Morocco 2014.. The last days..and home! Part 9

Locking the trucks first we had a quick look around and took a short walk through the indoor market. Dave wanted some fish for the dinner that evening, I think fish markets smell awful at the best of times but this one was a real “humdinger” I sloshed after the group through the covered market. Unfortunately I was wearing open toed sandals and not “wellies”and the water on the uneven floor smelt vile as I sploshed through it on the floor too I saw bits of crab and some lumpy white bits which I presumed was fish, the uneven floor meant some stuff had formed into oily pools, I felt the liquid splash on my lower legs ugh! In short chaps it was fukcing “gopping”!! I remember the fish market in Hong Kong was squeaky clean in comparison I’d even shared a bottle of beer with one of the fishermen on that visit. The fish and the shell-fish on the slabs was in plentiful supply it was just the markets armpit like aurora! I didn’t bother buying anything and was glad to get out of the place. Along the main drag stood the shops and cafe’s all with open fronts, we meandered up and down buying a few bits, I stopped at one and bought two more flat breads and more fruit I was served by a little girl no more than 10 years old who spoke to me in a mixture of French and English we had a two-minute chat I thought she was great and was going to do OK in the future. Her dad stood back overseeing, I nodded at him and gave a thumbs up, he smiled back. Back at the trucks we moved or shoyuld I say began to move when my truck died. I hadn’t enough power to turn the engine over, it coughed once murmured and that was that! I looked across at Rob who’d heard this and was looking. “The battery has died on me”

I have a dual battery system fitted but hadn’t really had anything to do with it yet as it is pretty well self-governing I just have to monitor the double row of lights on the gauge by my left knee, in the morning the secondary lights are often lower down  if the fridge has been on all night but its re-charged pretty quickly by the main once we have been moving a while. The main battery works the electrics when the truck is running and the secondary runs all  the electrics such as the fridge external lights I-Pod I-phone and anything else I might want to plug-in. When the engine is switched on the main battery come back into play and the secondary is recharged. The secondary battery is strong enough to start the truck but its best that the fridge and other external power connections are disconnected when doing this. Rob switched the power over to the secondary and the truck started. I think that’s how it worked, no doubt I’ll get wrapped over the knuckles if Im wrong!!

We drove to the camp-site, one that Dave had stayed at a couple of years ago but today it was overflowing with people or rather the toilet / shower block was! The weekend concert had pushed up the numbers to bursting point. We sat and pondered a while as Helen went for a closer look at the toilet block, her disgust and description made up our minds and we decided to try a different campsite half a mile out-of-town. What a surprise this site proved to be, it was 4 star in comparison and  had a large community swimming pool, resteraunt and a lot more room it was also much quieter than the one below the concert area.


 Our last camp in Morocco! We got the setting up of camp down to a fine art and for the first time we had a bit of shade above us, notice my blue machine. 


We booked in and pulled into a large empty row and took four spot, The camp was quiet and fairly empty at this time of day. We even had some shade with a couple of small trees around us. The tents were soon erected as was the kitchen furniture, we even got the washing lines out and fastened them to the trucks and the tree trunks, our washing machines were emptied pretty soon we looked like proper travellers with shirts shorts and stuff all out on the line, it wasn’t as hot as the previous week but still the clothes would be dry by the evening, some of the heavier stuff would be bone dry by the morning. We’d agreed to spend two days here, I think I would be doing very little tomorrow!

It was a much busier day on the roads today because we’d come around the two major cities Casablanca and Rabat and there had been a couple of small accidents that closed down a lane for a while here and there, dozens of traffic cops were on duty in the really heavy traffic, they had the old-fashioned white leather gauntlets that our cops used when put on traffic duties back in the 1970’s.

By the time Id done moving stuff in the boxes around sorting and cooking dinner washed the pots and thrown away the rubbish the night was upon us, we sat at our tents enjoying the evening and the slightly cooler air, It wasnt long before I decided to turn in.




One dead batteryon the right It’s a really tight squeeze under the passenger seat where the main and secondary battery system lives, and you cant get many fingers in. I wanted to help but just couldn’t get in! The truck has powdery orange sand everywhere! The wet marks you can see are from the dead battery, One to watch out for folks….The smell of sulphur or rotten eggs means the battery is leaking, I did smell it but thought it was from outside, I had the window down and thought it was from the trucks.

