The worlds largest transport aircraft comes to Doncaster airport

Last week as I stood on the doorstep a shadow passed over me, it was Big Ivan and is the largest aircraft in the world, it’s the one and only Antonov 225 Mriya (Dream)  It was built originally to carry huge sections of Russia’s space rockets. They then made it a bit longer still, swapping the huge tail fin for two wider smaller ones in order to carry their new Space Shuttle but that space adventure ended sometime around 1990. Its now employed to carry out-sized and awkward loads all over the world. Its the second time Ive seen it here at Doncaster. Here are a few photos…

IMG_1398        The ANTONOV 225 Mriya It was soon evident that I didnt need my zoom lens as she came closer. I was stood by the fence next to the terminal building along with a dozen folk with cameras, some airport staff came for a look too. It is the only one of its kind after all


IMG_1408              To get all the big jet in I would have to stand in the next county!! the camera on my I-Phone would have been more than good enough on this occasion!


Suddenly white steam / smoke came out of the nearest engine (she has 6) It must have been normal because nobody was running around in panic nor did the fire engines dash over.I love ‘planes especially old propeller driver war-birds like the Spitfire and Lancaster. But I’m no “geek” so I cant say what was happening here.


IMG_1382                                                Yes your arse does look big!

After the smoke cleared the groundstaff unplugged the comms jack the crew shut the door and took the handbrake off before going for a run around the airport before coming back seemingly satisfied and finally shut the 6 engines down.


IMG_1391 Our mighty and equally famous Vulcan bomber also lives here at Doncaster but is royally dwarfed by this giant white truck!


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