January 1st 2013 ….. and its sunny and dry!

Happy New Year to you all and what a sparkling bright blue dry start to the year it is! I followed Julie and LIGHTENING for a hack around Quarry Park in Hatfield, Today it seemed that all the dogs of Hatfield had brought their owners out for a spot of fresh air.



We rode, or should I say Julie rode, I walked along briskly mostly a behind with the camera. Sometimes he got behind me when he was unsure of the way ahead, LIGHTENING hasn’t been out on his own too often so is happy to let me go first (how kind!)  We made our way down the lanes and through the housing estate to the open land behind known as Quarry Park.


We stood for a moment to count all the dogs and watched a Boxer dog bounce by.She shouted, “Its OK she’s just excited and drawn to you by your bright yellow vest!” …….I meant the Boxer not the owner!


Further on round the quarry we stopped to chat with Mr Gee and his two Labs. LIGHTENING quite likes dogs, he’s not perturbed at all by them, unfortunately the same can’t be said for killer black bin bags and brightly coloured squeeking kiddies push chairs!


Today was an easy day for LIGHTENING. No jumps or schooling, just an amble in the sunshine.



It was mostly dogs and people out and about this morning, though coming down the road were a couple on horses, they stopped for a quick “natter” which gave me and the camera a chance to catch up!


This mornings exercise was about 3-4 miles and enjoyable. The clear blue sky and  sunshine has worked its magic, even the little sea that had formed in the field has finally gone. I’m now back indoors having a coffee, Julie is having a “neb” on her PC and he is having a roll in the field.

It was the shortest day of the year last week so now every day is longer than the previous, hopefully Mark will get my bits sprayed up soon then I can get my own horse out of the garage and get out for a spin.




About David Sharp

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