I felt better for the nights sleep and pulled on my dusty shorts and sandals and stepped unzipped and stepped through the tent flap, stepping out of my bedroom into another hot day in Morocco, I had a few bug bites this morning, just about everyone had been attacked during the previous evening but we hadn’t really felt anything until now, we were all a bit itchy especially around the elbows and ankles, I had two packets of mosquito wipes in the truck and dished out the damp soothing wipes.  Everyone was doing their own thing today, Rob was going to take out my dead battery I was going to run the truck on the secondary one. Id lost the use of my fridge but it was OK because Id run out of beer and didn’t have a lot of fresh food left, Chris and Rob let me stash what I had left in theirs. It was heaved out and the heavy wires sorted in no time, it now sat in the passenger foot well wrapped in a plastic bag and would eventually end up at the waste disposal site back home and the truck would run fine for another week untilthe new battery arrived. Everyone had dispersed doing their down thing leaving us two to sit about for a while just chatting when in front of us walked… a little tortoise! It was a minute before I noticed because he was travelling so slowly. I took a few photo’s with the camera phone but I didn’t keep them, Im sure you all know what a baby tortoise looks like though eh? The little fella sure stopped us mid sentence! Rather than leave him be, going about his own business I picked him up and put him under the shrubs a couple of yards away behind the tents, I don’t really know why I did this I may have put his schedule back by at least an hour!


The conversation stopper… Beep Beep!  Thanks to Rob for the photo. 

We decided to do some housekeeping and padded off to the big shower block, it was a tall colourful brick and tile building, ladies to the left and gents around the back. Two open doorways led to an open area in the middle, the roof was open to the sky, along one wall was a couple of big stone sinks and a huge stone table in the middle. Some campers had washed their veg and left it here in containers ready to use in the evening I presumed? Along the other wall was another row of deep pot sinks with those old-fashioned ribbed drain areas, we washed and rubbed.. washed and rubbed then wrung them out after some hard work we took the whole lot back and hung them out to dry (stop laughing ladies)  I returned to take a shower, I put on a shirt and took myself with the camera up the road to the activity on the promenade. This small town was actually called Mulay-Bousselhamand and turned out to be a tourist resort, hence the guys waving keys from the roadside on our way in, they were for the holiday flats and apartments. Larache was a principal city town just a couple of miles to the north. Its name Id heard on the morning I guess it was used as a waypoint and probably why I thought we had come to Larache to begin with.




 A Two tiered taxi service..a motorized taxi picks up the well healed ..the ordinary folk take the lesser one. A motorbike trike called a DOKKER with an opened topped rear box


It was a refreshing surprise to see how the Moroccan people now dresseddressed, some in tradditional clothes but many others in moden western clothes from both the city and rural areas. This place was obviously a holiday resort for the Moroccan people, all along the road guys stood at the road side shouting and waving keys. I later put two and two together, these fella’s were actually giving out keys to the appartments and flats. I saw donkey carts and cream coloured Merc taxi’s similar to those in The Canary Islands.


The Taxi rank



The view down to the beach at Larache looked spectacular



Man meets woman..



                                          I presume this means “No Entry” too?



Fruit was in abundance with the road side vendors



 The main concert    We stood around for a few minutes and watched the artists strut their stuff. Whilst it wasnt quiet Camden Town style it was vibrant and got the hundreds of people enjoying the bands they were really enjoying themselves

Id returned to camp by mid afternoon, phew it was getting really hot again, I changed out of my shirt and shorts I got my towel then went to the pool. I saw the gang sat around a table and went across to join them. It was like any other pool on a hot day, young studs posing even younger lads splashing about, young girls posing and preening pretending to be all grown up! I guess it wasnt much different from home or any other western country. I jumped  in the pool to have a splash and have a swim I smiled at folk they smiled back. I paused to watch a man and his wife having great fun, he was in his trunks but she was covered head to toe in clothes, to see her dive in fully clothed was very odd to watch. I was the only person who thought it was odd, it’s not every day I see someone diving into the swimming pool fully clothed. I was soon in conversation with three young lads who heard my English voice, they were young economic and engineering students from Casablanca they were full of questions about England and the English, I think I was in their company for about an hour. I re-joined everyone at the other side of the pool siting watching people splash about,  Dave was saying how he’d been told off by the life guards for drinking beer by the pool, that did seem a little odd especially when Moslem women all around us were dressed in swimsuits and bikini’s. Morocco is  fairly liberal, in fact it appears to be very liberal here in the north but still not wholly in line with our western ways.



