Sherburn Aero club

We took a ride to Sherburn Aero club today. Sunday 19 August 2012. They had an open day with all proceeds going to Help For Heroes. “Fatha“and M Jones where with us for the weekend. So a great night on Saturday night then a good day out on Sunday with other biker friends who just happened to be at the same venue…thank god there was no beer stalls T the show I think I would have still been there otherwise!!  I’m going to show you some pictures from the day then go cook some fantastic Cumberland sausage ( thanks Fatha)…thankfully Julie doesn’t like it so more for me!

I didnt realize I had so much stuff in the garage!!

                                          BIG dog

  This was the first thing I set my eyes on, it was huge. A St Bernard I presume?? We had a stroll around the stalls buying tea and sugary “dognuts” Mark when the extra mile and consumes beefburgers..nowt different there then..He’s still a growing lad! We were troubled by bloody tiny spiders that insisting on hand gliding onto our heads then climbing down our faces making us itch all afternoon. Where were they all coming from for gods sake?

These are pre 1940 aircraft from the De-Haviland “Moth” family..Ive been in one of these as a birthday treat once..and oh what brilliant fun!

Most of todays aircraft where civilian and modern, I’m a huge fan of “warbirds”…. meaning the many different aircraft from the wars, they have so much more character and colour than the modern stuff and all have a story to tell.  


I was stood around with Mick Emmett, another biker and keen photographer when we heard that today’s “special guest” was due over head in one minute.  She was a Spitfire from the Battle of Britain Memorial memorial flight down there in Conningsby, if there was only going to be one aircraft flying it had to be a Spitfire didn’t it?  Mick left shortly after this, He heard a whisper that the worlds only flying Avro Vulcan 558 was appearing briefly at nearby Breighton. Back home an hour later I got a text from Mick confirming this! To confirm this we saw the Vulcan ten minutes later coming down over our house on “finals” to land at ex RAF Finningly her present home. It’s not “nerdy” its just nice! 

                                Austin Champ

I’m glad my dad wasn’t here because he would have been in this vehicle before you could stop him, he used them when doing his bit in the army in the early 1960’s. I “lost” him once at the Imperial War Museum Duxford then “found” him inside a bloody Bren guncarrier! He was at the controls with all the memories flooding back.. He was a sprightly 75 then, he is 90 now but I still don’t trust him around old army trucks and tanks!..Just remembered I also “lost” him at the airborne museum at Aldershot. He had stepped over the barrier and was fiddling with the 17 pounder anti tank gun. Saying loudly “Hey up I remember firing one of these buggers, ye just have to…..” A big parachute Sargeant invited dad back over the fence and to stop messing with the weaponry thank you!

                   Julie and 2 Matchless motorbikes.

There was a healthy attendance of classic cars including a couple of American type, I think they were called Packard. I thought the cream was a bit naf though!

Fatha and M had to leave now in order to miss the rain that was closing in on Cumbria according to the weather reports. Here at Sherburn it was beginning to spit with rain.

“Fatha” poses for the camera on his new Yamaha, M on the other hand gives me a “drive by” and smiles! several hours of riding lay before them and hopefully not too much rain!.

John and Lynne took their record to 16 minutes…a new record of “buggering about” before actually getting on their bike and leaving! Mark on the other hand took just 1 minute 50 seconds!

Team GB Gold Medal winners……… Lynne and John 

We took a last look around at the Falcon tent spotting some nice little characters, this little man was rescued from a box measuring just 12 x 12 inches would you believe?

It was lovely day out with friends on bikes, can’t really beat that really can you?


My friend Mick has sent these today to me, I thought you might like to see them?



Above you can see the special visitor to Sunday’s open day, its one of the Spitfires from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. As you can see the cloud and drizzle was just about to descend, if you open it up more you can see the pilot is waving….there’s more!

Mick popped across to Breighton which is about fifteen miles away from Sherburn, he wanted to watch the Avro Vulcan 558. She was going to do a practice run over the field in order that her pilots keep proficiant and up to date with display shows.  Thanks for letting me show thes two photos Mick!




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