Land Rover Club rideout to Mother Shiptons Cave

So another early start for the both of us today, Julie was going to Simms Hill with the EDRC crowd, she had been asked at the last minute to be one of the judges at today Hunter trials. I was going out in the Landi for the day, I was going to Otley to the start of the Northern Land Rover Run.

It was a great day with sunshine and blue skies, this late Indian summer is great isn’t it? I made my way over to Leeds and skirt around it on the ring road going through Cross Gates..Shadwell..and Meanwood turning off onto the A660 towards Skipton. At Otley I asked a bloke if he knew where Booths supermarket was?  (the start point for the run) “Yes pal it’s just down the road in Ilkley“. Right then mate ta very much” I replied…Fooking Ilkley not fooking Otley for fooks sake! I muttered to myself as I did a 3 point turn.

I still arrived at 09.30 on the dot as planned in Booths car park to see it half full with Land Rovers, I didn’t say anything I just acted naturally! “Nah then hows things flower?” I said walking upto Marjorie and booked in with her collecting my “Goody Bag” consisting off a T-shirt, two of the latest supplements to a Land Rover magazine, a cardboard cut out model of a Land Rover (for the children I assumed) and an A4 sized sheet of paper with directions of the run,and a posh looking placcard for the front of the Land Rover. They had made it a job for the passenger to plot the run, a good idea I thought as passengers can get a bit bored I guess. Unfortunately my passenger was by now ticking off the horses progress over sixty miles behind me! I explained this to the couple next to me and said I would be tagging on behind if it was OK? I didn’t imagine it was going to be difficult keeping up with around 40 Land Rovers of all kind of size age colour and shape.

We had a briefing and a few important points were raised about safety, who was leading, what colour the truck at the front was and the same about the chap at the back, and for those with CB’s, what channel we would be on. We set off just after 10 and promptly got split by the lights in the High St! The couple in front waited just ahead, I flashed him when I was moving I had CB but could shout up coz he and quite a few others didn’t.

We made our way over From Ilkley to Swinsty Reservoir.. Blubberhouses.. Greenhow Hill.. Pateley Bridge.. Glasshouses.. Markington.. Copgrove.. Farnham.. then to Knaresborough and our final destination at Mother Shiptons Cave.

Sounds nice and easy doesn’t it? Well thats only because a great deal of time effort and forward planning had been done well in advance. Frank and Marjorie for instance who steer the cub magazine and website, that work tirelessly behind the scenes doing all the admin stuff the endless e-mails, printing of T-shirts and the hundred and one other jobs folk take for granted. Todays excellent route was put together by a Northern crew from the Harrogate area. Did you know that one of the hardest jobs is finding somewhere that is willing to accommodate a large group of people with rather large vehicles.

Todays tour guides did very well I thought. The purple Landi was deffo the brightest colour and deserved to be at the front, thank you young lady….and your hubby too you did a fine job as did  “Lofty” or was it “Shorty”…sorry He was  sweeping at the back of the our colourful column!  Here are some photos from the start and the end..The middle bit was good too but I had trucks behind me so just couldn’t halt were I pleased as I normally do to take photo’s.


        The start point in BOOTHS supermarket car-park in Ilkley…not Oltey!


                               Friends gathered to say hello the rest went to the toilet!



                     Some of the drivers were as colourful as their Land Rovers


   Proof of participation! Some had older ones on show in their side windows.


Fast forward to the end now!! The old Landi next door to me was very old and VERY small!


       I counted about 40 Land Rovers of all kinds when we got to the end..


Range Rovers..Defenders..Series Is IIs and IIIs Freelanders and the newest of the new made up this impromptu car show at Mother Shiptons Cave.


                           I have a feeling the dog might have been called REX?


Everyone brought food in some form or another, one family were brewing up from out of the back of their truck, this couple like me tucked into sandwiches and a flask of something hot.


                                  The Cadbury Wagon… Nice but naughty!


Not all were lovingly paintbrushed or edged and splattered  in dried mud, some were dent free shiny and polished to a high standard.


phone 1

         If your familiar with Knaresborough then you will know this bridge?


                                            To some it’s all about the badges!!


                                                      Dressed for a sunny day!


photo 2

                  Knaresborough looking beautiful in the midday sunshine


2 Responses to Land Rover Club rideout to Mother Shiptons Cave

  1. Frank King says:

    We have just found your site and the articles on the run and the Newark event
    We really do like them and please you enjoyed the events hope you ca get to events in 2014


  2. David Sharp says:

    Morning Frank..Happy New Year to you two! Hope you liked what you saw on the site, feel free to dip in and out, thats what its there for!


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