are in fact Jack Challoner and Dan “Jeagerbomb” Clarke both professionals one is currently ranked in the top ten of the world and the other is the ultimate entertainer, look under X-treme sport!






Finally I’ll leave you with a couple of photos from outfit as they entertain us with their skills, I have to say both were last seen fit and well when I left them at the end of the day. Thanks for the day everyone I loved it and have just cleaned by boots ready for the next one. Remember, double left click on photos to make large.







Whoa there bike! Behave thi sen,Im in charge not thee! Where the hell has mi lad gone to now?











8 Responses to Bradford Autobar competition 13.1.13..trial bike riding!

  1. Steven Lenza says:

    Fantastic photos Dave – what a colourful event for real action pics.


  2. John says:

    Great photo’s Dave, might give it a try in the future……..spectating I mean, not taking part. Think Cleggy is hopefully going to the next one.


    • David Sharp says:

      Thanx John, spectating was good, I got a bit closer than some and had a 200mm lens but you need a rubber neck and awareness of flag colours and nimble enough to keep out of the way of the bikes who came from all angles!


  3. Dave Pickles says:

    Some cracking photo’s you will have to show me how to use my new xmas present sometime. Anyways your always welcome to come up and have a go, I am sure Barry won’t mind getting a couple of demo bikes out the showroom. And please do come to the next one I really enjoy reading about the trial.

    P.S. Don’t think it would have made any difference to whether Barry was there on not, I too was Jeagerbomb that day. 🙂


    • David Sharp says:

      Yes I’d love to come take some more photo’s and Barry would love for us to have a go!
      Jagermeister is my fave tipple, first discovered out in Austria on a bike adventure yonks I introduced Barry to it in 2005 on the first of our many bike adventures/ tours to Berchtesgaden..the rest is history!
      Yeah I heard you telling another rider youd been at it til 04.00hrs! So well done Mr! Imgoing to have a look at the dates on the site now Im in! Ill be in touch Dave.


  4. Frazer Hutchinson says:

    Mega photos Dave. The write up is brilliant sounds like you enjoyed the day. Its great to see and hear someone’s view on the sport. Hope to see you at more events.


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