March at the gallop!

Evening everyone.

I hope your all fit and well in whatever your up to..wether its walking Labs in deep snow in Winsor out there in Canada..or taking lush beach shots in NZ and Australia in scorchio sunshine…or sweating the pounds off whilst erecting comms equipment in some godforsaken desert….or just kicking back in the hinterlands of Europe and good old England. Its March now and the weather has lost its way as it often does at this time of year. My friend Rob for example  got stuck in deep snow high up in the Yorkshire Dales on Saturday, his Land Rover Defender 90 was stuck upto to its nuts and had to be dragged out by Von Moulds in the superb white 110. The moral of that story is not to go exploring off the beaten track by yoursen! On the same day I was basking is warm sunshine on the wonderful Osberton Estate down on the southern edge of Yorkshire. Barmy the weather certainly is!

Finally the meeting took place between the big wigs at Pinderfields hospital and myself into my complaint at my dads assault x2 during his last days. I had pondered about this day for ages since Dad had passed away. “Whats the point?” Id said to myself, “Whats the point fukcin point, he’s dead now” I was driven on by the thought of having the suits tap dance in front of me and speaking out for my dad. So it was on Wednesday the 4th March I found myself in a building following Fiona the Quality and Patient Experience Lead Nurse into the room. She agreed with practically everything I said. The idea of having dementure patients on the same wards as other elderly patients was problematic, the lack of staff was highlighted as a problem especially the lack of staff able to deal with violent…..sorry, I mean challenging patients. The dementure wards had endemic staffing problems many of whom were on sick leave. Combined with the inability to recruit and train English nurses mean the trust is looking to recruit from other countries, in fact they are looking to recruit in India as we speak. We were joined by Dr Phelan the Head of Service for Elderly Medicine. It’s funny how job titles seem to get more grander more lengthy isn’t it?  I knew I wasnt going to get any answers or pledges of change but to have them come to me and listen served a purpose for me. The Doctor spoke at length of the problem of dementure patients and that it was an illness, I kept interjecting “but what if he’d picked up a weapon..a knife.. fork..anything? The first guy to assault dad used his walking stick on Dad for gods sake. Nurses are not trained it seems to deal with anything like this. The next time somebody could be murdered! I’ve said my piece.. I’ve frowned.. I’ve debated.. I’ve dismissed the ideas..of higher beings.. but to what end? Sadly the answer is probably nothing until some poor bastrd is murdered. I now consider this sad episode closed for I need to move on.

I had been in contact with some old workmates from the previous months and now was the time to decide if I was going to make the 5 hour journey to Weymouth on the south coast. I decide yes, it had been 17 years since Id seen the guys. We had been through very tough times, in fact the staff affected was probably 30+ in its day, but as the years progress the numbers whittle down.  Facebook had done its job and provided a medium to touch base and make contact.



So I walked into the bar and saw familiar faces and heard familiar voices. We were six very different people from the old days, time had taken its toll our looks our souls and our bodies revealed the price we had to pay. All that faded away as the drinks flowed and the talkturned to old places and long forgotten names, when uttered they unlocked doors in our minds to images and long forgotten faces and places. They came to the fore it made one sit back momentarily to take stock,  incidents were remembered and we laughed, in fact we laughed like fook! Suddenly we were back in the club all those years ago finger wagging, slapping swearing cajoling re-counting all those funny stories that to anyone outside our circle meant absolutely nothing. The early uncertainties disappeared, a bond had formed between us, hopefully the ripples on FB as folk “like” and comment will encourage other missed friends to come in from the cold. I for one am so very glad I took the plunge.



Photography took me to nice places during mild February and March, visits with my new lens produced some lovely results. Scarborough…Nostell Priory…the garden and of course the “horsey” world. Id purchased a brill 10-22mm lens in January and looked at the world in a different way. Some of the photo’s you have already seen in last months jottings of course.


I was prone like some drunken tramp on the edge of the rockery for this shot



My chin was in the dirt for this one!

The horse interest this month have been the guys fromt he Grove & Rufford Hunt. I’ve crammed in about six meets since January between them and the Ready fields Bloodhounds Hunt, its been great fun. The hunt season has just about finished now until next Autumn, in the short time I’ve met and made friends with grooms.. drivers.. boyfriends.. husbands and parents of riders and of course met some extraordinary tough young ladies who think the the world of their horses and pony’s.


   Say Cheeeeez




One such lady from yesterday for example fell off over a jump and landed badly on the small of her back and had the breath knocked out of her, I rushed over to help….she said to me in a pained voice “Did you manage to take a photograph?” Extraordinary!!



Osberton Estate












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