Enemy at the gates

Evening all,

Last week was another good day in York for a group of us. It’s nice to catch up with the guys from work infrequently and especially nice whilst exploring the pubs on a warm and sunny afternoon. The photo is bit blurred, because it was taken by a slightly sozzled Geordie lass on a hen party. York is a popular place for Hen and Stag groups, judging by the accents most seem to come from the North East, its my second time in York for an afternoon of fun and frollicks. 


                                          My YORK shindig ..part II

I said “evening all” to start with because we had a visit from two policemen tonight, Julie dealt with them because I was out taking photographs of poppies as the storm and angry clouds passed over.

On Sunday night three scumbags tried to get to my Landi. It was Sunday night about 01.00hrs I was sat right here on the PC when the security lights out on the drive came on. I  leave the curtains most of the summer as we don’t have anyone living directly next door so don’t suffer from nosy parkers, the lights came on, now and again, this usually mean a patrolling pussy is passing through so I just glanced out to spot either the ginger puss or the black and white moggy. Instead I saw this scumbag stood over by the Landi door, he froze as I banged on the window, I saw two other little bstards scarper down the lane, I quickly got dressed grabbed something to kill them with (Im kidding Mr Policeman) and went out after them but they had long gone I heard the farm dogs barking as they made good their escape, I didn’t get a look at their faces unfortunately as they were hoodied up to fook, some damage to the door has been done but that’s all.

We had a visit from a Crime Prevention Officer from Sheffield and he filled us with much comfort and support…NOT! This is the second time I’ve met one of these specialists and was the second time I was quite pissed off! He couldn’t find our house to begin with, he phoned me to ask for directions, HQ tried to trace him via his radio signal they said he was still in the building…in Sheffield. His story not mine. Perhaps the dolt had picked up the wrong radio?? I gave him directions over the phone and started to show him the Landi but he said “Well there’s not much we can do about prints as they probably had gloves on, can I talk to you about some crime prevention measures for the house instead? He was as interested in the crime scene as was the last Crime Prevention Officer 15 years earlier when I lived down in London. I found myself smiling through gritted teeth.

Crime Prevention Day

                                           She might have been more useful!

During the ensuing conversation he said he had just a few months to serve then he could retire, I had a similar conversation with the other cop who was more interested in my aircraft photographs on the wall, I could see he had a copy of “Airplane Monthly” on his clipboard. The present cop gave me a leaflet on crime prevention. To be fair this bit is useful and I’ll share it with you.                                                                    

It’s a National Property Database its free to join and can be found at www.immobilise.com you just log all your valuables on it, all electrical stuff camera’s etc has a serial number either underneath or at the back of the item, you can include a small photo for personal stuff, it took me about 2hrs to do for the whole house, I just have the stuff in the garage to do next.

Tonight’s regular cops were much better and they were local, they asked if the Crime Prevention Officer had visited and asked what he was like. Julie gave them a watered down version, she says they didn’t look or sound impressed.

Through still gritted teeth me thinks they should  give the job as Crime Prevention Officer to keener officers as a two-year post, (and probably a welcome respite from front line service) who has lots of current expertise and experience and NOT give it to some disinterested time served old boy.



Last week we had a great day out at Epworth Equestrian Centre, we saw Rhainnee and her mum Elaine, she was there to take part in the novice section, she did well, so well in fact that she came first! After which mum brought her round to ours for the a cuppa and to say hello and have a ride on LIGHTENING. She found him fun but hard work, he’s not the most graceful of creatures bless him! Rhiannee has just spent a week in Northern France and the family are recovering from her manic photography, her bro in particular appeared fed up by the weeks end. To be fair she has taken some lovely photos and is keen to get to grips with all the angles and special effects. Maybe she will let me  show a couple next time I talk to you.


                          Rhiannee and LIGHTENING

It will be soon time for our adventure into Germany on the motorbikes with Tom and Michelle. When we get back I’m selling MISTRESS MABLE II. Its not a sudden decision, we had already decided she would be our last Honda Goldwing, I have over the years had 6 of them starting back in 1970 something, with my first un faired  Honda Goldwing, it was a lovely giant of a bike for its day and was a black 1000cc with gold and blue pinstripes.

Honda GoldWing GL1000

                                            Same as mine..but in black              

then I had a dirty red 1200cc, I had a cumbersome 1500cc just six months…hated the thing, It reminded me of a bloody breadvan! Then we had 3 1800cc beauties one after the other a black then siver now red one I’ve also had a mixed bag of at least a dozen other motorbikes in between.                                                            

Over the years the great English weather is deffo turning wetter and for longer, have you noticed we are getting more frequent and heavier rain in the summer for example? This isnt helping me as I suffer a bit from VWF… so that and both my bloody thumb joints are not getting any easier! I passed my car test two years ago but thought nothing of it, intending just to use the car now and again and mainly in the winters. In January we bought a Land Rover to haul wood for the log burner. I was amazed at its simplistic form and the respect it earned from other road users, something I loved afte years of dodging blind bstard car drivers. I found it simply the best fun, except when I nearly squished my pal Barry up against another vehicle, oops! That was a sharp learning curve for me, I found that long wet grass, braking and thin road tyres don’t mix too well. There is another world to explore with Land Rovers so that’s the direction I’m going. After the hols the garage is getting ripped out and re- jigged, all the bike bits with be cleared out though the helmets, gloves, jackets and boots are staying put.

Tomoz we are hitching up the trailer and taking LIGHTENING round to Simms Hill for a day with the girls of EDHC for some fun. He is beginning to jump like a horse and not some flipping Gazelle. Gonna be a good day!

Tonight we had some heavy rain showers, the fields were fairly flattened. which made me remember a vision of a field from a couple of days ago whilst out on the bike so after tea tonight I grabbed my camera, put on the wide lens and tried to remember where that field was. It was fantastic, the field was full of yellows and reds, tonight it would look really good with the departing rain clouds and if I was lucky I’d get some bursts of sun. 

IMG_5257 I stopped the Landi and walked into the field, the wet grass came up to my waist! I was soggy in moments

IMG_5273            I didn’t have long to wait for a bit of sun!


 I took lots of shots but decided on these three for you. I drove home soaking wet from trainers right up to my waist but happy with the results, I cranked Paul Weller up to the max and cruised along the A19 with the window down and my elbow on the sill.


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4 Responses to Enemy at the gates

  1. Mark lovell says:

    Very sad to hear your selling the bike mate, very sad indeed


    • David Sharp says:

      Don’t be sad mate Im not! just think of the good time we had likethat fooking big blue truck with all that smashed crystal in the back…and that balls out blast down the gross…and that little tip up on that bend when I saved Chrissy ass!…OUR left and Barry’s left on and on then memories go, enough for a lifetime!


  2. Another good read and some nice picures Dave, thank you. I read somewhere recmntly that poppies only grow on land which has been ploughed and turned over, not in true meadows which haven’t.

    Good luck with your new direction in life and your new vehicle interest – and I hope it doesn’t cost you too much more in fuel to run a Landi! Helpful to have a mate who should be well placed to help you get value out of your bike because selling GL1800s privately isn’t easy.

    Thanks for the tip about the National Property Database, it sounds like it might be worthwhile. I suppose in an ideal world all police jobs (and maybe all service jobs) would be filled by energetic and committed staff rather than their ration of people who were glad to get out in the end, like us!



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