Dave discover’s a signal for his mobile and disappears into the W.W.W

That evening we all walked into town for a group mea,l a last meal on holiday kind of thing, except for Dave and Helen, He was intent on cooking some locally bought fish from the market. I took the rise out of him as he’d bought it from the shit hole we’d walked through earlier. I was joking with him that I would be here for him when he got the “lurgey!” So off we walked into town and had a nice meal above the fish market, the smell thankfully never made it upstairs and the view out over the bay was wonderful especially during the sunset, the sea was so calm and the hustle from below on the streets was quite muted by the height we were at. It was a nice evening spent in good company. Several groups and large families were having a good time up here too, the atmosphere was very pleasant. This I guess was “chillaxing” at its best. We got back late to the campsite on to see Dave and Helen still alive despite his local fish dish, we pulled up our chairs and joined them for a while with a couple of glasses of wine.

I went off to bed around midnight too tired to continue the the viral banter with “Von Moulds” about whose food was the cleanest. I joked with him about throwing up quietly in the night as my tent was next door! The morning brought renewed vigour knowing the fact that today we would be catching the ferry back into Europe and a chance to stock up on some familiar comforts like beer! Dave was up and  looked about fit and well I commented at this and was told where to go!








             Driving up into the mountains again. Thanks to Dave for the photo, it has to be Dave because I can’t see IONA!

We drove out of the compound and onto the open road, I thought this was the best campsite we’d stayed at in Morocco and worth its higher price. A few miles down the road we pulled over at a vendor to buy a few pots for back home, we filled up with fuel ready for the last leg to the northern tip of Morocco. Driving on down the road we rejoined the busy dual carriageway heading towards Tangiers, the road soon began to rise up into the mountains going around the headland, the viewing points offered some fantastic views across to Europe and Gibraltar in particular. We didn’t have time to stop as we had a boat to catch. I caught a glimpse here and there through the gaps in the mountain peaks. I saw a bloke stood at the armco in the middle of nowere, how odd was that? I began to see more  men they seemed to be trying for a ride, they didn’t look like they had two pennies to rub between them nearly all of them looked to be from Africa everyone of them had the shiniest of black skin. Maybe they were migrating workers heading into Tangiers but I didn’t see any of them carrying anything, I recounted a dozen or more sitting on the armco smiling and trying to catch my attention but I ignored them. Up and up we drove twisting around the mountains then dropping down the other side as we head towards the port of Sebta and our ferry…its also known as Ceuta…pronounced “Soota” a few miles before the ferry we filled up with petrol also we filled all our Jerry cans because the fuel here was about half the price as it is in Europe. With that job done we drove the  few miles  to the border, the buildings the barbed wire the mesh the soldiers the barriers and the bloody long “rigmarole” began again with the documents. I was looking out for “Tommy Cooper”, I wouldn’t be entertaining the lanky twat this time! I shouted Dave to come and watch my truck I was going to run over to the money shack and swap the dirhems back to Euro’s, I took theirs too. What looked a million squid actually equated to about seventy euro’s for me and a bit less for Chris and Dave, I didn’t have the time run up to Rob or Dave to do the same because the guards kept waving us forward and didn’t care to be kept waiting, Dave had already moved the truck forward a couple of times until I returned. I sat in the truck now happy at swapping the cash back, nobody is allowed to take the local stuff out of the country and if you did nobody would change it when you got back home. Its one of those countries where the local money stays local. “Hello my friend how are you?” A Moroccan appeared at my open window he spoke good English and had a big smile on his face, “What do you want?” I asked, he kept up with the pleasant chat but was looking past me into my truck at what I had. I had a form or two to fill in I was making sure I included that important document stamped weeks ago when we first arrived that would prove this was the same vehicle. Meanwhile all I could hear was “hello, hello, hello my friend” “Look mate I’ve got nothing for you. I couldn’t drive off I was in the line concentrating on having the right paperwork at hand and this bloke insisted in talking to me, all the while he looking into my truck, “My friend you must have something for me?” He really was a persistent bugger “No mate I havent” I laughed “Now go on fukc off and bother somebody else” he kept touching  my shoulder “My friend my friend please give me something!” I kept saying “No fukc off go away!”I couldnt help laughing at him. Just to colour the scene for you he wasnt aggressive, grubby or tramp like, he was quite funny to be honest, I relented and gave him half a packet of biscuits, I gave him a bottle of water too, he stopped to inspect the seal! What?? The cheeky fukcer thinks I’ve got the fooking lergy! “Oi you cheekey fukcer what are you doing?” I shouted at him. He still walked with me as I rolled forward, chatting away to me. The barrier was just a few feet away now! He was asking me all kinds of things now like where in England I was from, I asked if he’d heard of Manchester United? With that I rolled through the gate, free! free at last from the cheeky sod! I just wished Id took a photo of him to show you but I was so focused on getting through the checkpoints with everything correct. It didn’t take as long going this way, I was at the last booth when a security officer checked my passport and started talking to me about England and where I was from, he showed it to a senior officer for some reason, he looked at it then nodded and handed it back to me, he asked if I liked football! I said I did and that I liked Manchester United, he started to tell me he was a great fan but fortunately the line started to move again and I was waved forward! We waited for each other to clear the checks  then moved on to the port. I took more notice of my surroundings now and saw how beautiful Ceuta was with its rich history and how it reflected in the buildings. Id like to come this way again and perhaps spend a bit more time looking around here. We drove past a couple of dozen Russian sailors looking smart in their white uniform, I’ve only seen them before in black, in fact the last time was in Sevastopol. I don’t make a habit of meeting sailors, Im just saying that’s all! We checked in at the booth then drove on the painted lines around to the embarkation area to wait for our boat to start loading.Dave and Helen had booked their crossing days earlier than us and had booked on a faster boat, we wouldn’t see them until the campsite in Spain. I saw a painting on the side of a white truck, its was of Jesus Christ I drew Dave’s attention to it. “Mate he’s got a painting of you on his truck!”


