Winter winter where are you?

In my opinion January has been a long miserable cold month in general, even surpassing December as the worst period of the year. Mother Nature having made a half arsed attempt to hit us with interesting weather…rain doesn’t count coz it’s not interesting…Sometimes I think hedgehogs, squirrels and the like have the best idea! However, life is returning slowly as snowdrops have pushed up sporting little white heads and that little group of 10 or so in the lawn have expanded over the years to a full blown regiment in number they look nice so I’ll just leave them there, in years to come the side lawn will be overrun by an army of the Snow Queen’s very own!

                                                           The Snow Drop Army grows!


It was a glorious day yesterday with lots of blue sky and ice-cold fluffy white clouds, you know the kind, the ones that make you stop and stare. I grabbed my camera bag along with the truck keys and disappeared outa the door for a couple of hours heading for no place in particular, just cloud watching (and the road of course)

                                                            The skies over THORNE





Black & White image of the river TRENT and its reed beds and wind turbines, FLIXBOROUGH lies just beyond the hill tops.


Black & White image of the TRENT’s reed beds looking in the direction of SCUNTHORPE

Considered and ugly sight usually. Power-lines..pylons..power stations

                   Following the TRENT a singleton RAF Tornado

Today I drove mainly around the edges of the HUMBERHEAD PEATLANDS, It can look pretty bleak in itself if looking for scenic views because it’s very open and flat. I drove north to Goole then right to follow the River Trent passing through Swinefleet, Reedness, Fockerby, Amcotts and Keadby then across to Belton, Epworth, Sandtoft and home to Hatfield. A good day topped of by a flypast for the RAF. I was stood on the river bank listening to the peaceful breeze and faint bird noise taking in the warm rays, in the distance I saw the jet coming towards me just a mile away and closing quite quickly as he followed the river, I steadied myself, got the camera’s red box dead centre meaning it had fixed focus on the growing shape I tracked it through the sun’s glare waiting till it was through and overhead and CLICK! Needless to say I had the wrong lens on! this photo was with the 18-22mm wide angle, ideally i would have had the 200m fitted..erm fellas can you go back a bit till I get the right lens on?….I can’t even get the YFB hunt girls to do this when they are “on it” Oh the hardships of a photographer! Capturing the moment can be really exciting and rewarding, posing the shot is OK too but the essence of the moment isn’t there.

Another drive..Today I went east beyond Howden for a look at a scene to photo that Id noticed many time before but never had the camera or been unable to stop due to Taxi duties with wife and horse en route to a RIDE YORKSHIRE event. It was the ALL SAINTS church on top of a hill just north of Market Weighton. A cold front had beat me to it today and the sky was already a huge mucky grey smudge,  overnight we’d had a light covering of snow, more was due probably…


I’ve seen this on better days unfortunately today was not one of them! The sky was rubbish so the scene lends itself better to B&W on this occasion. Oh well mebbe next time…

I remember years ago when folk did something thoughtless Dad would comment, “That bugger’s in the Land of Nod”.. this inferred he/she was half asleep. Neither Mum or Dad was not ones for mincing words and said it how it was. So seeing this sign always makes me laugh and think about dad.


                            The world famous Land of Nod according to my Dad

Some of my horsey friends will have seen this sign as it leads to an equestrian centre, I wonder if they ever grin too?

Today I decided I’d actually go there, after all I’ve been there loads of times according to my old dad! So down the lane I toddled for 2 miles I got to the end after passing nothing but a few farms and  the end of the lane and nothing… So THIS was the Land of Nod! Dad was right after all and mum do doubt agreed!! I was smirking all the way back to the main road 2 miles away.


           On the road grinning . ..wonder if Cappers is at the tea house again?..

Off to the shop now for some carrots for the oss, I was heading towards Sykehouse on the back roads..actually all the roads around here appear to be “back roads” narrow twisty and sometimes very bumpy with deep dykes to each side, this did not appear to bother numpty -bollox as he blasted past me in a little grey Audi. I pulled out up ahead to pass a guy on a rig being pulled by a wolf…WOLF?  he stopped for a natter.  This was Dave from down the road and the wolf was a huge Malamute Huskey, to me and you a big wolf..


           A careful overtake on narrow with Shetland and child

                       Erm thats NOT a Shetland.


                                                             How big is he??

Id actually passed this combo earlier and came across him again after lunching at IRON HORSE EQUESTRIAN SUPPLIES…no carrots here today. After passing this combo again I pulled over and took these pics, Dave was happy to stop for a chat. He told me the dog was a Malamute Huskey and was on a regular 9 mile walk, Id pulled the buggy off the road but it weighed a ton! Dave laughed and said it was full of bricks to exercise matey boy. Amazing!! Its amazing what you see on the road isnt it?



Betty doesn’t care for the snow…especially when it lands on her snoz!



Pooka is not a fan of the snow either and is shouting me to get the damn door open!

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