I picked up my first camera when I was about 9 years of age, it was a black plastic box shaped thing and had a crack in one corner. I had stuck a plaster over it and used it until my parents bought me a little Kodak camera for christmas, I first remembered using it on our holidays to Scarborough and Primrose Valley

I was a bored teenager of about 13 yrs of age when I got my first dose of overseas travel during a trip to West Berlin in the early 1970’s when my family visited my eldest brother who was serving in the British Army.  A few year later on I went on my own to visit my first love…a lovely blonde from Normandy in France when I was about 16 years. ( I never recovered) Soon I found I had a taste for art and attended Wakefield Arts College going on day release from school…Lazy days of cheesecloth shirts and loon pants and the odd “snakebite” and when my hair first grew over my ears! I fell in love again, this time with Mrs Knee my English teacher. For her I wrote my life story as a project and found I loved it and did fairly well at English. I found my love of motorbikes after toiling over my mates big brothers TRITON, we used to clean it every Sunday morning before he roared off to Sherburn Cafe. When I was about 17 and without my parents knowledge or consent I puloined my first wheels….. a Lambretta scooter. it was only £15. I managed to introduce it to the family eventually. I was neither a Rocker or a Mod in those days, just an individual and belonged to no clan. I just thought it was a great way to travel. I borrowed the family car “on the quiet” for a few days when my parents were away on holiday. I didnt think much of  it and couldnt understand why everyone wanted to drive such a boring monotonous tin can! I put it  back in the garage and hung the keys back up saying nothing. Bikes were much more exciting I thought, and was the way forward for me I decided. Thus sealing my fate for the next thirty odd years! Girls..photography…travel…a love of the pen… motorbikes.. and a very vivid imagination. Come into my world why don’t you?

The photo’s on the right are a link to FLICKR, a really fab photo site. See even more photos from other trips of mine  taken over the past couple of years.


2 Responses to ABOUT ME!

  1. Bob Summers says:

    Hi Dave
    I see you use the same WordPress theme “Twenty Ten” as I do for my lodge website.
    Its a cracking platform and does everything I need it to do, probably because I’m still a relative novice compared to some and dont know most of the fancy stuff like Nigel.
    Read the comments of Stuarts Goldwing Blog so jumped across for a look see. Enjoy your retirement from Appy Wanderers, never did join in one of the rides as I always found myself too busy with other biking organisations. Enjoy wordpress, and make use of the many tutorials on line and even at WordPress.com you will be amazed at what you can achieve.


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