Famous..Dave Freeman The boy Jesus!

We were quite a while getting on board due to some careful scrutiny by the port officials of the vehicles, especially of the trucks.

I’ve mentioned already I think, that Morocco was on a higher state of alertness but we didn’t know this at the time. Once on board and secured we made our way to the after decks to have a last look as we left. I was watching the security guys around a couple of truck, sniffer dogs were set to work on and around one truck in particular especially in the trucks cab. Two security officers stood in front of me looking down at their colleagues through binoculars  their “bat-belts” were full of the usual equipment of handcuffs, pepper spray radio pistol and spare magazines and a first aid pouch the side of this sat a larger pouch with documents and thick leather gloves once this particular truck had been cleared the two officers disappeared. Finally and about an hour late we slipped the mooring lines and began to move, you can’t rush security matters I agree that it can be a pain in the ass but it’s very necessary these days.






                                                        The Russians are here!

Pulling out of the harbour we said goodbye to Morocco and the Russian warship, it was a glorious sunny crossing we spent most of it sat out at the stern of the ferry just chilling, we would pop into the supermarket and stock up before finding the campsite, that should see us done for the day.


Look no sand!

The campsite we chose was a bit difficult to find to begin with but after the second time around the block we found it, got booked in and sorted the pitches, watched over by a Dutch guy and his Latvian wife and young kiddie. Fully flushed with “tinnies” I handed them around again including the Dutchman. Dave rejoined us about ten minutes after we’d arrived at the site, he had tripped across the border into Gibraltar to buy some duty free’s.

We were up and gone pretty early knowing we had a way to go, in fact we were hoping to get halfway back up through Spain, at 65 mph it was going to be a long old day and quite boring on the auto-routes, were against the clock now all the way back to Calais so we weren’t really in “sight seeing” mode.



             Having 40 winks the Spanish way! Though by now miles more north than Morocco, it was still bloody hot and shade was sought every time we pulled over.

It was yet another sunny day and had been for every day bar one for three weeks. We stopped several times during the day to break up the monotony. At one garage we piled into the small shop to pay and heard the back-end of the fat controllers Spanish of course! I don’t know what got under his skin but it was pretty deep, he went outside a few times shouting his head off.

Rob had the more up to date Sat Nav that pointed out camp-sites. I thought this application was brilliant, mine is the older Garmin Zumo 660, brilliant too but it didn’t have the campsite application. We stopped a bit short of Madrid, we were growing tired and at this rate we would hit Madrid at rush hour, I like the close quarter driving, it’s really exciting but I think on this occasion it wouldn’t be and there was a greater chance something might befall us, like an accident.


