June…05.. Naturally

Hello all.

So how have you been? Its summer and not so warm and supposedly the longest day about now here in the UK and Doncaster in particular. Not very inspiring is the temperature in fact it has dipped and the grey clouds keep coming over, we do have sporadic days of glorious weather but nothing to write home about. Oh well we can’t have it boiling hot every year can we? People will have to find another topic to open their conversation with.


                                                      Last of the Daffodils..



                                                                      Last of the tulips..

The cycle of like in the garden goes on regardless, the Daffs have been and gone, so too have the beautiful tulips I’m left with shrivelling stems and leaves, the rockery stuff is spreading nicely, the pond is dotted to fukc with tadpoles, I’ve never seen so many as there are this year! Last years little frogs can be spotted hopping about the lawn, one yesterday was trying to leap the impossible leap vertically up the wall but kept failing, I was strimming a hedge nearby when two of the blighter’s hopped out and ran off towards the pond.

Compression 30

Compression 30

                                                    Common Frog    Archive photograph

Its fun to watch the fledgling on the feeders Blue tits and Great tits with fried egg mouths fluttering from pole to pole learning how to fly land and feed. The Magpie family of four yoofs are funny to observe too as they pick and prod at everything they where all taking a bath the other day overseen by a big fat Rock Pigeon who looked a bit put out as these four louts played in HIS waterfall.


                               Fledgling Blue Tit…….Archive photo from RSPB

Two young grey squirrels are frequent on the lawn in the pond and up the bird feeders, one has a gammy leg but seems to be managing, I don’t mind them on the feeders, I have plenty to go around though you wouldn’t think so listening to the squabbling Sparrows. marching from one pole to the other on a well trodden path are the fat pigeons fluttering after them are the ring-necked doves. around dusk the hoover comes out and sweeps up the remains of the day..Hoover? yeah sorry I mean the hedgehog. Im sure the tits are in the pay of the ground feeders because for every seed the take they scoop out twenty more and chuck em on the ground.

We have a bee’s nest in the roof this year, their entry is above the steps to the door, sitting on the swinger watching the guys on the entrance is interesting. two or three appear to have the job of guard duty and only let fellow bees in occasionally somebody tries to gatecrash but don’t make it past the guards, on a few mornings now I’ve seen a dead bee curled up on the steps, in fact yesterday a big friendly bumble bee tried to get into the club but got fukced off by the guards. He persisted and aerial combat ensued, one of the guards got stuck into the big guy eventually crashing on the steps, I walked over to see the little worker and the big bumble bee rolling around on the floor, I could hardly see the little fella but he was right in there, they were in death clinch, rolling and fighting they ended up on our swinger, the worker eventually fell away spent and the Bumble Bee staggered off down the lane. After watching this death fight Ive decided to leave the bees well alone until later (very late) Autumn!

Onto friendlier things and an update on Julies boy LIGHTENING who is doing well after a most of last year being crook. He wont be doing any jumping though which actually suits both him and wifey! He goes out hacking and occasionally to see old and new pals down at EDRC events at Simms Hill Last week he was introduced the the killer umbrella! Osses think different way of looking at things to us, they see everything as a possible attacker..wolf..lion..black bag…brolly…kiddies push chair…and all they want to do is get as far away as possible. So after a near escape from a buggie recently Julie introduced the boy to a pink umbrella, He’s quite handy at barging me up and down the field in search of treats but show him a pink umbrella…My god what a bloody wuss!!

IMG_5127                                         LIGHTENING and the pink umbrella

IMG_5174                                                   Stable-mate RIO takes the pi**

The world of animals is funny to watch sometimes if you give yourself the time..I’m sure they think the same about us too. Im spending quite a bit of time amongst the guys at The Epworth & District Riding Club EDRC this year too with the camera. I like it because I can take photos in my style then crop and colour as I want and not in the set way one has to do when selling as a professional  photographer has to do, the spin-off works both ways I get some great/different photos and the girls get to copy and paste photos for free from our webpage, which at the last count was 275 members.

69                This is TURPIN the rock star….I’ve gone a bit mad with the settings in Photoshop and made him look pretty lush don’t you think?


148                                                                        Hanna

This is an “ordinary” photo of Hanna on her pony. Nothing wrong with either shots in my eyes but I do have the freedom to play with the images.

Have you noticed the red poppies when you’ve been out and about these past few days? Here in the UK at least and Northern Europe too but not sure about the rest of the world. Usually for us we see them around the edges of fields with crops and mostly they are of the small vivid red variety. I was out and about yesterday in the truck in search of such fields and found one less than two minutes from the cottage, the poppies were not confined just to the edges in fact they were spread well into the field of young wheat. over the next hour whilst there taking photos two couples in cars pulled over and also took photos on their I-phones!












  Poppies Galore!!


11      After playing with this in Photoshop Elements I love this one the most 


So now the trip is nearly upon us, The adventure with ATLAS OVERLAND to Scandinavia! In fact we are on the countdown and the truck is nearly ready.  We take the Harwich ferry to Rotterdam drive north-east to camp 1 just above LUBECK in Northern Germany. On a ferry to the Danish Island of Fehmarn and Lolland driving past Copenhagen over the Oresund sea bridge into SWEDEN.


                                                          Oresund sea bridge

The hack north to Trollhatten for camp 2 In the morning go north-west into NORWAY to  camp 3 near Oslo, north again to Skabu in NORWAY for Camp 4.  North again after breakfast to Lom on the coast still in NORWAY by the way for camp 5. Still in country we head north to Andelsnes to camp 6.



                                         Gamle Strynfjellsveg coast road Norway!



               The infamous Atlantic Road NORWAYAKA The Road to Nowhere

then turning south-east we head for FLAKK..still in NORWAY for camp 7. Crossing into SWEDEN we make towards Hede and camp number 8. South now and we make for Bengtsfors, SWEDEN still, for camp 9.


                           SWEDEN….Camping with  Wolves….DONT tell the wives!



    SWEDEN.. If you go down to the woods today….don’t forget your big gun


   A big gun!

For camp 10 we go back over the sea (ferry) to Copenhagen, DENMARKS capital for a couple of days, and to get the wounds seen to…Jokiing joking! Camp 11 is back over the islands via the sea bridges to north of Lubeck again in NORTHERN GERMANY. The day after which we head back to Rotterdam and the overnight ferry back to Harwich and the completion of another exciting stunning road strip and another 3000 miles under out belt. Its going be brilliant!



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