Up in t’ Yorkshire Dales on a sunny sunday

Nah then everyone, it seems its “hip” to spake int Yorkshire dialect sithi! ……Especially in the build up of the Turd DE France specifically the Yorkshire section. I’ve never heard my native dialect spoken so much since leaving my job down the mines. But Ill not carry on like this otherwise the “Spell-check” app will pack up….tha knows!

I was up Aysgarth Falls area last weekend, I was camping with friends and making new ones too over a few beers (understatement) The only part of the race that I saw from our pitch were the five helicopters  covering the event. Its not my scene at all but got an invite to the garden party and seeing the guest list made it an attractive proposition!

The following weekend I went up again this time with Julie to explore some old and new roads. It was a fab day as far as the weather was concerned, Julie got her hands on our new JetBoil, it takes about a minute to boil enough water for two mugs of coffee! what an excellent new addition to the truck!  The back door of the truck now has three sturdy bags (full of all the brew kit) screwed to it also the cooker, frying pan and two plates, cooking on gas we are, so to speak!


                               Sporting the beginnings  of my new sand filter


We were going to try out the new fittings and arrangements I wanted to try out my new sand filter on my face too, El Morroc is just a few weeks away! Von Moulds is completing the last of the maps as we speak




Tea stop near Halton Gill


Julie had a 06.00 start before we did anything though. She was helping her pal Carol move some barmy young foals into another field, it required several pairs of hands and an early start to avoid cars etc, it would be a scary thing for them to have to do so early in life without cars causing problems too!  (It was just as well they did as they were mighty skittish Im told) I swung the truck out of the lane about 10.00hrs and we set off up the A1 to Knaresborough just an hour away. Cutting up through the back lanes to Ripley then onto Pateley Bridge, onto Grassington then towards Kettlewell. We were now well and truly in the Yorkshire Dales National Park!


Sheep country!

It was here we turned onto a little road not marked on the map at hand, it went right down to one land Rovers width…which suited us just fine!  It ran through the hamlet of Hawick, passing a few farms and holiday homes, all the way up the valley we drove following the River Skarefare to Halton Gill, turning left to go up the edge of the valley.



Looking back down the valley, the River Skirfare is there somewhere!



 Dry Stones walls by the mile



                                                             Chillin near Greenhow Hill..


         From the top of Greenhow Hill, it’s all down hill to Grassington

After lunch we pushed on to Stainforth a small picturesque village with the most fantastic olde worlde stone bridge, turning right onto the busy road to Horton-in-Ribbensdale. I had been along this road at great speeds on the motorbikes with my old friend Barry Walton and had some brilliant fun, now here I was chugging along in the truck grinning from ear to ear as the mulit coloured” jet jockies” howled past us on their race rep motorbikes. I was watching them in the wing mirror setting me up for the overtake.  A nice red Ducati swooped past with a low pulsating growl that seemed to emanate from deep within, boy do they have the soul of a warrior!! Before I knew it I was overcooking it into the next corner and the truck began to lean over alarmingly “Fooking hell…slow down silly bollix!” I shouted! Land Rovers aren’t built to go round fast around corners, I glanced across and saw Julie was laughing too, it can be exciting at 50mph too it seems!


IMG_2468                                                                  Pen-y-Ghent 

We had done a huge loop keeping the famous Pen-y-Gent on our right, it’s a very striking lump isn’t it? The road wound its way down to Ribblehead viaduct on its way its got some nasty corners and has caught many a biker out, lucky for me I often followed Barry at Xx..mph and he knows these roads pretty well and the hotspots.




                               This scene used to be quite a blur to me!



                                                 Julie at our next stop at Ribblehead

Ribblehead Viaduct was a fantastic achievement of its day, and still stops you in your tracks when you come over the brow of the hill. Naturally its a popular tea stop with bikers and car drivers alike. We paused for a while and to take some photo’s. From here we drove the 11 miles to Hawes, Enjoying the passing motorbikes as they blatted past. At Hawes we slowed passing through at a crawl, its  packed out with motorbikes and sunday motorists alike eating and drinking in the sunshine, bikers scoffing fish and chips at the wooden looking shack on the road side, opposite is the bikers cafe and an unofficial bikers only parking area, Its tolerated by the locals every Sunday throughout the summer.


                                                         The Viaduct in all its glory

We were on the last leg now and made our way to Leyburn, another hotspot for both bikers and day trippers, along the way we saw plenty of road vandalism in the form of graffiti daubed on the road spurring on favorite cyclists from last weeks race! In fact some of the big white official SLOW signs on the tarmac before the junctions were crossed out, replaced by a crazy scrawl  that spelt the word FASTER!


FRm here right on into Ripon it got busy and we had plenty of hold ups. If it wasnt wobbling cyclists clogging the roads, some of whom were fast and efficient riders, others were a right bloody pain, two abreast with cars stacking up behind them….I can pick fault  because I used to cycle to work every day for the last 5 yrs. However the sheep were OK by me 5 10 or 15 abreast I didnt mind! Julie took a few photos through the windscreen



                       Lamb is not my fave meat but I love their over-coats!!



Say Hello to my very own sheep….called George, he’s from Annecy in the French Alps and is about 10 yrs old…makes a great pillow when camping too.

We used a sheepskin on the motorbike for years it was especially good on the hot days on the continent, wearing leather trousers with liners proved very comfy but when squashed onto leather bike seats we got quite uncomfortable, Learning from Ze Germans we found the sheepskin to be the answer!! Now its being tried out for Morroc, just need some knickers elastic to secure it…..Julie!!!




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