Joe resting his eyes in the back of the white 110 Joe bless him was only a young lad and spent the whole trip in the back of the 110, he couldn’t drive or do map reading except be a passenger!  He must have spent hundreds of miles dozing. Thanks to Matt for the photo. 

A campsite was chosen up ahead on Rob’s Garmin and we head towards it. It was in a fantastic little town the most beautiful stately buildings, we were routed through it because of some road works, the campsite was just on the edge of town as most are and we found it with ease. We booked in as a group without Dave and Helen again. They pulled over for a pee stop… three people three bladders! They usually caught up within about twenty minutes, we had just sorted passports reg numbers and wrist straps when they pulled up. We chose a couple of large plots and moved in, we decided to attend the barbi by the swimming pool tonight leaving Dave and co to eat “wild” again. There was a bit of a show aimed at the kids who loved it, it started after the food, it was pirates and stuff if I remember rightly. the actors got people into two distinct groups with games. Bed wasnt reached until midnight!



                               Chris doing the crashing butterfly

Dave introduced me to a fascinating bit of kit to get fuel from the Jerry can and into the fuel tank  of the truck, it emptied the can in a few minutes and I was topped up with the last Moroccan fuel. I’ll not go into detail coz it would be too helpful to a “theivingscumbagofatwat” When I got home I bought one within the week, I also bought a proper metal funnel too. I watched Chris lay a sheet out on the ground and start doing some exercises under the direction of his son The Boy Jesus. His back was aching and causing discomfort which wasnt surprising at all considering the number of hours we were spending driving.



Somewhere in Spain. Chris is at the wheel of IONA Dave throws me a thumbs up

Once again we were on the road before ten and was still heading north, We reached Madrid after the rush hour cruising around the city’s edge on the auto-route, second breakfast was somewhere just north in a hotel cart park after fueling up again, it was bit colder today and I pulled on a sweatshirt. Madrid is the highest capital in Europe I remember reading so it wasnt unusual to be colder here that the rest of Spain, we even had a few spots of rain yah booh! We started our descent away from Madrid and it got warmer again, on and on we ploughed north we weren’t far now from the level of the Picos Mountains we would enter into France soon, we were heading for the very top right hand corner of Spain, kinda heading for San Sebastian and onto Biarritz. After a pretty non descript toll booth section the blue sky left us for the grey stuff and the traffic suddenly backed up, we crawled for a few miles, Rob came abreast at some point with a smiling thumbs up, I gave one back and wondered where he was going, we peeled off following the Garmin route, Rob had plummed in toll avoidance and took a different and clearer route! I hadnt done so I took Chris up into the wet mist in the mountains and onto an  old motorway as it wound its way around and through the mountains, it was only a dual carriage way so was at the mercy of any small hiccup wether it be a tiny shunt or a piggin toll booth or three. We must have gone through a dozen toll booths over the next twenty miles,  it was stop start all the way for gods sake.

I rang Rob on the phone to find out who was where and it was they who had chosen the better road, not to worry we’d meet somewhere near Biarritz. I decided whilst this was shyte at the moment in the grey drizzle and the mist it would be a brilliant road to come on again someday in better weather. Suddenly CRUNCH! the van in front had just smacked into the van in front if it, I switched lane quickly and managed to get by before the traffic ground to a halt again. Chris and Dave heard the “prang” too and they were several vehicles in front. That was a close shave. Further down the road we passed through toll booth number 1001 Matt phone to say look behind, I did and saw the black 90 and the white 110, they had joined our road at the last junction and were now behind me. We cleared the last toll and the road began to clear, finally we were able to get our foot down. I don’t think the tolls had cost more than £5 through the mountains, it’s just that there seemed to be a great many of them, maybe because of all the junctions?

We now had our long legs on, today for instance we covered 407 miles, the day before traversing halfway up Spain we covered 397 miles, the week earlier we were lucky to do in similar times barely 125 miles!

We reached the campsite before 8 that evening, we’d made better progress once we had got past Bordeaux, unfortunately there was just one bridge going North South over the River Garonne and every vehicle had to take it, to take a detour was going to be huge and would take hours. I could see a second road bridge being built half a mile away from us, it was about halfway across the river, I think by next year there shouldn’t be the same congestion around these parts. I liked the campsite Dave brought us to. I like practically all the campsites in France, even the municipal ones! It was a quiet night around the tents after dinner knowing we had another long day ahead of us.





