At the show

The Bridlington Scooter Show was the most fascinating bike show I have been to in a long time! I’d like to thank my pal Tom Hargreaves for inviting me to stay overnight with  members of THE KEIGHLEY SCOOTER CLUB, namely Tom, Michelle, Dennis, John, Olivia and Brian, thanks for the bed and food and for making me feel welcome even though I’m a Greasy Greebo! I decided not to go on the Goldwing instead I went on my Yamaha 650cc  MT-03, I was hoping they wouldn’t throw it over the harbour wall into the sea….it was a scooter weekend I was going to after all!

                                      Dave Sharp about to leave for the unknown!

At 08.00hrs I set off in the early morning sunshine, dressed in my leathers and winter biker jacket, I rode the pretty way along the A614 from Thorne.. Howden..and on through the villages of Wetwang and Fridaythorpe, stopping at nearby Sledmere for a break, from here I took the scenic route to Bridlington on the B1253, it was a nice ride rolling up and down the hills of white chalk with hardly a car or person in sight Oh what a beautiful morning to be out riding my 650…I was getting closer to the biggest concentration of Scooters after the massive I.O.W weekend, I must be mad!

I made my way to the seafront at the north end and sent Tom a quick text. I had actually rode by accident straight up to their digs, a good omen!  I was introduced to the gang after securing my bike, I have to admit I was a bit concerned…”Bloody scooter bastards better not fook with my bike” I muttered wrapping the lock and chain round the back wheel. How guilty I feel about thinking that now!

After meeting everyone breakfast was served with coffee and a tin of Carling. OK so this is how its going to be is it? Pace was going to be the key today! They had waited for me before eating…I felt humbled already! Michelle and Olivia fed us then got ready to hit the pub, we lads sat around talking about porn movies and drinking more ale as the girls got titivated. We were soon strolling along the front heading towards the first pub before bumping into fellow Goldwingers and members of APPY WANDERERS, Cleggi and Lyn from Castleford, we had a few minutes chatting before drifting off into the pub and bought the first pint of the day…(drinking tins in the flat doesn’t count) More scooter boys and girls arrived dressed in their attire of red Doc Martins, jeans, parkers and smart jumpers, they were topped off with green bomber jacket’s or patch adorned denim jackets with them were some skinhead girls. Very soon the pub refilled after the first round the night before. Everyone seemed to know everyone…except me I was like the proverbial spare thumb at a wedding Dressed in leather trousers and muddy army boots, black T-shirt and black fur-lined bomber jacket with a Goldwing badge underneath a S.N.A.F.U patch. Stroking back whats left of my unkempt hair I tried to blend in!  

       Scooter folk in The GreyHound                       

After a few more “wets” we made our way to the show hall via the “Hole in the wall” to collect more beer tokens. The closer we got to the hall the stronger the smell got of two-stroke engine oil. It was years since I last smelt that and remembered how much we all loved it, I remembered that little red pump at the side of the petrol pump and squirting two-stroke oil into the petrol tank of my little Lambretta….ahh that bisto moment! Oh yes my first bike had indeed been a scooter, I didn’t have it long before I jumped ship converting to real bikes and a red and black Honda 200CB

Hundreds of scooters where packed everywhere on pavements in gardens on pub forecourts, in fact on any spare piece of tarmac. Wonderful looking examples stood out from the plain versions in pale shade of blue’s greens, creams and two toned panels then a flash of strong colour drew one to a fantastic piece of artwork, these machines belonged to the visitors and was a great bike show on its own!

We entered the hall and made our way downstairs onto the old dance floor where all the show bikes were. We passed stall after stall showing a vast range of clothing, clothing that was particular to the scooter scene, they were indeed a fashion statement back in the early 60’s and still are right up to the present day. I was beginning to admire the scooter scene.

