March..still going!

Hey y’all,

I wasnt going to say much if anything this week but then a couple of things dawned a lately so here I am.

Setting the scene for you now…Saturday evening and there is nowt on the telly except audience participation shows like that new mindless shyte with Ant and Deck. So the telly is off. I’ve drank the drink..had a giggle and a catch up on FB.  I’ve cooked the dinner in the splendid new oven. We have enjoyed a great end of day meal too and a natter. I have now retired to the ‘putor room, Julie has settled with a good book and will speak up when a drink is required I’ve got the music on now, tonight we have Deacon Blue..Radiohead..Adele..Stevie Wonder and the brilliant Green Day, the remaining bottles of SOL have been corralled in the conservatory for another day. The cat POOKA has returned from her hunting in the garden and is ensconced on Julie’s warm lap



The hunting season is practically over for the horse fraternity and I’ve had such a great time in company with both The Grove & Rufford Hunt and The Readyfield Bloodhounds since Christmas. Im looking forward to next autumn already. Spring has just arrived and other horse related events are starting up, the staff at Epworth Equestrian Centre come to mind producing an early show jumping event just last week. Shortly, the club Julie is in, (EDRC) start their calendar of events and I will be endeavouring to capture some marvelous moments and getting to grips with challenges set by top coach Sam to get a good photo of her! She has thrown down the gauntlet on FB already!









I saved the best for last, just look at the boy getting his knee down!!

This I think brings me onto my next topic….and thats me acting my age…Im afraid it’s not gonna happen guys… not whilst I have my marbles it won’t at any rate! Let me expand a bit.

I joined the Prison Service at 28 yrs old, two years later I became an instructor in unarmed techniques, I did this for over 10 yrs then for the last 1o yrs or so I qualified as a teacher and helped guide staff in security matters. Through-out these years I worked mostly with new and young staff this often extended socially as new prison staff were “brought on”with drinking parties along the River Thames, up the West End encocuraging and nutering confidence, ending in the ealy days with the infamous charactor building “TOGA” Parties. My social life outdie of work was similar, sharing every summer weekends on motorbikes under canvas across the fields of Europe with dozens of young free spirits. I couldn’t imagine anything better.

47f Into the Valley 1099



at the Celtic Warriors, with with Julie


Thoughts and advice about settling down with children were never really taken seriously and were swiftly dismissed.  It seemed all a bit stereotypical and didn’t appeal to me one little bit. On the few occasions I was in company with folk my own age I didn’t enjoy it,  to hear their conversations at the bar about really old boring subjects..their children and their grandkids. I’d stop myself sometimes”Hey Sharp, these guys are you age for gods sake! I wonder sometimes as to what they thought about me.  I married someone my age once but it didn’t work out, I then married a Danish beauty the second time round, she was 9 years my junior, that didn’t work out either. So I guess it wasnt just about age LOL! Finally I married Julie, a Middlesboro lass of my own age but with a similar outlook towards people and life. I found befriending the occasional shining star like my pal Barry Walton upset the norm of things, him being the same age and having  a similar outlook as me who’d have thought? But Ive found these people are as rare as rocking horse shit!

Since its inception I have found FaceBook to be a brilliant way of talking to people across the board just so long as your honest up front, say what you mean and say sorry when you make a mistake (often with me!) On FB I find people are not noramlly as reserved and converse with people they wouldn’t normally.  It’s a kinda big plus to the  idea of being interested in people for what they actually say and not for what they look like, regardless of age sex size or colour! I even have fond friends from deepest darkest Lancashiiire, now that from a Yorkshireman is pretty damn cool….So…. Its understandable in the same vein I suppose  when some folk after meeting me for the first time from behind or beyond the camera lens… in the flesh… or in cyber space are a tad taken aback!



The Bar is Open!

I took Julie and LIGHTENING out for a walk last week, they followed me diligently around the expanse that is the Hatfield Moors. What is a bit odd about it is that LIGHTENING is a full blown norse but will not walk on in front of me when it’s just me and him, he tucks in behind me, only a nodding heads length away,  stopping when I do and only moving off again when I do..silly ass!




Me and my shadow!!


IMG_9602 - Copy


The reed beds at Hatfield

I put Dads house up for sale a couple of weeks ago, this week it was Sold Subject to Contract, it was a bit of a shock to see the For Sale sign on the front lawn last week. An even bigger shock to see its been sold already. Moving with the times is good but is also a bit difficult sometimes. See you next month…..


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