Making camp just North of Bordeaux

The morning began in good spirits and quick progress was made on the auto route heading north. Here in France though many auto routes are only dual carriageway and fall prey to the slightest hiccup, of which we had quite a few again! Our goal today was to push on as far north as we could get, perhaps within a hundred miles of Calais. From just north of Bordeaux to the approx stop was a loooong way at our speed and did look a tall order but our minds and bodies sucked it up and we just kept going on and on. The traffic began to get easier, we soon came upon Tours we saw the traffic ease, it eased so much that we elected to drive through it rather than around as we did on the way down, we saw the extent of the road works in the town especially by the main bridge I realised how gridlocked it must have been over two weeks ago and was thankful for the heads up from Dave and the wide detour we took and of the point we went a little wrong. Picking up speed we saw a huge white cloud forming at the side of the road and moved into the outside lane, a van had stopped, two people were stood watching the white stuff blooming from the engine, the turbo was running wild and would do until the engine seized, Im told there is nothing much one could do when this happens, when oil leaks into the turbo? Now then everyone, what vehicle have I got? A Land Rover TD5 turbo…….I looked behind to see the whole road covered in white smoke, we’d come through another forced stop by the skin of our teeth.


…By the skin of our teeth!

On we pushed until around nine in the evening when we found ourselves North West of Paris and in a great position for our run into Calais in the morning. We pulled into the village campsite so late that the lady running the place came out in her nightie to welcome us, way hey, those flirty French ladies! She told us to go wherever we liked and see her in the morning. The sun was setting as I pushed the last peg into the nice soft grass. Today had been a huge 445 miles, the trucks had done very well, true we hadn’t pushed them hard , we’d pushed ourselves hard mind, we had been on the road today for a total of eleven hours…it was a can of something over the stove, a couple of beers and bed!

The ducks woke us at sill o’clock as they “hoovered” around the tents, Rob was up getting the brew on, I stumbled out of the tent, Hell the grass was damp ands wow the temperature had dropped a lot so nipped back inside for the sweatshirt, Chris mumbled something about the noise, Rob walked over and started shaking their tent, causing an indoor shower with their condensation. Oh you fekkin bastard Drysdale!….. Chortle chortle! he replied, I stood there giggling!

We waited at reception eager to pay and get going the lady she came to us dressed properly and relieved us of a  few euro’s, then we were off again, I think we may have gone a little quicker as we neared the coast, Dave was still somewhere behind, they hadn’t come as far North as we had but they were on the same road by now and heading to Calais, no doubt we would meet up soon as usual. We called into Abberville, I wanted to take a flavour of France back home, Id got various bottles in Spain and now I wanted to do the same before leaving France, Chris piled a million bottles of wine into gaps and holes filling IONA to the very limit. We looked for the auto-route again but at the roundabout I took the wrong turning, I rejoined the two waiting Land Rovers in a couple of minutes, after a spectacular traffic halting 5 point arm pumping turn as the French guy sat watching in his little car, I waved thanks and was away. I did exactly the same a few minutes later only this time I was “glancing” at the activity on a nearby airfield and missed my turn “Oh fer fukcs sake Sharpy gerra fooking grip!” I admonished myself. I performed another spectacular turnaround and caught them up again, just as Chris began dialing me. They said nothing..just looked and smirked.. The last twenty miles or so was when Dave rejoined us, thank to my clowning about he caught us before Calais. We actually made an earlier crossing. Once on board we found the chips and had our second breakfast. I was sat outside at the stern watching Calais slowly slip further away. The white cliffs in the opposite direction got closer, this was only a 90 minute crossing and you can actually see both England and France quite clearly. I sat looking at the French coast and couldn’t quite believe it was finally over.

We split up in the terminal at Dover with different lanes being used I lost sight of them, I rang Rob to agree an RV at the next petrol station just before the motorway, I rang Rob when I got there but he wasnt answering I drove quickley round the car park just in case they were already here maybe but couldn’t see them, I rang again but still no answer so I figured  that they had both been pulled by the Customs. I waited a while tried again but he still didn’t answer so decided to get going. (it turns out they were inside after all have some fast food!) I was home by seven-thirty, I turned off the fantastic engine of my fantastic truck, she shuddered like she does when going to sleep. Yep Love it to bits my truck! Even after three weeks of constant driving, driving a total of just over 5,500 miles. Julie was stood there grinning like a Cheshire cat, I grinned back equally broadly  slithering out of the seat dragging red Moroccan sand with me.

THE END…..until the next one!






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