Spurn Point

We took a ride to Spurn Point in the Landi yesterday. it’s on the tip of the East Coast of Yorkshire, find Hull on the map and look to the right, see that curling lip? Thats it! Its created by the tides and shifting sands, Spurn Pint as a nature reserve and is two miles long,at the narrowest is just 50 yards wide you can see the North Sea to your left and the Humber Estuary to your right. Best not to go when its blowing a gale as the waves often blow right over! It’s possible to take your vehicle to the end to a car park at a cost of £4, the money goes to the Yorkshire Wildlife folk who manage and maintain the area. Right at the tip is an RNLI station, with a couple of houses, a presume for the RNLI staff and their families, I imagine they are on second-ment for a year or so? Dotted around are the concrete remains of buildings and gun emplacements from both world wars. The main attraction is the wild life and the remote tranquility…..except that is for the ships and boats that come and go constantly just half a mile from where we sat on the beach, the estuary is quite a busy place. Hull Immingham and Grimsby all have huge terminals for Britain’s trade with Europe and the world.


This is known as the Spurn Low Light it used to let seafarers know exactly where the land was and dates from the middle 1800’s


An RAF Hawk jet turns over the estuary to start its run into the bombing range somewhere off shore between Cleethorpes and Mablethorpe. On arrival we saw a couple of American F-15’s



Walking to the very tip of the point we saw the first of todays ships, seeing it come around the corner just a stones throw away was a bit of a surprise to begin with. 



This is one of two PILOT boats also stationed here with the lifeboat at Spurn Point



The black clouds over the other side over Cleethorpes made an unusual backdrop for our sunny spot on the point.


Looking a bit gay…which im not. I must try to remember to take my hands of my bloody hips!









Perhaps my kind of beach, quite and unpopulated. The only thing that spoilt this was the large amount of discarded items of plastic. Bottles a car wheel hub and a bloody green garden chair to describe a few.



 Julie with the Spurn Low Light and a lighthouse that replaced it around 1895



                  Humberside’s version of Stairway to Heaven perhaps?



An amazing sight to watch, it’s a flock of starlings, its known as a murmaration. They usually do this at the twilight of the day as they gather in huge numbers and fly around. The shape of the swarm changes shape all the time its so fascinating. It doesn’t last long though,  suddenly as if the lead bird  just shouts “Ok everyone we’ll land right THERE!” They all swoop down as one to their place of roost for the night.



           A Flask of coffee and some ham sarnies awaits us in the truck







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