September the end of nearly!!

Hi all,

Finally I get to say hello from the comfy chair. Its been a while since I have sat here in comfort. In fact a week after coming back from the Germany tour my left leg and hip has been been giving me particlualr grief and so sitting here has been difficult. The Gemany tour story is long in coming because of it! Its coming I assure you. Ive written stuff in between I know but those things have been easier and quicker to do. The specialist says my hip is showing signs of age, after the tour I was hit by a pain down in my ass with an intermittent shooting pain down my leg from hip to calf and down into my foot! Ooooh it fukkin hurt I can tell you. The only comfy position was stood up or walking around. Now thats crap coz Im suppossed to be retired!

Diet supplement - omega 3 fish oil-based

Ive been on various pain releif tablets for a while, Ive seen and puzzled my GP. He pushed me up the chain of specailatssRecently Ive returned from a specialists. I saw trhe man last week who said after some frowning “its an age thing” Its seems Im suffering from some calcification of the bones, we over 50’s are prone to this he says. I have ditched the pain relief tablets and have been on Halibut fish oil tablets, this actually works for me and so thats were Im at right now.

Syria is morphing into something bigger than many find comfortable with. I think it was a much simpler fix in the begining but its gotten so complex now. If we had got involved a year of so ago when I first mentioned, when friend and foe appeard to be more clearer we might have made a difference but now its such a mess and now I think really we have to stand back unfortunatly.

Coat of arms of Syria -- the "Hawk of Qur...


NATO is such a toothless tiger and things take so long to sort out that its frequently ineffective. Look at Yugoslavia for example in the 1990’s The British government and our big silly cousins in the U.S are jostling to make political gain. The U.S are talking bollox and just looking for an excuse to get in….after all U.S oil is seeping under the rocks into Syria! They just have to get in don’t they? Fortunatly, sence is prevailing now and the ordinary people in Great Britain and America are saying no. I ask you this…What is so special that they use dastardly evil human chemical weapons? Surely 1000lb bombs.. napalm..machine guns.. the bayonete and the pure strangulation of women and children is cheaper and gives more satisfaction to actaully KILL people than using invisible gas fired or dropped from many miles away? 

Hey do you remember that song by Frankie Goes To Hollywood a couple of years ago? The one called “Two tribes go to war” It got banned by the BBC (Government) because it said that warring nations should be fought by the actual politicians and not by the people.

Frankie Goes to Hollywood (L-R: Paul Rutherfor...

Frankie Goes to Hollywood (L-R: Paul Rutherford, Peter Gill, Holly Johnson, Mark O’Toole, Brian Nash) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s not hard to work out is it?

Right then enough of that bullshit LOL! A good friend of mine was telling me recently of as club he had joined but was a bit disappointed at what it said on the tin and what it actually did…or didnt! The problem with many clubs in general  is that they who are in charge generally run it for their own benefit and profit and to fit their own idea as to how it should go,  more importantly they don’t know how to spell the words transparassssy or truffff. I’m sure your nodding already?…and there lies the problem… folk generally like to be led and want to feel part of something.. a group..a tribe…a club.. to wear the same shirt happy to come and join in for the evening  then fkc off home until the next time when the next event magically materialise.


Well, my pal sold the love of his life having travelled many countries enjoying the many experiences and freedom it offered. He decided to buy a new  form of travel and so bought quite a different type of vessel, he quite fancied joining a group of “like-minded folk” to do the things the club promoted and to share similar experiences, it looked great he said. Its been a while since he joined but  he says it  and has been a very disappointing experience. The man at the helm is Fat Captain Pugwash, and no matter how much he pulls down his shirt his belly always manages to wink at you! He’s done nothing but bluff and bluster, the fibs and lies roll of his fat forked tongue like puke off a plate.


 The rest of the top cabin dare not question or torpedo Captain Pugwash. He imagines he’s met Seaman Staines but thinks maybe his back is just naturally wet? He  says the woman who thinks she is in charge is so two-faced..ugly.. and anti social  its frightening, matey boy says she has the communicating skills of a Neanderthal and is sure she is quite the evil hagg.  “Fukc me mate! What are you still doing there then” I ask. Hmm he says reluctantly maybe your right and its time to up anchor and away…or get the knife out and cut the blubber away and slip the hateful lesbian a tablet or two!

It’s quite late now cats, tonight dinner was great, the kitchen is clean and tidy now and ready for the next masterpiece,the empty tinnies are neatly stacked in the green box ready for the chaps to collect in the morning. An old Motown LP is playing softly in the background…Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes..




I’m sharing the night with you and a glass of Bruadar. Recently I have woken around 01.30 with hunger pangs and need to consume at least a slice of bread before dropping off again, it’s so tiring I’ve been like this for the last two weeks. Can you imagine the answer If I went to the Drs and said “Dr.. I keep waking up around 02.00hrs feeling hungry” ? Maybe like my bones its part of the old age process?  

Neanderthal Skeleton, AMNH

 Well I have to say its just nice to sit here and not have that horrible ache in my hips, let me top up my glass and enjoy the rest of the Motown sound.

Til the next time then guys……


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2 Responses to September the end of nearly!!

  1. Mark lovell says:

    Mmm very deep tonight matey very deep indeed


  2. barry walton says:

    I love how you can put pen to paper and make the world smile with you… deep yes, but a clear message….


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