It was like stepping into a treasure filled cave as we walked amongst the show bikes. It was stunning, I have to use that over-used word spat out by our American cousins to describe it collectively as AWESOME! I spent the next couple of hours lost in colour glitz, bling, and sparkling chrome, some engines had been covered in sliver and gold then had patterns etched into them. Some had particular theme’s and were named PULP FICTIONTHE WHO….ALICE IN WONDERLAND and of course themes in honour of our soldiers working out there in the faraway deserts

Tom’s Vespa PX200 looked very  VERY nice and covered from head to foot in orange flames , it had 4 inch raised front forks which raked the scooter back at an angle. Tom decided it was time for a drink, I was up for that and followed him and the gang to the bar in the corner of the hall. Presently some APPY WANDERERS wandered in and the golden liquid was shared out between scooter boys and bikers, how things have changed eh?

                                                      Alice in Wonderland

At four an announcement went out that decisions had been reached as to who had won what. Everyone trooped back into the main hall to listen to the roll call of winners.

                                                                     The Who

Toms bike won not one but TWO awards! His face was a picture of surprise happy and “dead chuffed” all rolled into one. It was recognition too of the artistic talents of Mark Lovell, who so happens to be one of the APPY WANDERERS! They couldn’t have puffed their chests out any further, well done boys! Oh yes, I’m reminded not to forget Brian for rebuilding the Vespa after the paint had dried. 

        “Well chuffed” Tom on the left with custom artist Mark Lovell.

All the show scooters are road legal and run perfectly well but these beloved machines are quite priceless to their owners and so it made sence to run them back into the transit vans and re-wrapped in cotton wool. The price of the custom work defies belief.. besides it was pub time and time for the celebrations to begin.

                                   Tom, Mark and Michelle get in the mood.

All the pubs in Bridlington were “maxed out” with Scooter folk the strains of Ska and Northern Soul could be heard everywhere. We settled into “The Greyhound” for the early evening, I was more relaxed and got into conversation with strangers, naturally time flew. We left at some point as Michelle and Olivia made sure we returned to the flat for dinner then back out again…God what sensible folk these guys were. I was flagging a bit (not 18 anymore!) But they insisted I came along, thanks for the nudging Tom! We made our way to our first pub near the PAV, I stood there watching the smart-looking crowd getting into the music, I just nodded along, what the hell does a greasy biker know about Ska for gods sake! I did recognise “The Specials”..”Madness”..and one or two others but not much.                    Tom, Brian Dennis and Brian from The Keighley Scooter Club

However when some Northern Soul kicked in and I perked up and I stole Toms drink, I’d  got my second wind now so he reluctantly went to the bar for another pint, sorry mate! The night of singing and jigging went on and on until “silly O clock”

 The kebab shop was the last stop before returning to the flat where Tom got his collection of awards out on the table and was sat gloating, I have to report that he sounded a tad incomprehensible, he was blithering on about being “well blathered” and was encouraging us to look at the two glass trinkets sat in front of him, we drank a bit more before finally running out of steam to retire to our pits for what was left of the night.

After thanking everyone for their great hospitality and friendship I straddled my bike fired her up and rode out of dodge. The morning was quite warm and dry I rode out towards the scenic route and back to Sledmere and was enjoying every empty mile of it.  Was it eight or was it nine? I wondered. The clocks had gone back at midnight, I wasn’t sure nor did I care, the wind was blowing in my face,Id had a great time and was now doing my favorite thing…riding my bike!

I stopped at the bikers cafe at Fridaythorpe and had a “Heart Attack” breakfast for a fiver. A few bikers were here already meeting up for a coffee before setting off for their Sunday morning ride. I sat and watched and noted how different Bikers and Scooter boys looked yet shared the same passion.

I was soon on the road again. When I reached Wetwang I saw a few scooters ahead and set up to overtake before getting a whiff of two-stroke engine “Oh yes that smells great” I thought. I’d quite forgotten this ancient smell from my “yoof” I slowed down and latched onto the   in front, he glanced back a few times so  I gave him a thumbs up and we rode together all the way back to Howden at a reasonable  60 mph. They pulled over for fuel, I gave a toot and another thumbs up in return the parka clad boys and girls waved. I thought this was a fitting way to end my weekend with the Scooter scene….and was glad I didn’t end up getting chucked off the end of the pier after all!


If you click on the photo’s they go REALLY LARGE

If you click on the photos they go REALLY LARGE!!


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  1. mark lovell says:

    nice one dave was a really good day though


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