Windy Day in the Lincolnshire Wolds

On Friday we decided to take a drive out in the Landi. I didn’t fancy going inland, in fact it was time to go look at the sea and stroll along the beach again, it was going to be a bit rough on the west coast according to the weatherman so we drove eastwards. Skegness was going to be our destination for a fish and chip lunch. Which roads we were going on was going to be a mystery as usual for us! Looking at the map in our drive we decided to miss the major roads if possible and keep to the white and yellow roads, its amazing how much more there is to see from these little roads!

We thread our way to Gainsborough and onto the town of Market Rasen, stopping at Willingham Wood tea stop for a stretch off the legs.  We checked with the map again then set off south-east into the Lincolnshire Wolds. The little old roads got smaller and deeper as the fields and Hawthorne hedge got higher. We were in the Landi which is quite a bit taller that most cars so we could see over the hedge lines on the lookout for tractors and stuff, something we couldn’t have done if we’d still been on the bike.


Some of the villages have the most wonderful olde worlde English of names! Sixhills.. Asterby.. Horncastle.. Mavis Enderby.. Spilsby.. Great Steeping.. and Westfield all Saints!


It took us four hours to reach Skegness as we twisted and turned up and down the Wolds and its ancient little white roads. It had been a windy trip, the sky was clear blue with hardly any clouds. When we got there we cruised along the front looking for a spot to park. There were a lot of cars here as people got out and about in between the almost daily rains. We parked the truck by the road side, with the amusement arcades on one side  and the crazy golf on the other. Would you believe the amusement arcades were actually open today Friday January 3rd!Squeezing it between two cars with ease, the truck is tall but not very wide or long so parking is surprisingly easy. The time was 14.00hrs and time for fish an chips!



Its was blowing a very strong cold wind as we walked onto the beach, we didn’t know it at the time but this was nothing compared to what the west coast was getting, something we would see on the news later in the evening.



I had my new winter coat on from “Go Outdoors” its was so warm, it felt like I was wearing a sleeping bag! I posted this particular photo on my FB page with the status WHAT WHERE WHEN? …and got some funny comments in reply! In the words of the great late Ian Drury “There arent harf some funny baastards”!



We didn’t have any trouble finding room on the beach, it was empty except for half a dozen folk with metal detectors, one of two dog walkers and a couple of guys with their radio controlled cars.



Away to the south the clear skies began to change colour as a blanket of grey cloud began to push in. You lovers of Skegness might know the spot where this warning fire basket stands?



Over Skegness the sun kept shining in spite of the grey blanket coming over our shoulder, the tide was miles away so I took this looong shot of my shadow!



It just goes to show that you can enjoy any weather if you have the right clothes on! Isnt that right Julie!



We took a long walk along the waterfront and kept an eye of the looming southern cloud as it threatened our bit of blue sky. The time soon crept round to 15.30 hrs, we decided to make our way home as it would be turning dark soon. The return journey was by a more direct route on the fast Lincolnshire A roads, “fast” meant nothing to us in the landi though! We kept a steady 65 mph and rolled along the long curves, Julie shoved the mapbook against her draughty door and stuffed a pillow down for good measure then shut here eyes for a bit. We landed home two hours later. We had enjoyed a great day exploring the Lincolnshire Wolds and noted a few place to visit again in Springtime.




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