Hello 2015 Goodbye 2014…

Morning all,

So that’s 2014 kicked into touch and we are all having a think about 2014, and experiencing mixed emotions remembering the good times and the not so good times like getting married..getting married AGAIN…getting divorced. Both can bring happiness strange as it seems! Remembering the arrival of tiny new lives to the world with much happiness and some surprise…and saying a sad heavy-hearted farewell to the old. The new friends you have made and rejoicing at the sorry arse w*nkers youve finally given the boot be it on FB or in real life. Remembering all the fun I had whilst working in that famous west London hotel, this has come about through a certain private FB page and has got me re-connected with a huge and mostly forgotten family!

HMP Wormwood Scrubs


All in all its the time to Re-boot..De-clutter..De-frag..fit a new rubber band even.  Ready as we turn the corner and embrace the next 12 months, some may go in a straight line and reach December 31 2015 with no drama’s, some will deviate some will rip around 360* and wander WTF was that about…some will hook a left or right and go on a different tangent. Some though will just be carrying on, their end of year hasn’t been reached yet, the goal not quiet reached or their personal drama not quite played out. Yep, January 1st and a Happy New Year is a bit of a Ying Yang statement isn’t it?


Sydney Harbour

For us it’s another dreary damp grey start, the ground is still hard enough to spoil the enjoyment of my horse and pony rider friends, the event at Osburton has been put off a few days because of it, much to the relief of many planning to celebrate the New Years arrival just a couple of hours earlier! Hopefully Sunday will see some softer conditions and it will happen, this will give me time to wash my truck, its got more field actually on it than what we drove over recently! Shyte grammar I know but conveys nicely what Im saying in my way…innit?


                          Tea stop in the Yorkshire Dales days ago with my pal Barry


Personally Im looking forward to 2015, the camera sits waiting as we speak..Plans are few for now but for sure we have one trip sorted and thats to Scandinavia with some Land Rovering friends and Peter at Atlas Overland.http://www.atlasoverland.com/



My body continues to function at 57 but the little knocks bumps and scrapes take a depressingly longer time to heal now! In 2103 the inside of my left knee suddenly left me with severe pain and a list to port for bloody months, that has finally been rectified by my new “bessie” down at the Dr’s surgery, he’s their resident physio, Dave is his name and he’s got the most wonderful hands. Im with him again at the moment with in impingement of my left shoulder it gives me grief in certain positions like taking a shirt on and off I cant throw bricks or skim stones.



They say its all to do with calcification of the bones and the normal wearing out of tendons and stuff, pretty common with folk over 50 apparently. Well fookin Booooo to that! Julie’s in a similar state but more but arthritic problems with her wrists elbow hip thumb and neck. a strong and impressive will she has and is beaten rarely, her morning warmup is getting longer and POOKA thinks its great fun, often hitching a ride on julies hips as she does her stuff on the living room floor, it’ll not stop us enjoying what we do, me with the truck out there  “adventuring”  and Julie with the oss, its just a higher price we pay!

Oh my creaking bones!!



19 (2)

                                                 Julie and LIGHTENING

LIGHTENING has had a troubled year with injury to one of his feet. Hes been laid up for months, but with good mangement love and affection from Julie and the vets expertise he is nearly back to his old self, though leaping over fences will be a thing of the past for him. Meanwhiule our POOKA is going from strength to strength, her vocaulary is growing and my training as cat co- owner is going well she says!


Pooka…Ten seconds ago! 

Dad is still very ill in hospital hes so frail and weak that nothing can be done for him except to make him comfy. He has a stubborn body thats still kicking though he whispers to me that he’s had enough and longs to be with Joan again (mum) At 92 he’s certainly having his moneys worth hasnt he? His soul is about ready to go but his body isnt, and thats where we are at as of this day Friday….sorry Thursday…Thanx Angie!  January 1st of a new year. So chins up bellies in and put your best smiles on peeps coz its gonna be just fine and dandy  in 2015.


Brewery tour






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